Deal alert: Nokia Lumia Icon for $149.99 at Verizon and Wirefly

Nokia Lumia Icon

The long-awaited Nokia Lumia Icon has finally made its way to Verizon this week and we have good news for deal-seekers. Originally retailing for $199.99 with 2-year contract, you can now get it for $50 off. Use the coupon code VZWDEAL at the Verizon Wireless online store to get the new Lumia Icon for $149.99.

We’re not sure how long the coupon is active for, so act quickly before you regret missing it. The discount applies to both the black or white Lumia Icon.

Lumia Icon for 49

Nokia Lumia Icon specifications:

  • Windows Phone 8 with Lumia Black firmware
  • 5-inch full HD 1080p OLED display, ClearBlack, Sunlight readability, Glare-free, Super sensitive touch, Gorilla Glass 3
  • Pixel density: 440 ppi
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core processor, 2.2 GHz
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • 20 MP PureView camera, ZEISS optics, OIS, 2x lossless zoom, oversampling, dual LED flash
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage (no micro SD)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • 2420 mAh internal battery with Qi wireless charging
  • Networks: LTE: 700MHz; SVLTE Band 13; Band 4; CDMA: 3G EVDO 850/1900 Rev A with Rx Diversity; Global Ready: GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) UMTS (850MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz)

The Nokia Lumia Icon is also currently discounted at Wirefly for $149.99. No coupons are necessary and they make it even sweeter with a $100 bill credit. The credit is valid until February 28th. What’s the catch? You have to be an active customer for at least 30 days.

Nokia Lumia Icon at Wirefly

The Lumia Icon’s design isn’t that exciting, but the size is perfect, the specs are impressive, and it’s a real blast to use. Many of you have asked for a smaller version of the Nokia Lumia 1520. Well, this is it. Unfortunately, it’s exclusively made for Verizon. Read our Nokia Lumia Icon review for more details.

Would you switch carriers to get an exclusive device? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Deal alert: Nokia Lumia Icon for $149.99 at Verizon and Wirefly


Ha! Yeah, that is most puzzling. I can't see any technical reason it can't be done. It's been done on 1080p screens before on the 1520.

Sure, and so are my 1020 and 820, which fully support Glance.  In fact, this is much better for Glance as the entire backlight and screen do not need to be turned on to show a clock, hence why the Glance screen is brighter on my 1020 and 820 than my 920 (because they are turning the backlight to its lowest to save battery).

Are you suggesting there is an issue because it is the first 1080p OLED screen on a Lumia?  Because that doesn't seem like it would be a problem.

It really isn't a big deal to me on the Icon, except for the fact that my boss finally bought a Windows Phone and it would be nice if one of the best features wasn't crippled for him.  I personally am on AT&T.

"Are you suggesting there is an issue because it is the first 1080p OLED screen on a Lumia?"

That's what I'm suggesting.  The Icon isn't really anything more than an improved 928.  No reason for it not to have glance other than they just haven't gotten it coded for the build yet.

Actually they probably won't because it is an OLED display which would allow burn in from the Glance info. Glance only works on LCD Lumias right now. I would not assume that the Icon will get Glance.

I think techgeek needs to brush up on the tech... my 820 and 1020 which are both OLED fully support Glance.

Yup, these may be little things, but they add up. MicroSD is more important than Qi, so I rather of them put microSD instead of Qi, as they always want to give us products that have some features missing...

Disagree completely. I have cloud storage for music and photos and 32GB is enough for apps. But there is no workaround for not having wireless charging. No wireless charging is a much bigger deal. After I've bought all these wireless charging docks and speakers for the 920 and HTC 8X there's no way I'm buying a phone without wireless charging.

Wired charging is faster, and I don't even use the wireless charger on my PowerUp, I just use NFC to connect, then plug it in with a wire in the outlet. Wireless charging was a gimmick, even though I used to love it on my 920.

What a bizzarre comment.  "Wireless charging is a gimmick.  I loved it on my 920."

For most of us it makes absolutely no difference that it is slightly slower at charging... the whole point is you can leave it on your desk all day or overnight and when you need to pick it up and go it's always fully charged an ready.  Why worry about needing a turbo charge when it can essentially always be at 100% as long as you've been at your desk for a bit?

If you are someone who is never near a desk than it makes somewhat less sense.  But you really should try to appreciate that not everyone has the same requirements as you.

