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Did you upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1?

Today was a very busy day when at 7 am EST the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers went live. That allowed those with developer accounts (pro tip: anyone can become one) to download and install Windows Phone 8.1 on their device. Take a moment to let us know if you upgraded your smartphone from Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 8.1 if you’re not busy playing with Cortana.

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Did you download and install Windows Phone 8.1?

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Time to see whether or not you’ve already upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1 through the Preview for Developers program. Pro tip: You don’t need to be an actual developer to get Windows Phone 8.1. Take our poll below and head to the comments further down to share your first Windows Phone 8.1 impressions.

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Did you upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1?



Everything is fine with me.i am excited with my WP 8.1
I am from India and Cortana and store working very well
I typed this by using swipe keyboard
Yea awesome
Everything fine in my Lumia 1320

Go here 

login with Microsoft account and register as a developer with appstudio

once registered download preview for developers from the Windows store on your phone

log into app with your registered Microsoft account and check "enable preview for developers"

go to settings --> phone update on your phone and check for updates

thats it!


I followed the steps you have provided. However, it is not giving me an option to "enable preview for developers". How to overcome this issue?

Did you download the "Preview for Developer's" App? If not go to the store, search and download that app. Then open the app and sign in with the same Microsoft account that you registered. Once this is completed correctly you should see an empty box for "enable preview for developers" checkmark the box and then close the app. Go to settings and check for updates. You should get the first update preparing for 8.1 and then the second update will be WP8.1

Hope this helps

dear sir. I have triyed everything you told, but after installing Preview for Developer's" App i am not getting the optin to checkmark the box. there is one option " done". after that when i am trying to cheak for update, its not getting updated.. 

phone model- lumia 820

country- India

phone IMEI- 354589051111783

may name is kuldeep dutta

microsoft A/c

my phone is now on windows black



Bro! I m from India too. I installed windows phone 8.1 as soon as it was available but didn't get the Cortana. Can u please help me out?

From India you want to change your Region as US, then your phone will restart.
Next you want to change your language as English United States
That time it will download and install
Then you want to change speech setting as US English it will take much more time to download and install.
After doing these steps you can check your Cortana and Store.
Both will work very well.

Hi Hakkim, I am from Saudi Arabia. I followed the same as you mentioned above but unluckily nothing happened.My Cortana is still not working. Please help me.. Rgds

Wait bro
Don't install preview for developers. I think it has serious SD card is removing automatically. Not single time. Daily it's happening.
You can get official update nearly.
Wait it's better for you and others until its not installed.
Gud luck

Even I am from India and I updated my Lumia today only.But I did not get cortana.Could you please tell me how come yo have Cortana,I read it online that right mow it's only available in U.S. and will reach U.K. and China later.
Please even I wanna use Cortana.

hey hakkim im also from india ..i have a nokia lumia do i download the 8.1 update i only have mobile data i dont have wifi...please let me now it would be very helpful


hiii bro i  m form india ..i want to update my lumia 525 w.p 8.1 is this possible ...

for my lumia 525 

plz help me how to update my w.p 8.1 plz provide me steps to update 8 to 8.1


Register your microsoft account in appstudio and download "preview for developer app" from store, Use that app to register your phone and head to phone update you will get WP 8.1

Hey!! Em also frm india, i was reading in above cmnt n post tht cornata n win8.1 update is nt avilable fo L1320 till now.. So how are u using her(mean cornata) and win 8.1 in ur 1320.. N plz tell the process to me, i'm also waitng fo these updates so pleasntly

Hello Atul, If you have already updated your phone to 8.1 ,then follow these steps to gain access to cortana.

Step 1 – Change the region in settings to ‘United States, English’ and reboot.

Note: reboot is required after Step 1.

Step 2 – Change the language to English (United States) from settings and reboot once more.

Step 3 –  Go to language options again & tap and hold English(United States) & move up the order.

Viola...You ll have cortana in app list.


Do to realize you're talking to someone who just this morning tried to brush his teeth with a live lobster?

Sadly you must disable Cortana. I did that and it works but you must restart your phone. I like Cortana tho so I kept it oddly enough when you activate Cortana you don't need to restart your phone , but with Bing you do.

