Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 adds NFL game predictions via Bing

Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone 8.1 device owners will be able to ask Cortana to predict who will win games in the upcoming 2014 National Football League season, with those predictions powered by Bing.

Users of Cortana can simply ask 'Who will win the Seahawks or the Packers?' and Cortana will reply with her prediction.

You may remember that Bing and Cortana teamed up to offer predictions of who would win the games in the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament earlier this summer. Now that ability has been extended to NFL games. Microsoft says:

"For pro football, we model the respective strengths of the teams by examining outcomes from previous seasons including wins, losses, and the very rare tie outcome (two games since 2009), factoring in margin of victories, location of contest, playing surface and roof cover (or lack thereof), weather and temperature conditions, scoring by quarters, and multiple offensive and defensive statistics. In addition to this prior model, we identify fans on Web and Social sites and track their sentiment to understand the aggregate wisdom of this expressive crowd. This introduces data which statistics alone cannot capture, providing real-time adjustments which surprisingly can capture injury news and other substantive factors in win probabilities."

Naturally, Cortana and Bing are predicting that Microsoft's home team, the Seattle Seahawks, will win the first game of the season against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday, the first official game of the season. What do you think of Microsoft adding NFL game predictions to Cortana and Bing?

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Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 adds NFL game predictions via Bing


Ummmm... The packers will be lucky to get over 19 points and the big difference is that the hawks have a better offense this year than last (and they won the superbowl last year).  Oh and the packs nose tackle is out against Mebane.  Yeah, you keep picking the pack though...

Seahawks lost Golden Tate and Sydney Rice plus Lynch got paid. Whenever a running back gets paid, the next season is usually a drop off. Either way, I'm no soothsayer...just making an opinion. It's not an anti-seahawks or pro-packers opinion...just an opinion.

Cortana also has the Falcons beating the Saints. Don't think I can agree with that one either.

Plus, the Packers deserve to win this game solely based on the travesty and farce that was the Fail Mary game. The only thing worse than refs who incorrectly change the outcomes of games is fake refs who do so.

While I don't agree with the call, it was called and stood after review, which was done upstairs by an NFL official, not a replacement ref... Remember, one of them got it right, one wrong... But NFL made the final call not them, so give them a break.

First of all, you and everyone else continue to ignore the fact that Golden Tate committed an egregiously obvious offensive pass interference penalty against Sam Shields on the play, leading the NFL to release an official statement saying that that should've been called which would've immediately ended the game, 12-7 in favor of the Packers. So, the incompetency of the replacement refs on the field right there already is a massive failure that changed the outcome of the game.

Regardless, the subsequent call on the field by replacement refs was also wrong: MD Jennings caught the ball first. There was no simultaneous possession. You can watch Sport Science's breakdown of it here for indisputable video evidence and analysis. There's a reason why Twitter blew up afterwards, why nearly 100,000 voicemails were left at the NFL's head office within hours, and why this was the impetus to get the real refs back: because the grand majority of the country saw the same thing--a terrible call.

It's no surprise that NFL didn't overturn the bad call and award the win to Green Bay: money. According to ESPN, Vegas paid out up to $250 million in bets on the outcome of the game. There was no way the league was going to mess around with that.

The real reason people are still mad about the game, though, isn't because the refs blew it, but rather the response of Seahawks fans, players, and coaches who pretend everything was called right. Tate denied shoving Shields in the back, despite clear video evidence. Pete Carroll vehemently declared that the right call was made, etc. Real men would've admitted they got a break, chalked it up to the human error of the game, and then moved on.

By the time my 928 gets 8.1 I'll have hours and hours of reading to find out about all of this great, new stuff that is only available on 8.1. 

Why not upgrade through the preview for developers program? I have had it since it was released months ago on my 928!

To my point exactly.  If x number of 928 owners have been running DP on Verizon's network, what is taking so long to test?  Already proven to work.  Testing =  money grab; nothing more, nothing less.

