Calculator Toolbox updated, adds OneDrive integration and more

Calculator Toolbox

If you are in the market for a calculator app to cover just about every calculation need imaginable, check out the Windows Phone app Calculator Toolbox.

The app was recently updated to version 2.2 and adds a handful of new calculators to the toolbox, OneDrive integration and more.

Please note this update only applies to the paid version of Calculator Toolbox. The free, ad-supported version will eventually see the update but will lack premium features such as OneDrive integration and Excel report generation.

With OneDrive integration, you now have the ability to back-up your saved calculations (mortgages, auto loans, auto leases, etc.) to the cloud. The additional calculator categories includes Sales and Area with four new individual calculators under Sales and two under Area.

Calculator Toolbox

Additional new features with the version 2.2. update include:

  • Secondary tiles now support transparent front and back tiles. New Toggle switch to enable Tile transparency under settings.
  • Added new Conversion units under Speed (knot), Volume (cubic millimeter, acre-inch, acre-feet), and Weight (stone).
  • Ability to generate Mortgage Summary excel report from Mortgage Results page.
  • 3D pie charts for Mortgage Results.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to Calculator.
  • Mortgage Affordability calculator now supports Property Tax and Insurance fields.
  • Future Value calculators now support Term in months up to 999.
  • UI enhancements to Unit Converter, Calculator, Tip Calculator Decimal to Fraction calculator and Mortgage Results.
  • Fixed crashing issues experienced on phones with non-English locale.

The update also includes your customary performance improvements and minor bug fixes across several calculators. The updated features were based on user feedback and adds a good bit more meat on the bone with Calculator Toolbox.

Along with the update, there is one more bit of housekeeping the developer has asked us to pass along. The app is currently running $.99 but in 48 hours, the price will increase to $1.99 to help cover costs associated with operation.

  • Calculator Toolbox - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Trial / $.99 - Store Link
  • Calculator Toolbox Free - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link

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Reader comments

Calculator Toolbox updated, adds OneDrive integration and more


Yes!!! Just installed it two days ago when i remembered its name and was thinking why it hasn't been updated in so long. Then this happened :D great!

Good job GJ.

@Theo_andravida There are certain calculations/comparisons that you can't just do with a standard or scientific calc. Also note everyone is comfortable using a scientific calc. This app is ideal for users who prefer simplicity. But I do agree with you that certain calculations can be done using a std or scientific calc.

@GeorgePonder thank you for the announcement post and thank you all for the feedback. If you have have any specific request or feedback, pls feel free to contact me directly through the options provided with in the app. Stay tuned. Only the top feature requests are bundled in v2.2. So more goodness on the way.

It was already a great app but the mortgage app works great for me when I use it with clients to show their affordibility etc, now that you can export to Excel it's even better.

I do like the idea of a universal app so I can have the exact same app on all, my laptop, tablet and phone....... that's a great idea.

The update is very good, it's not just a simple fix.......... THANKS

Just bought this program. Have been using free for sometime, feel that I should support the developer. As a farmer, our calculations are a little different. For example, we can have monthly payments, but the loan will amortize bi-yearly. Also would be nice to be able to add extra payments on a loan but allow them to be whenever. Some allow for constant extra payments, but not sporadic ones.

Great program. Please keep up the great work!