AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 getting Lumia Cyan and 8.1 updates

It is just after 1PM Eastern Time, which means new OS updates are rolling out for those on Windows Phone. Today, we are getting many reports that the Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 update is going out for those with a Lumia 1020 on AT&T (and presumably a few others worldwide).

As mentioned previously, if you are using the Preview for Developers program and are already on Windows Phone 8.1 or 8.1 Update, you will not get an update notification today as the hold is still in place for the Cyan update. Instead, you need to use the Nokia Recovery tool to roll back to Windows Phone 8.0. (In some instances, the 8.1 and Cyan update is already on Nokia's servers, so instead of downgrading, you can just flash the device with the update.)

Lumia Cyan should bring with it some optimizations for the OS and hardware, including proper drivers for things like Bluetooth 4.0 LE and more.

AT&T so far have not sent out a press release, updated their blog or mentioned the update on their support page (same goes for the Nokia updater), so we are flying blind on this one with your tips streaming in.

Update: It is official, Lumia Cyan is a go for the AT&T Lumia 1020. More information can be found on the AT&T Consumer Blog.

Thanks to Jason, and all the others for tips!


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 getting Lumia Cyan and 8.1 updates



Daniel, quick question. If your provider hasn't released an update yet and is still testing it, is it possible to downgrade and then upgrade to that update not OTA? Does Navifirm still have those ROMS? 

For example I'm running an NL920 on Rogers, they are still testing the cyan update so it's not available OTA, is there another way I can get that ROM?

Navifirm still shows the Lumia Black firmware for the 925 and the 1020 (3051.4xxxx) even after users report that the OTA update is available, so I would think that Navifirm is not an option.


In addition, Nokia Care Suite does the same (old firmware versions). I think that the OFFICIAL official firmware servers are not accessible to us.


So now that i have 8.1 and Cyan on my 1020 how do I get living images back on my phone. I had it with the DP. I know they updated it and took it away. I thought it was suppose to come back with 8.1 and Cyan updates.

Back when AT&T/Aio discontinued the Lumia 620, I made a post on flashing it to a CV ROM to get the Black update. In theory, one could follow these instructions, but using a 1020 ROM instead. In reality, it might not work if there are hardware differences.

As Daniel said, be VERY careful and do plenty of research before proceeding with anything. In the case of my Lumia 620, there weren't any hardware differences between my device and the device that ships with the ROM that I flashed to. Normally this isn't the case though. And if in doubt, ask first. Plenty of techie people roam the forums!

If you're interested, check this out, and the link to XDA earlier up on the same page:


Just be sure to flash a rom meant for your specific model number. For example, I have a T-Mobile US 925 which is an RM-893. The International 925 is the RM-892 (I think). As long as you flash an RM-893 firmware to an RM-893 (or 892 firmware to 892)you shouldn't have any radio problems.

Even that isn't totally correct. The Rogers Lumia 920 and AT&T Lumia 920 share the same model number. If you flash the AT&T ROM onto the Rogers phone it will disable AWS 3G. AT&T artificially disables AWS 3G to be anti-competitive and make it harder to take their phones to T-Mobile.

The DP8.1 was very slow in my 1020, every time the screen appeared "resuming" and the battery didn't last half a day. With cyan these screens stopped appesr and the battery lasts at least until 18:00

yeah i've gotten much better performance with cyan, no random reboots too, gonna stick with official and not enroll in Developer Preview, i'm  happy with what cyan offers

You'll still have Cyan on the DP :). I updated to Cyan last night and went with the DP to get Update 1 (folder support), because Microsoft's implementation of folders is just too awesome to skip out on :).