Yup! I'd rather see Cortana's predictions about when the rest of the Windows Phones will get 8.1... Of course, someone with 8.1 would have to tell us about it. Not everyone wants to bother with Dev. Preview.

I second the developer preview.  It is not at all hard to upgrade and it makes the phone a completely different experience in many respects.  Just make sure you back up everything first in case the worst case scenario happens. 

There are a few points I would still like to addressed in the upcoming updates, but overall, it is a good step in the right direction.

I downgraded because the last update that added live tile folders was causing serious lag with my home screen on my 920...Runs super smooth again but I miss Cortana and the notification center.

As has been said many times, get on the Dev Preview already. I have a 920 and have been getting all of the new, non-hardware-related stuff. If you aren't on Bitlocker, there shouldn't be a problem.

I'm not on bitlocker and my DP sucks eggs.. It lags big time, it's definitely a problem. My home screen super lags making my phone almost useless.

Funky, I haven't run into any of that. Seems to me there were some apps with problematic live tiles like the clock one. Have you done a hard reset at all?

Hi, yes I have done a hard reset and the same thing happens, I think that T-Mobile has been giving me some defective phones, because this is my fourth 925 from them and it was lagging then. I've had some bad Windowsphone experiences. Hopefully it gets better. :)

Yeah, sorry to hear that. You aren't the first one I've heard about having problems with the 925. :-( I hope it gets fixed for you.

Or just say "Who will win the [insert team name here] game?"


Example: "Who will win the Philadelphia Eagles game?"

Now I can really rub Cortana into my younger brother's face. He uses everything Microsoft; computer, Xbox and even Microsoft apps but on his iPhone. To top it off, he's a Packers fan.

Im excited for this.  Not a huge football fan but I'm going to use this for my football pool at work.  Lets see how well I do this year with Cortana on my team!

It's available for India but can't predict cricket match..c'mon microsoft...give us option to have cricket as sport interest...

Feature of adding soccer teams and leagues to interests list would be great... I really want to add La Liga and EPL to my interest list...

You should be able to... I never tried that team, but you should be able to add any searchable subject to interests, for instance "Seahawks news" or Seahawks Score" or "Seahawks schedule" or "Seahawks trades"... Each has their own interest, with different key words separating them... Pretty cool!

I am talking about teams, not news.. I have added my favorite team's news. But i want to add my favorite football team to my interest. Like you can now add add EPL teams as interest. But no la liga teams :(

She better predict the Seahawks.lol They are seriously a scary team right now and seem not to have lost a step from last year.

Lol sure. Falcons retooled their lines and added Hester to an already stacked offense. Oh yeah, and the game is in Atlanta. Bet against the birds if you want, but you will lose.

This would be seriously cool. I would love to see Cortana go against Long, Bradshaw and crew on the Sunday pregam show on Fox.

She's got the Eagles winning this week. Smart girl, although a monkey (or even Siri) could probably get that pick right against the Jaguars.

The really big game is Football. The real football I mean, the one where players actually have a ball in their feet and not I their hands. We need those results! Cortana is being too american

Ya. Looking forward to the day when I can ask the way I want to ask Cortana. Until then it's not very natural. Honestly I don't use her much because of it.

I just tested this and if you don't phrase (and Cortana understand) the query just right, she wont answer. All you get is search hits.

Awesome unfortunately she is a little off so far. I asked her who will win the Saints vs. Atlanta game and her response was: "It's too early to say for sure,but I'd give the Atlanta Falcons the edge over the Saints." Now I love me some Cortana and all,but we'll have to have a talk! The Saints got this! I'll cut her a little slack,only because she say's it's too early to say for sure. I'll ask her again as the game gets closer.

Asked "who will win the jets raiders game" she said "probably the jets but the clock hasn't started yet". Guess you need to say it the right way.

One of my Aussie friends who classes people from the UK as "Posh Poms", and dislikes how British people speak actually finds the voice used for Cortana in the UK attractive and sexy... Oh the irony LOL!.
One HTC start the global roll out of the M8, I'm going push him into the wp bandwagon muhahahahaha.