DEAL ALERT: Nokia DT-910 wireless charging stand for $45 on PayDeals

Get your charge on with the Nokia DT-910 charging stand for $45

Daily deal site PayDeals has the Nokia DT-910 wireless charging stand for $45, a 35% savings on its regular retail price of $69.00. PayDeals has the charging stand in both black and white and ships for free. This deal runs for another three and a half days or while supplies last.

The DT-910 is compatible with all Nokia Lumia phones that are equipped with wireless charging, either natively or with use of an option backplate. It keeps your device in an upright position, allowing you use it while you charge.

If you have been thinking about picking one up, or just want another wireless charger, now would be a good time to get one. Follow the source link below to order.

Source: PayDeals; Via: Reddit


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DEAL ALERT: Nokia DT-910 wireless charging stand for $45 on PayDeals


There was an article on 7/12, and there you could see me, among others, mentioning that we bought the DT-910 instead.
Edit: my comment from 07/12:
"Ordered me a DT910 (white).
This makes a total of 4 Qi chargers in our household, for two 920s."

Good deal, they also have the 'MOGA Mobile Gaming System' compact controller on sale for $19.99. I would buy it instantly if there was any word of Snes8x and Gameloft games to support MOGA in some future update.

My question is not if it is dual voltage (probably is), my question was regarding the electrical socket that comes with it. Typically manufacturers only ship one type, that's why the majority of equipments have a US version and a UK version an so on.
Regardless I just got a reply from the company stating they don't ship international so...
thanks anyway.

Question: Anyone know if this will work with the Verizon HTC 8X?  It also supports Qi charging, but I know placement of the coil matters and I have no idea if the 8X has the coil in the same location as the Nokia phones...

I have a Verizon 8X and my Nokia wireless charging plate works like a charm.  I am assuming that the stand will work the same way (I'm confident enough that I bought one for my 8X just now).

The problem with that theory is that phones are different sizes, so 'the middle' is going to be in a different location for each phone when it is placed on a stand like this where the foot of the phone will be in a specific position.  I've not used Qi yet so I do not know how precise positioning needs to be.

Right, but the question is: where is it located on the 8X, is it in the same location relative to the bottom of the phone, or is it exactly centered in which case it may or may not line up?

I love this wireless charging stand...I use it for my 920 at work every day...I'm actually tempted to buy one for my desk at home...Oh, and it has NFC built in so you can open your most used app with just a tap or hover at the front of the stand...I can't wait for the Nokia wireless charging phone holster for my car!

Actually, it does. Since the coil on the 920 is slightly lower then the mid of the phone, if you rotate the phone over the plate 90 degrees and move it so the lower half of the 920 is over the plate, qi charging will work.