Tip: Bing search finally gets interactive calculator

Microsoft’s Bing search engine keeps getting better, especially with all the little refinements and new features that keep getting tacked on. One of those we were alerted to today is the new interactive calculator.

By typing in Bing web search a simple math problem, like ‘402 x 28 =’ users will not only get the answer to their question, but also have access to a mini-calculator. From there, users can continue to enter in quick math problems to solve directly in the web.

Google has had this feature for years, and we’re not sure it’s much faster than using the one built into Windows, but we do like choice. Plus, at least on a tablet, this may make more sense.

Users on Windows Phone of course won’t get the calculator part, but they will have their math questions answered when they type them in, offering yet another shortcut for solving those little math quandaries. 


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Tip: Bing search finally gets interactive calculator


In smart search on Windows 8.1 the equation answer is provided but not the interactive calculator

Did some natural logarithms on Bing a few days back. :-) Works on WP too. Type in things like, "ln45/ln30" and it'll give you an answer. Thanks Daniel, I know most don't know about this.

Yeah, when I typed that, it worked. However, I can't get it to work either now. But it did work before, my math homework is proof.

Those are lower-case L's, not Upper-case i's, for the record. If you tried the wrong letter, it won't work.

That being said, maybe it's not yet available in your area?

I just did what Jack Janik did and it works for me.

ln(45)÷ln(30)= 1.11921246


But not on Bing Windows Phone.


Why on earth would anyone go to a death engine for a calculator. A calculator is built into every device that can get to the search engine.

Because it's faster to ask Death to convert between imperial and metric than it is to dig up the appropriate formula.

Could someone please explain the context for "death engine"? I don't get it, and it doesn't look like a typo either.

*(US only)

like all of Bing's cool features.

Don't really understand why it's so difficult to bring the new features to other parts of the world. If it was language dependent things then I could understand but even things like page 0, unit conversions, downloading image of the day and the new UI aren't available in other countries. Bing outside the US is ridiculously far behind.

You must know that the Bing servers for the rest of the world are hidden in the back corner of the datacentre, covered in dust and no one can remember the admin password for them.

Mathematics is the only language shared by all human beings regardless of culture, religion, or gender. Only Bing can make mathematics US only feature. :D

Yeah well from Finland no luck.. So I'll keep staying with google until MS will understamnd that the world is mostly outside the US..


I'm in the US, so I don't know what's it like outside the US. But many, like you, complain about Bing and other MSFT services outside the US. I guess they need to improve on this...

They loose a lot of market by this, I barely use Bing because of it and most people I know are stock with Google, silly MS...

What Bing really needs to get working on is integrating Bing Rewards into my Windows Phone searches!!!  =-/

"Soon"???? Should have been FIRST!! I get it, I understand the money-making implications of Microsoft putting iWhatever and Droid ahead in their app-developing endeavors... but it isn't even close. The other platforms get features months, if not years before it comes to their own platform. Hit one for your own team for a change, Microsoft!!

If Bing really wants to start getting any kind of traction then all these new features really need to be available to the rest of the world.   3d Maps is another example.   There are loads of features in Windows Phone that are also  only US based.    Make them global for pete's sake,  the OS is good,  but make it better for all the world,



Nice. I preordered my top tier model the day it went live and have been in love with it ever since. Can't beat the resolution on this thing. Also first laptop I've ever owned that came problem free out the box.

That's great news however sadly like other essential new changes in Bing we're not seeing this in UK

Still waiting for the filtering option by period/date also the side timeline information on popular people

I don't understand why each country would have its own code base. Stuff like this should be the same in every country or at least every English speaking country.

The calculations have been working for a few months now in Bing. I guess the calculator part is new.

Bing will also do unit conversions as well. For instance "6 oz in g"

Ohhhhh, that's the correct syntax. I've been typing in "convert 6 oz to g" like in google and that doesn't work. Thanks for the tip.