Verizon Lumia Icon

Leaked: Nokia Lumia Icon cases (that you can't buy yet from Verizon)

The Nokia Lumia Icon (aka Lumia 929) is no secret. The handset, destined for Verizon, has been leaked and known for months now. It was first known as the Lumia 929 and leaked around mid-September on a Chinese site. Since then we’ve seen video hands-on of the device and were even given some exclusive shots of the 1080P Windows Phone. We also shared all the specs of the flagship Verizon handset.

Now we’ve got some photos of upcoming cases for the Lumia Icon. That can only meant its release is near.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen cases of the Lumia Icon. In fact at CES they had some on the show room floor. Here are three more images to get you pumped for you future handset. You’ll notice cases from companies like Otterbox, Incipio, and Verizon.

Lumia Icon Case Gel
Display protector for the Nokia Lumia Icon

Lumia Icon OtterBox
Otterbox for the Nokia Lumia Icon

Lumia Icon Cases
Cases for the Nokia Lumia Icon

We’re ready for this device to get official. Are you? Be sure to head to the Windows Phone Central forums to discuss the Lumia Icon!


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Leaked: Nokia Lumia Icon cases (that you can't buy yet from Verizon)


Meh. I cared about this phone 5 months ago. Now I'll likely just wait for 8.1 hardware and my free upgrade. Also, Nokia really needs to get a handle on their leaks -- news of this obviously got out way too soon.

This is getting ridiculous. By the time they release it, it will already need a replacement.

This phone is the last of the Update 3 phones...  And we're what, 2 1/2 months away from the announcement of WP 8.1?  Here's to hoping Verizon is as good with updates as they were with GDR2.

Maybe they should delay it some more and wait for the 8.1 O.S. to be released and let the phone come out with that pre-installed/

they take so long to release these things that they are outdated in terms of spec by time they come out, i really hope with wp 8.1, they release with specs at least almost on gs5's level.. and if not, dont charge a premium price for specs that arent up to par (unless the camera is worth the extra money)

So I'm guessing quad cores aren't enough now and phones now have to have 10 core CPUs, 4K screens, 8GB of ram and a terabyte of storage to be considered worthy of purchase, or what specs exactly are we talking about here?

Lol, he kinda has a point though in that wp is always running behind and all... (not that wp NEEDS gs5 specs but still)

He meant that Nokia's flagships cost as much as other brands' best phones but they've got lover specs. They should either be cheaper or better.

What exactly are the GS5 specs? It hasn't been announced yet and are just based on rumors.

The GS5 is probably going to be 5" 1080p it is rumored to be 2k (doubt it) also may or may not be designed with a bend (if its flexable it will be 1080p since the only slfex displays out now are 720p), internal wise and in reality unless it gets released in September or later its going to have a 800 (shocker since there's no way the GS4 has a 600 when the 800 is out now :P) and it will more then likely go for 3 GB ram. It should have a OIS 16 MP camera on back though. Also just like the S4 and Note 3 sensors are going to be abound and in plenty (a good thing indeed) so windows phone will not be behind spec wise like it was in 2013

I think we have reached a point where the only meaningful uptick for phone HW will be in small increments rather than leaps and bounds. I doubt WP devices will be far behind in specs to any new Android devices, whatever those might be.

What is exactly the purpose of this phone? After the launch, it will already be outdated according to the new tech. Why are they delaying it like that. Any clue any one?

According to the rumors...WPC posted it. 8.1 will make it possable to install apps to a MicroSD card.

SO, yea, the ICON is already outdated if there is no MicroSD with this feature enabled all devices and even high end devices for 8.1 should be coming with MicroSD support...

By outdated, I meant about the newly tech which we will be seeing in the upcoming smartphones. Guess guess! Snapdragon 805. Of course, 800 is by no means an outdated chip but try thinking from the other side as this phone was said to be a smaller variant of Lumia 1520 and guess what? It's been over 4-5 months and we still hadn't seen any small version. Furthermore, the time has now come for a new flagship at MWC and don't you think that in front of the GoldFinger a.k.a Lumia 1820 or 1830 whatever, it will be termed as outdated? This was my whole point.

Umm yeah, get back to us when that 805 appears in a shipping product.  We (in the northern hemisphere) should all have summer tans by then....

@GelvinGSM "Furthermore, the time has now come for a new flagship at MWC and don't you think that in front of the GoldFinger a.k.a Lumia 1820 or 1830 whatever, it will be termed as outdated? This was my whole point."

I told you before: NO NEW FLAGHSHIPS (or WP devices) at MWC. Not sure where you're getting this mumbo jumbo about an 1820.