I wish people would understand that what is and is not a gimmick is purely opinion.  There are easily stated reasons to love wireless charging.  So to many it will not be a gimmick.  Stating that it is a gimmick as if it is fact implies that you don't tolerate opinions other than your own very well... even though you apparently used to have the other opinion.

I often use my 920 when it is connected with the wall charger. With the wireless charger, I couldn't really use it. It would have to be on the pad, and I couldn't hold it. With a wire, I could hold it and charge it at the same time. Don't you say that you can do the same thing on the pad, because you really can't. As does the PowerUp speakers, pillow, and even the stand.

It's very simple actually... Bluetooth headset. Works fantastic, and charges while you use the phone.

Cloud storage only work for a few. Some people it's not even an option because of data usage.
Qi charging isn't wireless my friend. It's a connected inferior charging system that's terribly slow. If your phone has to MAKE CONTACT with a plate, pillow or male/female (micro USB) connector it's NOT WIRELESS. Just a clever gimmick. If your phones about dead do you hold your plate and phone to your head? LOL So you show me a phone where you can walk freely around without making contact to a charger. Then I'll say that's wireless charging.

You are apparently confused.  Wireless means that you do not need to connect a wire between the phone and the power source.  Hence, "wireless".  Pretty literal (and obvious).

It's also no where near "incredibly slow".  It is slightly slower (maybe 10-20%). But that is completely made up for in many usage patterns because you can just leave it on the charger without constantly plugging and unplugging, which isn't practical due to wear on the connector.

Why would you need to hold up the wireless charge pad?  Just leave it on there while you are not on the phone and when you need to pick it up it is at 100%.  In addition, many of us use Bluetooth headsets and talk on the phone all the time while it is simultaneously charging, without holding a plate to our head.

Perhaps some of these FACTS will educate you and widen your incredibly narrow viewpoint that does not take into account any usage patterns other than your own.  But my guess is that they will not.

THANK YOU for bringing up Bluetooth. That's WIRELESS. The gimmick is calling a plate connector wireless when it's not. Now if you like a wired charging plate that's cool. I just don't see no pro's only con's. 1. It's slower. 2. If my phone is almost dead you can't charge and talk privately.

Why would anyone care that the plate connects to the outlet? How else would you expect it to work? Magic?

And why is your phone almost dead? As I keep saying, leave it on the pad when not using it and it's fully charged if you want to pick it up.

Or buy Bluetooth headset and you barely ever even need to pick it up.

Like I said, may not fit the usage pattern for someone who doesn't work at a desk, but plenty if us do and it works great.

You just proved my point.. Thank You. You plug the micro USB charger and the plate into a wall outlet. Then you connect your phone to it physically. That's NOT WIRELESS . Wireless is when your phone is on a table or etc. and you walk around with a Bluetooth talking or listening to music. THAT'S WIRELESS. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. I understand some people might have fat fingers or something and connecting your phone might be easier than plugging up a charger. That's cool. Why is my phone always dead? Because I use to have Nokia's. Don't have that problem with my ATIV S

Oh my goodness... you seem to have some kind of block.  There is no simpler way to put it than this: no wire between the phone and the charger = wireless.  Get it?  No wire... wireless... c'mon... you can do it if you try.  Just because the actual definition of "wireless" does not match with the imaginary one that you've concocted in your head, does not mean that it is not wireless.

The type of power you are describing does not exist yet, at least not in any type of commercially applicable way. 

I won't attempt to explain this a fourth time to you... if you choose to ignore all the facts again and thank me for proving the completely incorrect point you think you have made please go right ahead... I will just have to leave you with your delusions.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

I think what they're trying to say is that you still must lay your phone on the charger, i.e. make physical contact. While there is no actual wiring involved, the advantage it offers is really barely worth mentioning for practical use.

So by your logic my lumia 920 is not a mobile device because i need to charge it, wi-fi is not wireless because my router needs a power cable just like my WIRELESS charging pad, & my Bluetooth headset isnt wireless because i plug it into charge.

Does your charging pad plug up to a wall outlet? YES
Does your router? YES
Does your phone have to be connected to charge? YES - NOT WIRELESS
Does your phone have to have physical contact with your router to receive WiFi signal? NO-WIRELESS
SOLAR CHARGING would be a type of TRUE WIRELESS CHARGING. Hope that helps.

my phone doesn't and has never come into contact with my charging pad, its built into my bedside table, no wires connect the two. How is that not wireless!?


the only difference between my router and charging pad is the router has a range measured in metres & my charging pad has a range measured in mm.

