‘Black update for Nokia Lumia 625 brings double-tap to wake feature

The Lumia 625 is an odd duckling amongst the Nokia range of Windows Phones. It’s not on many major carriers, and doesn’t garner a lot of attention, but it’s a darn cool phone. Coming in with a 4.7” display, the Lumia 625 is a budget phone with a big screen. It later inspired the massive Lumia 1320 too (review this week), with its rounded edges and wallet-friendly price.

One downside of lower cost phones is of course, less features. For example, the Nokia exclusive 'double-tap to wake' is found on most devices except the lower cost ones. The Lumia 520 has it, but only for AT&T. The Lumia 525 has it out of the box. The Lumia 625 doesn’t have it either. Until now.

Nokia has begun pushing out the Lumia Black firmware, which also includes Microsoft’s Update 3 to the Windows Phone 8 operating system. One new feature for Lumia 625 owners is the very ‘double tap to wake’ feature that was previously missing. The update came out a while ago, but we figured better late than never as one of our readers dutifully reminded us.

Users must go through the easy update process (Settings > Phone Update > Check for update) to get both the OS and firmware changes, and be on the latest version of Extras + Info and Touch apps from Nokia. Once completed, users can head into Settings > Touch and enable the ‘double tap to wake’ feature.

‘Double tap to wake’ enables the display to remain active, even when in standby. Users can then literally double tap the phone and the display will turn on. It’s useful for when wanting to check for messages or glance the Start screen one handed, as users can bypass the physical power button. Of course using this feature will consume a minimal amount of battery life, as nothing is free in life.

Unfortunately, the Glance screen feature (clock and notifications when the display is off) did not make it over to the Lumia 625. Like the Lumia 520 and Lumia 525, that feature is just not supported.

Have you updated your Lumia 625? Let us know how you like the Lumia Black update, which includes many new features, including camera improvements, Driver mode and more.

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‘Black update for Nokia Lumia 625 brings double-tap to wake feature


Im surprised AT&T pushed it first.... Im ready for it. And 8.1 in a month or two. Probably 3 -_- I want a "major" update. Not these little updates that hardly change anything. We need more updates than we know what to do with. Something android and iOS didn't ALREADY have 5 years ago... AMEN

I check in the AM and afternoon. When I think about it I guess. Your not waiting for much honestly. Not a whole lot to write home about. Kinda sad... Obviously were desperate for new features. Or lacked features at the very LEAST

About the glance support. First somebody said, its due to the screen technology (screen memory) or the lack of the 1GB ram. Or its just a random step by Nokia to separate the budget category from the mid/high range? I own a 625, and this is one of the few reasons to get an interop unlock. But double tap its a good one too, but still waitong for approval for my carrier (telenor, hungary). Maybe tomorrow. (i have the preview program gdr3 since november, so im ok.. :) )

I believe its because the 625 and 52x's have el cheapo LCDs that won't handle glance as well as the better ones on the 720, 920. although AMOLED is best.

I think it is to do with the proximity sensor. My brother's 520 always senses a face and so he needs to click the lock button to turn the screen on to hang up a call and my dad's 625 doesn't sense a face and the screen stays on in a call so his face presses hold or mute in a call.

That's nice to know thanx and I still haven't got the update on my 625 I'm checking at least twice a day


I Just had a check for updates its started updateing on my L625 (INDIA) when i had check on nokia website for black update its still showing (Waiting for approval) check it out guys.


Thanks & Regards

Altaf Nadaf

Are you serious or kidding Altaf..

Please show a screenshot.. i too want to update bt dnt have wifi.

Please tell the truth..

in Extre+info its showing me LUMIA BLACK AND i have got all the new update which included in black apart from nokia Bemir & Glance & when i am trying to upload the image its saying me (You are not authorized to access this page. ) if you wann the scree shot mail me your id you will get proof

Same here for l620 coz, the touch settings show for mili second the option which reveals that it is possible.

Oooh yeah! I had lost hope since in a lot of places it said that NL 620 doesn't support high sensitivity, like usage of the phone with gloves.

Just hoping Black does it. :)

720 NO, maybe with Black. Glance screen also sucks, to bright screen, it is clearly a cheap display, lucky for the phone design that saved it.

My mum has a 620 and I don't think double tap is useful for her. I don't even use it on my 925! Uses up battery. Whereas the glance screen with notifications can be very useful. I use it on interval setting so it switches off the screen in my pocket or bag but I can take it out and instantly know what's up. The 620 did an update to remove the glance notifications setting they weren't functioning so I hope it returns. It will be a big letdown if not.

Double tap to wake is simply easier than squeeeeeeezing the side buttons on my phone. So gutted Nokia didn't add it to the 620. Could they at least make a premium 3.7-4" phone so i can get double tap. The 620 is the best in its size range, nokia should give it some respect .

Why can't they put glance screen? I hope they'd be able to add it as a feature even just a simple one like the stand-by time on Asha 501. I would rather have it than the double-tap-to-wake.

But the Asha 501 has standby time, I hope they would do even something as simple as that. I guess the Lumia 520 sports much advanced LCD than the one on Asha 501.