I was curious about this last night as well, so I downgraded to 8.0 and ran Antutu Benchmark. Here's the results:

Windows Phone 8.0:

Memory: 624

CPU Int: 3516

CPU FP: 3102

2D Graphics: 520

Database IO: 285

Storage Write: 321.8MB/S (Score 174)

Storage Read: 312.5MB/s (Score 223)

Total Score: 8444

I did all the updates last night and left the phone to download my app updates (I did a full, clean system reset and restored from backup), then this morning did a fresh reboot. Here are those results:

Windows Phone 8.1:

Memory: 673

CPU Int: 5430

CPU FP: 3435

2D Graphics: 540

Database IO: 410

Storage Write: 321.8MB/S (Score 174)

Storage Read: 312.5MB/s (Score 223)

Total Score: 10885

So, roughly speaking, it looks like 8.1 with Update 1 applied gives you just shy of a 20% boost in performance overall, at least assuming these benchmarks are accurate. I ran it three times on 8.0 and three times on 8.1, and there was no more than a few points variation on any given run within the same OS version.

Is it really worth the hassle of using the recovery tool to downgrade back to 8.0 and install this update with Cyan? I'm on Update 1 with developer preview.

I ended up doing it for the CYAN Bluetooth LE - I have a fitbit flex and wanted to be able to do the syncing direct from the app.

Yes, I did it last night. It takes a little time, but it's SUPER easy. The Nokia Recovery Tool is very easy to use. And actually, one of the things i was most impressed by is how METRO the UI design is even though it's a desktop app. My sincere hope is that Microsoft makes this the new desktop standard in Windows 9. Metro everywhere! :)


I have two 1520's with official 8.1 and cyan including DP Update 1. I am sooo happy I took the time to get cyan by downgrading. Took a long time (about 5 hours including logging back into accounts like Netflix, etc.), but it was worth it. I just hope when official update 1 comes out this block will be lifted, particularly for update 2. It has been sometime since MS announced they were going to fix it, that alone is beginning to make me wonder if they can fix it at all. Well, enjoy, you waited for some time.
The brightness bars are under display. Set to low, then you can adjust low medium, and high. Set to automatic to set the minimum brightness your phone will present with when turning it on or waking it up. A few ppl had trouble finding those sliders.

Me too! I love the little data arrows for wifi and cellular. Just a bit more indication of when data is being transmitted. NICE

I'm in the same boat with my 1520. Although Cyan has been available for a few weeks already for my CV 1520 on DP, I just don't have the energy to do a downgrade to 8.0 to get Cyan. The downgrade-upgrade itself is easy but it's the other things you need to do that takes a lot of time.

Really wasn't that hard after I downgraded I just didn't restore from an backup (remember back up prior) and I did all the updates.  After that I did a reset and did a restore my live tiles and mostly everything was back up and going.

It's worth the downgrade/update imo, The performance is noticeably smoother, battery life has been phenomenal, and with 8.1 update 1 on top of it, it's reminding me of the wp 7.5 days when everything feels and works buttery smooth. I haven't been this happy with my 1520 ever!

I agree, I did the process initially on my 1520 when Cyan came out and didn't do the updates/reset/restore (everything was out of place/not installed). I recently dropped that 1520 and was shipped a new one to replace it. Went through the process CORRECTLY on that phone and it went EXTREMELY smooth. Now Update 1 is on there and THIS 1520 is the best I've had (out of 3)!!

Looks like I'll be doing this process for my better half on her 1020 this weekend :)

Hopefully you don't get the Cortana bug like on the AT&T 1520.Let me know if you have overheating and battery drain after pinning Cortana to the start screen.Not running the Dev Preview.

And another Phone getting cyan and the 1520.1 country variand belgium Netherlands still waiting for it anyone any Idea when they Will release it ????

Gzz to the ppl that are getting it btw

With new apps like Swarm and Fitbit making it to WP but either only being 8.1 compatible or having functionality that is available only in 8.1, I certainly hope more models and carriers send out updates soon... Frustrating not to be able to take advantage of things that are finally offered.

Its a pattern. The releases go in descending order, from newest to oldest. With the exception of the 520, since it has a big user base.

unless you're on rogers, they released the update for 1020 and 625 and are testing 520 and 920 which have a much larger userbase

Yeah. I was mentioning att only because I have no idea what tmo, VZW, or other tyrant carriers are doing. I wish MS could Manually push the update out to every phone.