I'm sorry I didn't know your pad/table wasn't plugged into the wall. I also didn't realize you could walk thru your house/yard and your phone would charge. That is WIRELESS. Silly me. I was thinking you had to lay your phone ( that was a wired connector under the shell ) on a pad ( that has a wired connector under the shell ). WIRED CHARGING just without a male/female plug but still has to connect to charge. Where did you get yours from? Because every Q system I've seen is technically WIRED. If you know the laws of physics.

You seem to assume that all physical contact equates to a wired connection. Please hardwire connect your face to a wall


Additionally, the model by which this particular inductive charging DOES fit your definition of wireless. There is a transmitter and a receiver and the distance by which the two can communicate is limited by factors such as signal strength, interference, and distance. It just so happens that the signal is so weak it requires only a few mm for receiving. The same technology scaled out with larger magnets could power a device from a few feet away.

All it takes is a few minutes to understand some of the underlying principles of the tech. I invite you to read it. It's OK to admit you're wrong, you're just learning.

You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the tech at hand, and you start to make a practicality argument? You are pathetic. Wireless is wireless, child. Regardless of whether it conveniently fits your definition du jour or not.

Hmm when I set the phone on the plate without fumbling with wires, that's "wireless" to me. All I had to do was plug the plate in once and forget it for years - you make it sound like I have to plug it in each time. Your arguments sound naive.

Haha no not naive, educated. I guess to a simple minded uneducated person could be fooled to think it's wireless. Hey if it works for you and you like it that's great. Buy all you want.

Dictionary definition.
any system or device, as a cellular phone, for transmitting messages or signals by electromagnetic waves.
but im sure the dictionary is wrong too.

Being educated means you should be able to accept that there are multiple definitions of 'wireless'. From the broad "having no wires" to definitions from the telecommunications industry that narrows the definition to radio wave transmission. So if you prefer to use the narrower definition, so be it. I prefer the broader definition as it communicates my experience with charging plates to non-technical people.

Everyone, I think we are at the point that we must just chalk this up to tbonega being a troll, a little slow, or most likely both. Let's just stop giving him the attention he desperately seeks by making patently false statements.

Yes you're VERY SLOW poodie. I agree with that. No troll. Just smart enough to know if I have to lay my phone on a charging plate. It's not truely wireless. Yes you might save 3 to 5 seconds over a traditional charger. So it might be a little more convenient but not wireless. It's obvious we don't agree. That's fine so let's just move on.

Lol, you guys have been replying to my first comment all night, I had about 30-40 email notifications, fun to read. (seriously)

A really simple minded person would think that the physical connection is what actually transfers the power.

Not a gimmick to me. I have 3 wireless chargers. 1 flat by my bed that makes it easy for me to glance at the time. I bought a Nokia wireless charger for my car - arguably the best use of wireless charging as I am totally hands free using my volkswagen's bluetooth - much simpler to use than fumbling with wires - easily slips into holder securely without looking. My third slips into a stand I built for my desk where I use the phone all the time for everything while it charges as the stand holds it at the perfect angle. All 3 require just a simple placement with no wired usb 'which way is up" issues.

Overall it's a better device than the 928 but the lack of glance and xenon flash definitely make it a less compelling upgrade. Hopefully a new version that adds them back in along with 8.1 out of the box shows up later in the year.

Glance is not the most mind blowing must-have feature in a phone. Especially when what is shown in glance can be seen in less than 0.5 seconds by clicking the power button.

I love it for the clock. I don't wear a watch, so I just pull my 928 out of my pocket and there is the time without having to reach for the power button or double tap the screen. The notifications are good, but not as important to me.

NOW you got it!!! finally someone of reasonable thinking.....Glance is needed like one needs another a$$hole. and as far as wireless charging goes, how lazy can you be when you can't plug a cable into your phone?

maybe people should hire some lacky to press their icons buttons because it's too much trouble to actually lift a finger to touch them. 

Stopped in to Verizon today. A bit taller and a bit more narrow than my wife's GS4. From the reviews I was expecting a giant brick but it felt good in the hand and light to me. (I have a 1020).

Screen was glossy but very nice. I look forward to a 5" on ATT.

Owning a 1020, didn't it throw you off when you saw how the tiles were smaller than regular size? That's what happened to me.

No way I'm switching to Verizon to pay an extra $50 bucks a month for what I get now. Happy for those lucky Verizon customers and happy for those lucky AT&T customers with their 1520s and 1020s.

I have the 1020, and it is the best phone I have ever owned.  I cannot wait to see what Nokia unleashes to be the 1020's predecessor!