New 8.1 hardware until June, maybe announced in May. Snapdragon 805? My guess is Fall, 2014.

"I told you before: NO NEW FLAGHSHIPS at MWC. Not sure where you're getting this mumbo jumbo about a 1820."

o.O I don't recall any of that. But I guess I have been mislead by GSMArena or I have misread. Anyway, my apologies. It's better to clear your confusions first. Cough*me*Cough

Yep Daniel, I get it. Managing expectations is difficult enough, let alone managing false expectations.

as it is most phones that will ship with a 805 wont be out until 2015 since the 802 will be taking top priority for qcom

Isn't the snapdragon 805 out for summer or later I don't think the galaxy s5 is gonna have it why would you think this "fake 1820" is gonna have it. If the Lumia 1520 had a s4 pro chip then you can say its outdated but we are talking about the s800 most devices are gonna carry it this year. We'll see for sure the note 4 and the upcoming Lumia 15xx with the 805.

They need to redesign the otterbox. Every time I take a picture (NL920) the flash messes with the pic. It still comes out great but they just need to give the flash a little more room.

Why has it been delayed so long? I mean, I'm sure a global variant for this device will come soon, as not everyone wants a 6 inch phone. At least Samsung makes a 5 inch and an almost 6 inch phone.

Dear Mr. Nadella,

Please smack the people who royally screwed up the release of this phone.


The WP community

Why does Verizon take so long I feel bad for the people on there waiting for this phone it was getting all this hype last year and still nothing to show for it that's why as much as I dislike At&t it's the best place to be for windows phones

My girlfriend has been waiting a while for this phone. Waiting seems to be a theme as of late with Nokia/Microsoft/Verizon.

That is not happening.  The 928 is $399 off contract.  Probably $599 to start. Maybe $549.

Wow I paid $560 for my L928. And less that two month later 1020 came. I wish it came out early, definitely have bought that one. But still happy with 928))

What is interesting is there are some cases that say Icon and other say 929.  So it appears that it will be known as both which is kind of confusing.  Looks like the number naming sequence is not quite dead.

Can we get a shout out for the release date.............this is beyond frustrating.  Ive been waiting for this thing since November!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother was waiting on this phone. His Droid finally craped out so he got the 928 like me. Way to go Verizon...

There's always black, whenever that happens. Are the 928's the last ones on that thus far?

Could just b that Verizon has to wait a certain amount of time from at&t's 1520 release date i have 928 and i remember it taking this long because of the 920

I said that about a month ago on the forums.  I was thinking a 3 month exclusivity deal and expected the Icon after that.  I was semi-serious, but here we are ...

If that's what the holdup is, fine, but they should tell us what is going on. I'm not "demanding a phone now", I'm "asking to be informed as much as possible". :)

Been waiting to upgrade and hanging onto this outdated Iphone 4 for so long that my phone itself has become a joke.  If Verizon would have offered a deal on the Lumia 822 or 928 like ATT and Tmobile did with the 520 and 521, I would have bought one of those to hold me over until this one came out.  The unfortunate thing about being stuck on a huge family plan is inability to move carriers to get a better phone.  I've waited so long now that I'm tempted to wait a little longer just to see if Samsung releases something to Verizon to answer this one.  My boss has the ATIV S Neo on Sprint and it is every bit as sexy as the Galaxy S3 plus it runs Windows.  It's alot thinner looking than what the Icon appears to be.  I guess we will see when the day finally comes whether I can hold out or whether I buy the Icon. 

Dude, T-Mobile will buy out your contract. In full. What the hell are you even rambling on about? All of that is just nonsense to make yourself feel better because you don't know what the hell you are doing.

Just ask. "Hey, is there a way I can break out of a family plan with XYZ & have my fees covered?" and the community would have your back.

Dear SoCalBIGmike:

I find your comments both entertaining and enlightening and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

I saw when TMobile announced Uncarrier at CES. I realize that may sound like a great answer, but there are two issues: TMobile doesn't carry the phone I want and; TMobile doesn't have fantastic coverage in the region in which I travel for work. So, the solution you propose does not solve any problem for me specifically although it may indeed solve problems for others.   

I do really like John Legere, the T-Mobile CEO (did I spell his name right?)  I loved how he crashed the AT&T party down at CES.

For someone who lives in California you really ought to try taking easy on people.  I thought you guys were all about hanging loose and surfing and fitness and stuff.  All that angst and ire are really bad you, Dude. 

Oops, am I rambling again.  Sorry.  I get bored and do that on occasion.  Anyway, thanks again for the reply Mike.