Hah! Excellent point. I forget that the 920 is still technically my phone in AT&T's eyes. I've been using the 1020 since the day it came out in the US and was able to unlock it shortly after I got it since it was purchased outright. I am hoping the new flagships come out in time for the holiday season this year, which is when my contract expires. Still have my unlimited plan so I would happily add another device to my collection. 

It wasn't judgmental or anything, just factual about a phone. Sorry if that is too much for you! FWIW I love the 920!

Stop talking chalk!!! As the only "old" about this phone is its processor as everything else is in the NOW!!! Firstly not everyone wants a phone that you have to put it in your backpack to carry it around, Qi charging is now, its storage is now, its screen is now bar the 1080p but in the end unless you're looking for atoms any 720p LCD screen will still show you the clarity you need to see anything on a smartphone. My L920 is almost 2yrs old and I'm surrounded by GS4/5s, IP4s/5, BBZ 10, Sony Z1, and TBH NONE of them has anything on my phone as I'm seeing how sweet this phone is and its capabilities and no matter how much the other hardware makers try to offer, the WP8 Lumia line is 2nd to NONE. What other devices have over the WP is the advancement in their OS and "gimmick" features like smart scroll,pause etc. Tell any of them to remind you to get X, and when you're near Y that sells X your phone reminds you. They can release all of the features out there but in the end for any true realist it's what the phone can do for you to IMPROVE your day's interaction with LIFE that's what's important. Not how many cores a processor they can put in a phone because unless there's cyborgs walking around to procees 1000 itmes at one time then it's still one thing at a time. We who "bitch" about not getting WP8.1, do so because we know that WP8.1 update will make a great phone immortal. The only reason why people(Americans) cry so much is because they're on the contract basis and it's the next new thing for them even if what they left did exactly what the new one is doing but just a SECOND quicker!!!!

Ok, I shouldn't have said "old." Replace "old" with "EOL". Neither old nor EOL means useless or bad, but facts are facts. The phone is EOL (on ATT anyway).

So if someone has a 1020 on AT&T with the dev preview ("8.1 Update"), are they going to be forced to wipe their phone and downgrade in order to get Cyan, or can they just wait until a more reasonable upgrade process eventually becomes possible?

you can either downgrade and get cyan now or wait until MS fixes DP and opens it up again before you ask when that'll happend it'll happen "SOON"

"SOON" of course can mean anything. I'm on DP with my 1520 and although WP8.1/Cyan has been available for it for several weeks already, I'm still waiting for that "SOON" to happen for my 1520.

It sounds like us with the DP have to sit and wait until Microsoft comes up with some patch before we can even get the prompt that there is an upgrade. Or we can roll back, and I don't even know what will be lost in that process. I guess we'll wait. Ughhh

Yeah, I'm still patiently waiting for WP8.1/Cyan to come to my CV1520 on DP. Have no appetite for the time involved to put my phone back up and running after a downgrade to WP8.0.

No way hahaha the optimizations and few other features are great. You're just better off waiting for the DP fix and when it hits you'll get cyan.

I was really hoping DP issue would be fixed before this day came. :( Oh what to do.... wipe and install or wait?

i backuped videos and photos to pc, app settings ,contacts to cloud, downgrade, got cyan, won't enroll in Developer Preview since i'm comfortable with what 8.1 brings and no random restarts as i had with DP.

I don't play many games, more on my surface and Xbox. SO games really aren't of concern to me. Just home screen, even more so now with folders. I have so much going on there I don't really want to do it again. But, who knows, I may get a wild hair this weekend. As far as my wife and family who are on DP. They will probably just wait. I don't want to deal with the whining that may come from that. Never should have put them on DP.

Nah you did the right thing putting em on DP.  Think of how desperately WP needed better notification UI.

Maybe, we will see how fast they fix it. Somewhat regretting it now.

