Cortana appears on The Tonight Show, Siri isn't happy

Cortana Tonight Show

While it hasn’t been made official by Microsoft yet, Cortana has been mentioned last Friday on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The forthcoming intelligent personal assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 got a ‘Thank You’ note from the show’s host. Watch the segment after the break. 

Jimmy Fallon says:

Thank you, Microsoft Windows Phone, for releasing your own voice assistant named Cortana. Whereas Siri put it when she heard the news, ‘Oh, it’s on, bitch!’

It’s still unclear if Cortana will be the official name or if it will be called something else when announced in April. In case you missed it, a leaked video of Cortana has already surfaced. We’re really excited about Windows Phone’s upcoming voice assistant, and we look forward to its official announcement.

Are you ready for Cortana? Sound off in the comments!

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Cortana appears on The Tonight Show, Siri isn't happy



Hmmm... Did you click the link I responded too?
The crowd starts laughing when he mentions Cortana, long before the punch line.
Anyway, just watch the video.

I think you're pulling something out of nothing. I watched it when it aired and just watched it again and I think you're kind of full of it. Later in that video, they laughed before he made "The Bachelor" punch line, but that doesn't mean that everyone in the audience thought the joke was Juan Pablo. A few audience members laughing means nothing, especially considering the fact that you assume everyone there had a gold iPhone.
Anyways, stop being a drama queen.

So JAS provides a well-written, non-confrontational counterpoint to your statement, and you respond with a sarcastic remark? And then you claim he is the cry-baby? Hmmm ...

Jas said to "stop being a drama queen", which is in every way confrontational and in no way something you just slip into normal discussion.

They probably laughed at Microsoft for releasing it so late..or may be the idea of him thanking Microsoft was funny to them.. :D

They laughed because of the way he pronounced Cortana. If a comedian pronounces a name in a funny way, audience will always laugh.



Hey WPCentral dudes and dudettes(are you out there?) I started an interesting forum right here at our favorite WINDOW PHONE SITE. Listen, SAMSUNG and apparently APPLE are going ALL out with HEALTH and WELLNESS this year with thier devices and watches. Me, I think thier trying to make that THE NEXT BIG THING! Our favorite company Microsoft, well they have no horse in that race but they have CORTANA, which has been trending pretty hot and made it TWICE to the TONIGHT SHOW. So listen, the forums hot and ready for some dialogue, can MICROSOFT pull it off, can they introduce a REVOLUTIONARY AI digital assistant that not only knocks the socks off of WINDOWS PHONES fans, BUT EVERYBODY!!! Will it shut SIRI up and make Google Now, Google NOT!?! Can it rule the mobile dialogue in 2014 and actually be the IT feature that makes peoples of ALL TYPE and CLASSES say I WANT A WINDOWS PHONE?!? We haven't seen "her" in full action yet, but "she" looks/sounds promising! Can this finally be the very basic rudimentary seeds of what we recognize and hope for in digital assistant AI, like KITT! Look, head on over to the WPCentral forums, share you thoughts, will Microsoft's CORTANA be THE NEXT BIG THING?

Hey elderjlward, I like that you discovered these wonderful things called forums. Typically, whether or not you know this, people will go in and read them if they sound interesting. There really isn't a need to hijack a comment thread to promote your forum thread. I get that this article is about cortana, but what you're doing is obnoxious. Thanks for your time.

Fixing something thats not broken is called "A Update", without updates we would be no where in the techonolgy world. So thank people next time they "Fix something thats not broken"...

I was referring to the name cortana. That's already imho perfect and has deep meaning to lots of people. Not sure if giving it another name would be as powerful.

No, "updates" just means changes. Can include fixes and/or additions. Can add do an update yet still not actually change anything.

I get the significance behind the name. I personally would chose one that sort of gave the service its own identity. Not everyone (myself included) has any attachment to Halo.

It just seems to be a great name though. It has popularity that WP can use...and the whole meaning of Cortana in Halo being a smart and witty AI assistant is perfect!

Never played Halo (never even owned an Xbox), but Cortana sounds like such a bad ass name. Plus, due to its association with the (very popular) Halo franchise: it could pull in massive amounts of free press and attention. You know: the kind Apple gets, due to all the buzz any time they release something new.

So full speed ahead with Cortana, I say. Besides, it's been rumored that, in addition to changing what Cortana calls you: you can change what you call Cortana (I.E: Jarvis).