Your 8X is falling appart? What do you mean by that? I've had mine for maybe a year or more and had on replacement due to the horrable sim tray design. Then again i invested in an otter box and had it on since the day i got the phone so...

Sweeeet.... This will be my next phone.. I have the 822 right now and skipped the 928 for this. Oh and those Incipio cases are pretty good. I will surely get one as well.

I have an 822 on Verizon. I did a live chat yesterday on their website about the release date of this phone. The operator had NO info at all about the phone or a release date. Nothing. I kept seeing February 5th or March 5th online as a speculated release date. If it's not out by March, I wonder if it will be put out at all? Damn!

If I had been waiting for this phone I would have pulled all my hair out by now. Why in the world is this phone not released yet? How come it's available in China? A lot of folks are going to move on from this phone.

Why are people complaining about 'just launching it already'? Remember, neither Verizon nor Nokia officially announced this device. Just because it was unfortunately leaked months before it was actually intended to be launched does not mean they're 'delaying' it. And that does not mean they need to move up the launch date.

Well, your comment makes sense on one hand, it's true they haven't announced it at all. On the other hand the first projections for a release date were late September last year. The phone has been photographed, various covers have been available since December, and it was actually released in China. It has Verizon's name on it.

They could at least have the courtesy of responding to the rumors, but they aren't giving us anything, and frankly I think that is rather rude. The phone may not have been "officially" announced, but it has been seen on Verizon's own site ("leaked" by Verizon, but how you make the mistake of "leaking" something twice is beyond me). The announcement may not have happened the way they wanted - but they should respond to the reality of what is, not stick to an outdated schedule that is just beginning to irritate people that want to give Verizon their money.

Very disappointed that this has still not been released. I was hoping to get this for me or my wife. I bought the 928 off eBay for her to try and to either her keep or replace my 822. However, my 822 just bricked on me and so I used an upgrade to get her a white 928. Worst part is that I am using my old iPhone 4 for a couple days until the new phone is delivered. Neither the Verizon store or Best Buy had any 928s in stock. Not happy about my 822, but I definitely not going back to an iPhone!

You know, I get it that neither Nokia nor Verizon has officially even recognized this thing, so it's a little silly to feel so frustrated that it's 'late', but I AM FRUSTRATED! At this point, I'm thinking maybe I'll just hold on to my trusty ole 7.5 Titan for a few more months, until the 8.1 hardware arrives.

People shouldn't be getting mad that this phone hasn't been released yet. Nokia hasn't even announced it yet. They're just leaks.

Serious question. Will this be upgradeable to 8.1 ? I want to buy this phone unlocked, but if its not upgradeable I will wait for new hardware. Thanks :)

Then just watch the hacking area on XDA....they normally figure out a work-around for it but, I BET there is a preview program for 8.1, so if your in the "beta program" you should be able to grab it no matter what carrier your on...

Any info about tcman leak about unlimited data users able to be upgrading to 6gb instead of 2 gb

Ugh I had one of those, still do floating around the house somewhere.  One of the worst phones  I've ever had. Did fine for a few months the went down hill quickly and had to root it to make it bearable to use and that phone was the most notouriously locked down android phone ever. In fact it made me switch to WP and I'm glad I did and wont be looking back.

This phone reminds me of the time Chevy unveiled the new Camaro.. Showed it off in Transformers and then took like 20 years to finally release the thing. By that time, the hype was dead and no one really wanted it anymore.

Samsung will show the s5 at the MWC this month, so the next day Nokia will say "Go and get a Nokia lumia icon from your nearest Verizon store"

I'm just happy our brethren on VZW are getting a serious phone. I only wish it were given more storage options! But I'm also equally pleased they're getting some serious casing support!

I read people on here complaining that they waited too long so they had to get the 928 instead. It sounds like they're implying its a bad thing. I love my 928 and the specs work just fine. A gazillion megahertz processor means nothing if the OS doesn't need to use it.

I bet it's easier to get a case for the Lumia Icon now than the wireless charging case for the Lumia 1520 in half a year...

the phone is not going to be a flagship by the time it gets released. a multiple month delay is really going to make it look dated as a premium phone

I've wanted to upgrade to this phone for months. Now, with 8.1 just around the corner and no card storage on this phone, I'm feeling toyed with and thinking why bother. If they haven't made some serious changes to its specs while holding off on the release, I doubt I'll get it now.

Who cares if it's released with 8 or 8.1? I'm assuming it will release with 8......but will then be upgraded to 8.1.

Personally it does not bother me too much about not having mico SD. 32GB will serve my needs just fine. (Although I can understand those who want the ability to add more).