EDIT: Though I do agree with your statement. Many of the upgrades that came were dearly needed. May have saved them from jumping to Android, actually. (Not my wife, she doesn't really have the option. Haha)

Yes, you will need to use Nokia Software Recovery tool to bring the device back to 8.0, then install all updates. Or... you can wait for MS to fix the DP issue. Haven't decided what I am going to do yet.

Will Lumia cyan fix my Bluetooth. Everytime I try to turn it on it says not connected. Daniel do you have any insight on that

Part of the firmware is an upgrade to bluetooth 4.0 LE, so it might fix your issue. You won't know until you try though

So far my AT&T Nokia 1020 (USA) doesn't have the Nokia Cyan update. I am on developer preview 8.10.14147.180 do I need to go back to original version to get Nokia Cyan?

nokia software recovery tool is a program that you need to download on your PC, it's not actually on your phone.


Make sure you back everything up before hand. Google the process there are a bunch of guides on how to do it properly

You only have to go back if you don't want to wait. Until Microsoft says otherwise DP users will be able to upgrade to Cyan without a reset in the near future.

And I hope they don't end up telling us we need to downgrade after all. With every passing day, it's becoming a distinct possibility.

Wait...you've already upgraded, today...and have hard reset twice, today...and have noticed battery issues, today?

I don't remember, how long ago was that? I know after firmware updates the battery needs some time to recalibrate. I can't imagine, (or hope I guess) that it is any worse than what 8.1 without firmware brought.

Exactly a week back... Drains 5-7% per hour on standby with zero apps in background. I'm considering to get the battery changed if this continues for a week.

I uninstalled FB and WhatsApp (no 8.1 Support yet). So will wait for another week n see....

Did the "downgrade" to cyan on a 1020 yesterday. Remember to backup all your photos and docs on the phone. They will disappear when you flash. You can copy them back when you are done with the upgrade.

As will most app settings and game saves.  But hey, at least it saves the layout of the start screen, that stuff is super important and can't at all be duplicated with just a screenshot. /s

Developers must support it. And even Microsoft doesn't support everything. Like ringtones and quiet times -- those have to be reset.

Ditto. Has anyone that upgraded the proper way notice if rooms actually work or not? I hate that my Rooms live tiles stopped after8.1. Extremely annoying.

Everyone crying about no 920 update just sit tight. I have it on good authority that it will be coming this month. My personal guess is next week, but don't quote me on it.

Its amazing the support Microsoft is giving us. If this would have been an android phone it would have been abandoned long time ago.

Agreed. Plus with the P4D its almost like having an "official" jailbreak. Do wish my 920 already had Cyan, but I can't complain.

Preach it, nanoware!!  Was thinking the same thing.  I won't go "Amazing" until we see the full 36-month suport and upgrade promised, but I am very content with waiting for myself and my son, both L920 users, to get the kind of upgrade Android users with 2 year old flagships would never recieve.  My daughter's L1020 should be getting upgraded upon her arrival from work.  That will be fun for her!!


As far as i understand Cyan CAN go to dp 8.1 update 1 (the one with the live folders) 

but dp 8.1 update cant get Cyan.


Dan, during the restoring process, the phone asks to verify my account with a code that Microsoft is supposed to send to me. The problem is MS never sends a code via the process. Since the arrival of WP8.1 on DP, for instance,  I have been playing with the sync my password feature. Microsoft never sends any code. Back to restoring, the same problem is happening. I really need to restore that phone. It will be a huge pain to have to start afresh esp as school starts on Monday. Any idea or suggestions?

if you have DP you can't upgrade to Cyan, if you downgarded and got cyan you can re-enroll into DP and get 8.1 update 1

*Update. Watch Windows Weekly from last week (not yesterday) with Paul and his rant. Very very funny.

AT&T really drags it feet, doesn't it? Do they only have a single person testing Windows Phone devices?

At this pace we'll be lucky if the Lumia 920 sees Cyan before the end of September.