Cortana could do just that. For those who haven't heard of Halo, Cortana will just be the witty name for Microsoft's assistant. For those who play Halo, it will be familiar. It'll be well known for its uniqueness, whether you play halo or not.

I was hoping, and suggested, they call it MAISIE... Microsoft Artificial Intelligence on Internet Explorer

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Yeah,I feel like my 1520 is out of date, lacking, and old, since 8.1 came out EDIT.. Was leaked... I want a real WP device!.. I need this update NOW!❕❕❕

Wait, what? your 1520? Old? Ok help me on this... i still dont understand fully how Nokia numbers their products... What phone SPECIFICALLY, are you talking about? Becuase I have a a Lumia 1020, its like brand new is it not? Well, one of the new ones... so why are you saying your phone is older? Or, is there a "non Lumia" version of the phones, and your talking about a older version of the phones when they where NOT in the Lumia state? Please help me on this.. im lost lol



It's a joke, dude!!!!... Lol! I just want the update.. I was being totally sarcastic.. No, I do not think my 1520 is old at all.. It's got higher overall specs then some top of the line Android phones that have yet to be released..

Do u know that Windows Phone 8 that is currently on ur brand new Lumia 1020 is kinda beta version of the OS? He means he wants the WP8.1 update, which will be available between April-June.

Lol❕❕.. I was being facetious, my friend... It's just that WP8.1 makes WP8 look like childs play.. Get it??❓

Thanks, and everyone... I GET IT... I just recently moved to Nokia and Windows Phones, and thought there was some older version of that phone.

Welcome to the club, hope you would remain loyal and faithful to Lumia family and the Windows Phone clan. Rodney will baptize and indoctrinate you in due course.:-)

Sure... I'm on at&t's next plan.. You can have it in December when I get my new device,, the 6.5" Lumia 1530❕❕❕❕❕

Wow at the level of exposure. Another reason why the name Cortana was the best thing MS could have named their PA.

MS is pumping billions into this. There are so many programs out there sponsored by the surface or WP, but most people still don't seem to have any idea of what it is.

No source, just observation. Most large corporations spend billions on advertising, and with MS being one of the richest, they do as well. I've personally noticed an major increase in MS advertising the past few years, and it's because they are attempting a major change in their image.

No idea who he is but he just reads jokes prepared by writers about the weekly news like all chat hosts do. This is not him publicising, just trying to get a laugh.

True, however maintaining the trade name of Cortana for media and product details could only help differentiate MS's product from Siri and Google Now right?

If MS will let users choose the name for their assistant then they ll probably stick with cortana. TellMe+ is just crazy lol. I am gonna try Eve for the first month.

I'll keep the cortona name for sure. The reason is that it is very distinct word and if they have a feature, like on the Xbox,where you say "cortona" for the phone to know to listen to you, that would be great. Eve is not a good word for such a feature as it will get triggered sometimes. I don't know if the phone will have this feature, but I can see it being great if it did. Imagine driving in the car and you just say cortana play next song or something without having to touch the phone.

note: on the Xbox you say "Xbox" and then some command and it listens to you.

It was rumoured earlier that wp8.1 will have this feature. I m aware of the recognition issue. I ll try it for the first month. If performance is ok i ll keep it

We don't know for sure if Microkia had anything to do with this.. So we can't really call this a publicity bit, or stunt...

I like the joke, I like the positive mention... But come on man. Fallon is a big time Apple guy and MS is dumping loads of cash into product placement. You can give the benefit of the doubt, but lookong back at the last 2 yrs of product placements makes this lean towards more of the same. The only other time I ever seen Fallon mention a non-Apple product was when Sammie paid for Galaxy mentions.

And calling it out as product placement in no way at all makes the Thank You Note mention any less awesome.

I totally agree. Product placement or not millions now know Microsoft's Windows Phone has a digital voice assistant named Cortana and that apparently it is good enough to piss Siri off. That is worth its weight in gold.

No. Its 3 weeks, 3 days before the launch. Leaks haven't caused any media buzz. They have effectively killed the launch excitement. Media buzz is what iPhone 6 leak is creating, not WP8.1 leaks. So this can go either way. We can only know on 3rd April.

Disagree completely. In marketing this is how hype works. You get everyone to hear about something, everyone is talking about it, and you have to maintain the buzz for weeks. The leaks have done this perfectly. The first one showed the circle but we didn't the voice yet...making us need more. And none of us have used it. That's the really exciting part. I do think wp8.1 is going to change WP in a really great way.