Of course, it's a darn cool phone, because I have it! Lol! Bought it last November and guess what? Didn't have to wait that long, I already got the Black update! Couldn't get any luckier than that! :D

The 625 is a great phone, though the 8gb is filling up uncomfortably fast (app2sd cant come soon enough!)

Been running black for a couple of days now - phone is smooth as always, and battery life is great too. No random reboots (not that I've experienced any!).

Good job Nokia!

Yep, that's the only downside to it, just 8gb. Oh, wait! The 512 RAM as well. Well, you really can't have everything, specially if it's a budget phone. Over all, am so happy with it! :)

possibly yes! i updated my 520 (not international - portugal vodafone) with black and it did come with double tap. but when you turn on that feature, once you lock the phone, there's this red thing (proximity sensor) always lightning and it really gets on my nerves!

Where's the 520/521 update? I know it's the cheapest phone in the lineup, but it also happens to be their best seller. MS/Nokia are taking too long with their updates. Look at how Google /Nokia are handling their Moto G rollout. Damn it, where is my 521 update!!!

I meant to say, Google/Motorola. For a cheap phone, Motorola is really putting all their weight behind the Moto G. 

Hi Guys,

Just had check for update its started updateing on my L625 (INDIA) when i had check on nokia website for black update its still showing (Waiting for approval) check it out guys.


Thanks & Regards

Altaf Nadaf

Done I check my renewal in lumia 625 is not yet available. Is this not the real release. So when lumia 625 update for Indonesia in the country for this please give me advice

I'm a bit confused here. Someone please explain this. How come the AT&T L520 has the double-tap to wake feature? I assume it isn't hardware dependent (I may be wrong) so how come all the others don't?
Perplexing why Nokia didn't roll out the same "touch" version to all models. Isn't it too small an app to be reserved for exclusivity and is there any other way one can get it updated on our humble devices..?

Hi junotkiichi,


If you have preview for developer installed in your phone then you will get all updates from nokia early.

I think i m the first person in INDIA to get lumia black update for Lumia 625 yeepppee :)


Thanks & Regards

Altaf Nadaf

Its True Bro, i tried uploading the screen shot its not getting upload if you wanna the proof mail me ur email id i will mail you the screen shot

where's the screen sht bro. please tell me the truth.. did u really updated 625 in india.. is yout lumia an india variant

How did you get lumia black update for 625 when its not even released in India???

Desperately waiting to get the same in my Lumia 720.

Please advise.

The image is not getting upload :(

i tried a lot if you wanna me to send the mail of screen shot i can do tat mail me your id  :)


Nice and i came across the article from gadgetride.com, which is about Lumia 1520 Vs Note 3... Great devices..

i am mailing you just have chk if possible upload the image from your side in this page ok :) ( NO, the phone which i bougth it from India bangalore i stay in bangalore)

yes, recieved the mail..

i didnt get the update,, even my friends.. says phone is uptodate..

hw did you manage toget it even it is nt available in india

i just did some tricks for which you need have very storng wifi network if possible pls upload tat image from your side on this website.

Even if I had the option of glance screen and double tap to wake I would dusable it is somewhat of a drain for your battery

Guys my update process is showing an error code 801882d2 . Its not even on the Microsoft site . A little help ???? Plz

Well, i noticed something.
When our screen rotation is locked and we visit about in settings, and incline the phone, the screen gets rotated to landscape orientation. This was done when phone was locked in portrait mode.
I don't know this about other phones but happens in my Lumia 625

about and  extras+info will always rotate - its totally independent to the rotation settings

Working nicely for my L625. Im loving this Lumia Black update so far. Yeayyy! Love the new features xD

Mira from Malaysia.

Isn't the 520 capable of getting double tap to wake as well in that case? Even the 525 has it now.

My wife just got this phone last week and dough i have a lumia 1020 i think its an awesome phone.

it looks better in real as on most photos. We also had the lumia 520 but it broke but finally this is the phone she really needed and she is very happy with the bigger screenand front camera But i think the black update hasnt come through yet.


Installed lumia black update on my 920 today. The phone keeps freezing and i need to restart. Has happened abt 4 times today!

The only thing i noticed with black on my L920 battery drain significantly higher with xbox sync on as opposed to amber. But have it off anyway. I was hoping to run some Bluetooth usage tests but my Bluetooth hands free has died on me lol.

What will be the changes for the Black update for Lumia 520? Seems like nothing to get excited about for 520 users.

I keep double tap to wake on on my 928, but a lot of the time it doesn't work, I don't know why... I try to even alter my double taps but no matter what it still works just when it wants to.

My phone is Lumia 625 and two days back I updated to Black  and after finishing the update my phone display screen which have all the live tiles app are appearing in Black colors and my lock screen is appearing only black even if I change the background photo its not appearing.

When texting messages and chatting on wats-app my phone  keyboard is appearing in white display and black texts and black and white smiley icons.


Another important "Extras+info" is not working to see the update of my phone,what could be this issue is  this due to black update?

Appreciate your quick help/response.







hi all,

seriously do not know what could be the reason that this feature left out. It would be more important the glance screen than the dttw or something else. could someone explain to me why this is?

btw the update has run flawlessly.

cheers :-) 

After updating the current Win8 to Lumia Black my entire touch option dissapear from settings menu, which i havent expected since only for the touch double tap facility i had updated the software

Please help?