Me too! Especially if they finally release one for T-Mobile. They can not use that powerful camera in only one model. I'll be waiting....:)

And that has been my argument ever since the Lumia 900. People on other carriers want to buy these phones without having to jump over hurdles to get them. Hope it will change one day.

Verizon has a say on the companies.  I don't think verizon likes the SD card features so they can hike up data plans

Must ...... not ...... give ...... up ......... unlimited ............ data ................. asdjiofhiughliuaghyufdfuhsdfuasjifd

Never understood the importance of unlimited data. I'm saving so much more with a share plan. Across 6 devices, including 2 iPhones and an iPad, we use maybe 3 gigs a month...

How the eff are you using 30Gb of data every month? Even on my galaxy nexus where I disabled WiFi (hardware problem) I was only using ~2Gb every month.

Not really I have internet at home and I still use no less then 15 GB of data on unlimited ATT. I stream music at least 5 hours daily and stream videos everyday.

I don't think they're exaggerating. Data runs out fast. When you surf and stream and tether and download, it's gone in a flash. If I didn't have a data limit, I'd be using that much a month too. Luckily I have Wifi at home.

Is it possible to turn off the third column? Im thinking about upgrading, but it seems a bit cluttered with the extra tiles.

America seems to have strange ways of selling mobiles. In the UK this would be free in most contracts, and there 'd be no problem getting it off contract sim free.

Fuck T-Mobile, they were billing my friend when he was deployed to Iraq!  This is even after he got a confirmation from them saying they put his account on military hold.

lumia 1520 is free on £38 per month ($63) that's unlimited calls, unlimited SMS & 2GB data. Add £4 & an extra 1GB for 4G

That Nokia phone looks amazing. Not switching to Verizon no more. They rip me and my husband off and we had a high bill.

Bought one and retured it. Everything was too small. The 3 wide screen doesn't work with the current tiles. Till they have a three wide at a min. then thus hd will only work on 6 inch plus screens. Early HD android phones like the HTC sensation and nexus 4 had this same issue. Nexus 5 sorted it out and so will Microsoft but nit today and nit on the ICON.

Awesome! I got a question, aren't most apps incompatable with the 1080p display? I heard some apps look bad because of that

In my opinion they look just like they did on my 928 except on a larger screen. Sometimes I wish items could be smaller.

So far all the apps that I have tried actually look better on the Icon than they did on my previous phones. (Lumia 822 & Trophy)  Everything is so much sharper on the Icon because of the higher resolution screen.  This is especially noticeable with how smooth and sharp fonts are, even at small sizes.  It's true that some things are smaller like the tile sizes but after a few days I have gotten used to it.

I have not run into any apps which have any problems with the 1080p display.  I'd be interested to hear what apps are having problems with the display.

Tried to order it online, but do instore pick up because I'm impatient.  Unfortunately, stupid Verizon doesn't allow you to do in-store pickup when you use a discount code.  Such dumb business practices...


Nobody understands why microsd is very important. cloud solution is never a solution and it raises privacy concerns. Data bandwidth is not free nor is there any guarantee on the cloud service. it is like trusting paypal with your money. When the device renders useless or break for any reason. The trust worthy microsd card will have everything you want. It is not only about photos, but any file you download. I don't think skydive gives free 64gb.

There is always a compromise when it comes to Nokia devices which is a big shame. I will get the 1520 unlocked. the only down side is the build quality (very thin plastic, glass and questionable material overall) and its size! instead of having 1320 why you didn't consider a smaller version!?

Correct me if I am wrong, is this the first ever in the world, quad core 20 mp camera 5 inch phone? If so, why is this not huge news in tech world?

Andy, seriously unnecessary, of you are here to troll, go back where you can from. Can't people respect all the great things each platforms brings without putting others down? WP has abilities that neither ios or android have and vice versa. Also, for the record, I wish I was struggling in my business as much as Microsoft and Nokia

Overpriced POS!  I went in the Portland Microsoft Store yesterday and the customer rep that helped me even said that Nokia fucked up with the ICON, vecause it isn't as good as the Lumia 1020.  Sure the specs might be a little better but he said that most customers on Verizon and some store employees were mad that Nokia didn't release a 1020 like phone on Verizon.  

If you dont need it now...wait a little longer...In about a month this phone will be $99 everywhere and If you wait even longer (maybe 2 months) it will be free on contract.

The 928 came out for $149 and full retail was $549. After about 2 months it was being promoed free with contract but, you could even find it for free on 2 weeks after release from Amazon and a few other places..