The fact that jimmy Fallon on the tonight show is talking about a feature on windows phone is good for us and something you would not have seen years ago. WP is hitting its stride.

It has nothing to do with mass media because they have their own agenda, plus its not officially released for a platform they deem sub par. The reason its awesome is if current users and those on the line see about it, they then be swayed. Just like released apps for iPhone and Android means they have users that pay attention meaning, if they see features they thought were severely limiting coming that tips them over.....at this point its not for the massed but those thing about switich to WP or from WP, hype from guys like Jimmy Fallon just extends its reach!

I agree. Being that 8.1 is an upgrade that addresses the user feedback on 8, it's the kind of leak that actually helps WP8. That, coupled with far more bang for the buck vs Android and iPhone.

I don't like it much either, though the story behind the name is amazing... but to me it doesn't shine as a brand... the three syllable makes it difficult to say, as much as i hate SIRI, but seriously, which is easier to say, Si-ri, or Cor-ta-na?

Siri is a stupid name as it is unknown how to pronounce it until you hear someone saying it. Where as Cortana needs no explanation, easy to say without explanation.

Looking forward to Cortana very much :-)

Personally, I think Cortana rolls off the tongue better than Siri, but then again I intensely dislike Apple and have really enjoyed the Halo franchise. To me, Cortana actually sounds like a name much more so than Siri or Google Now.

Succes of something is totally not dependent on the difficulty of a brand name. Many marketers are seeing that wrong nowadays. Do you really think people are incapable to pronounce a word with 3 syllables? They speak hundreds of them per day, every day in normal language. Also there are tons of brand names with 3 syllables or more that are very very successful. Just look at Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and not to forget the retarded name PricewaterhouseCoopers. Or the popular medicine Oscillococcinum. Almost nobody knows how to pronounce it. It really doesn't matter. Sometimes complicated names create even more buzz and popularity among people. They will discuss hey how do you pronounce that? Also tiny words sometimes don't have enough 'body'/ strength of its own. They get lost in lines of text and nobody notices them. Longer names stand out more.
People should really stop counting syllables in brand names.

Cortana is pretty easy to say. It did take me a little bit to remember, but the name I like alot. Its very unique. And if cortana is not something you like you can change the name to whatever u want.

Neither - because it depends on where you are from and what is your mother language.

For Chinese and Japanese people they won't be able to say the emphasised "r" sound in Siri, which makes Siri the harder word to say.

If your native tongue is English, then that one syllable would make jack all difference unless you have speaking disability.


Shut the fu@% up Ives!

Just kidding. Not a big Halo fan, but its an interesting name. Any reason you don't care for it?

United States of America is too long. That's why you shorten it to USA. Yes, the word Iraq is better than the sentence United States of America ;)

Now that Jimmy Fallon's put it out there that it's called "Cortana" it better god damn be called Cortana and not something stuffy like "Bing Personal Assistant for Windows Phone".

Bing personal assistant... Lol!.. I'd rather it be called "Vista PA".... Please don't let them do that..

Cortana is the current pinnacle of names for IAs (intelligent assistants). Siri was unknown before Apple bought it. Cortana has been a household name in the tech/gaming world since the first Halo oh so many years ago. Now Microsoft needs to make it a household name for everyone. Imagine all of the non-gamers that have never heard of Cortana. Now they will become familiar with it. Then they will see someone playing Halo and they hear Cortana and make the connection and then try Halo or decide to buy an Xbox One, etc., etc. Do it Microsoft. Don't ef this up!!!!!

You make it sound like bulk amounts of people actually care about windows phone. Wishful thinking i think.. Once an isheep, always an isheep unfortunately.

Yeah, and it's really only specific to people who spent a lot of time playing Xbox anyway. I'm a big gamer (all genres except rts and sims) and I had never heard of cortana until MS released the details of their digital assistant.

Totally agree! I hope Cortana becomes a cloud synced personality that lives in your Windows computer, Windows Phone, XBOX One, and perhaps someday on your face or wrist?? Do it MS! Make Cortana everything Google Now and Siri have failed to become! Make it personal and pervasive!

Don't get me wrong, I have always loved Halo, but Halo 4 was terrible. The only thing that would make me buy an Xbone would be the promise of Halo 2 Anniversary on it.

Cortana: Im not your bitch, ask Siri to do such jobs. Would you like me to order a meal deal I have found in local burger shop near you?

Thanks for the credit! It's pretty awesome seeing Jimmy Fallon report on something that wasn't even officially shown yet.