It's relative, no? Let's look at Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Zero updates for Windows Phone 8.1. AT&T? Four (520, 925, 1020 and 1520).

I see this more as anxious users, rather than a carrier "dragging its feet".

Couldn't agree more Daniel.
@tchurch, 920 will get 8.1 (likely by month's end) and update 1. Where we may get hosed is Threshold. Two far out to get info.

At 2.5% market share we are lucky they're still making WP's at all let alone upgrading existing ones. Have a slice of humble pie.

Sweet, wife will be happy for her 1020, will see if she wants to rollback or just wait until "fix" comes out...now for the 920 on mine!

Nah, give her the nicer phone with better camera....goal at home is to make wife happy...we both just upgraded from 520's, so I am good enough with the 920

Leaving my wife on DP, for now. Hoping a fix comes soon. Don't want to deal with the whining that will come from it. Same with my 3 family members.

I got a notification in the Windows Store tile that there was Cyan Update (Lumia 928 with Verizon). I clicked on the update, something downloaded, and then nothing happened. 

Sounds like that was for the Cyan update app. Did you install the app that shows the update status on a live tile?

Since Microsoft is pushing updates to devices on the developer preview again, do I still have to reset the phone to the gerneral release to get the cyan update?  I'd prefer to keep my game saves and other data.

Well, considering we all know the 810 is not getting Cyan (you don't even have Black), that seems like an odd thing to wait for, lol

That's kind of the point. (Well, that, and the thought of screwing with future historians who might research gravestones and wonder what the heck an 810 is and why anyone would care what color it was.)

At least I finally finished paying off mine and my wife's 810s this month (T-Mobile: we won't support it, but we'll be happy to make you pay for it for another year and a half anyway), so now I can save up for the next phone they won't support.

Lol. They'll probably just resort to saying the number 810 had religious significance in the 21st century and you died without receiving spiritual enlightenment. Or Cyan was the colour associated with holiest of the holy. But I doubt the internet will disappear in the future. They can just bing (google will have long ceased to exist) "810 cyan update", and they'll have their answer.

I was hoping the same thing for my 1020. Imagine being disappointed about update that's been released lol, the irony.

I haven't heard any rumors about this "fix" since the initial announcement that it will happen...eventually.  I'm wondering if I should just go for the down/upgrade.  A hard reset and clean slate can be a good thing, right??

1.  How long has the downgrade to WP8.0 been taking for people?
2.  If I do the "backup" will my apps and data come back on their own like has been happening with DP upgrades?
3.  Have their been any ETA rumors that I've missed about this fix?

1. Don't know.
2. All currently available apps will come back and SOME data. Delisted apps will not and most app data will be lost. VERY VERY few apps support backup. Even Microsoft doesn't back up your ringtones, notification tones, custom text and ringers tied to contacts, and quiet hours settings. Make sure you document EVERYTHING and be aware that almost no games support app data backup. And don't expect an SD to saved you -- anything saved on an SD will be lost as well as the card need to be reformatted to be used in the restored phone.
3. Don't know what you missed, but we're waiting for the official release for DP-installed phones. Charging a little more often is a small price to pay to keep our game progress and apps that are no longer available.

I don't play games very much so that isn't much to wait for. I'm also not sure if I have any apps that are delisted. Wouldn't those have been lost with all of the DP8.1 upgrades since the apps were auto-reinstalled?  Of course, with the 1020, there's not SD card.

I have a 920 that I keep updated, so maybe I'll put my SIM in that, so if this takes all day, I'll at least have a phone.  I'd still like to know how long the 8.0 downgrade takes.

1. It took me about an hour or two... I had the time to waste
2. All my apps came back but I did have to log back into each of them (facebook,twitter,etc)
3 no clue but I choose to wait a couple of hours vs a few weeks(maybe?)

I'm doing mine now. Downgrade completed. 2nd Upgrade is migrating data.  After that I'll sign in, so I can get the DevPreview back on there.  I wish I could PAUSE the Restore so I could devote the bandwidth and processor to the DP update.