Use the search button to open Cortana, then type your search in and hit enter. The results will be the familiar Bing search results we're used to.

Cortana is neat for what it/she is, but you cannot type in Cortana in landscape mode. I don't have the largest hands in the world, but I still have a hard time cramming my fingers in the space provided with the portrait keyboard, so this is a bit of a drawback.

Thankfully, the new swipe keyboard function is neat, and seems to help with my portrait woes. So I will give it a few days and see if I can get use to that. Otherwise I may disable Cortana for a while until landscape is added, because I am sure that it will in time.

I found that I can go directly to Internet Explorer and have Bing saved as a favorite.  But if the Mobile Version is selected in settings, Cortana will come up instead.  Select the Desktop Version and the Bing website will appear.  If you do use the Desktop Version, you will also notice that when you swipe the screen from left to right to go back or swipe right to left to go forward, just like in the desktop browser.

Another handy feature in the browser is the 'reader' mode that takes the article and transforms it into a properly scaled and very readable text reader.

Cortana fully replaces Bing Search in Windows Phone 8.1. Why did you think you;d access her through the "Search" button?

You need not disable Cortana or change regions and stuff for this. Just turn of location and voila!..The default Bing search is back. Turn it back on for some Cortana awesomeness :)

Cortana is power by Bing,  searching with cortana is same like seaching with bing. The only difference is Cortana get to learn and study you.

Music search yes.... QR search and visual text search no! Well not like it's on WP8.... U'll have to use "Bing Vision" lens from the camera app to QR or Visual search

Yeah. Apart from the new photo hub (removing the background picture and forcing me to enter into "all" instead of "albums" really really really ruins the photo hub experience for me.

And the non-adition of more accent colours and bad changes on the tones of the current ones (they ruined Cobalt).

And the lack of proper WiFi and Battery Saver toggles on the supposed "quick settings".


Those three things are, so far, the only beef I have against this update. Everything else seems pretty cool. I knew thre columns on <5" screens would be horrible and it is but hey, if it shuts up people who insisted on it, fine...

Even Cortana is cool even though I've already switched the phone back to British English.

You don't know what the accent colour does, do you? ;) The accent colour goes beyond tile colours. It's the colour throughout the OS. For example, Cortana's circles change colour depending on the accent colour.

I enjoyed the photo hub prior to the update myself. The 3 tiles on the 1020 is off too. Still really like the update though.

I do agree about the photo hub. It was unique and a pleasure to use. Now it lacks that uniqueness...bring it back, please!!

Absolutely. The design is horrible now. In the photo hub and a few other places, but most immediately noticeable in the photo hub. And all the redundant all-caps titles on icons would be better off gone.

Wish I didn't update. I no longer have access to any email account, I have no access to Cortana or Bing, nor do I have access to Battery Saver on my Verizon HTC 8X. I expected better than this! 

Long hold on the search button to access the old voice features. You're right though, if you have an 8x (I have 2 Rogers ones) there is no way to get Cortana or most of the features. Imo, the downgraded me tile, neutered messaging app, lack of a way to disable the new swipe keyboard, make it a downgrade. They're just not worth notifications.

I just don't understand why I don't have access to any of my email accounts! I see new messages on live tiles & in Action Center, but app won't launch. Seriously considering doing a hard reset to see if that fixes anything.

Thank you Jesus! Doing a hard reset & restoring my data did the trick! I now have access to all my email accounts, Cortana, & Battery Saver!

this was probably caused dude to some files not being installed or skipped during installation. you might have touched the phone or done something during the update. I'm glad it's working will now. 8.1 is a beauty. 

Interesting. Wondering why I can't get Cortana on my two 8xs set it up on my Nokias no problem, but can't get it on the 8xs. Idkwtf. The only thing I can think of is the English language pack for US is a weird one and is listed differently than on my Nokia phones.

You can disable the swipe keyboard. Head to settings, keyboard, choose your keyboard language, uncheck "type as I swipe through letter"

Installed on Verizon HTC 8x no problems here whatsoever. Try resetting phone to factory settings that should correct any problems.

Remember, its a Beta release fir Developers. Thanks for helping make the full release more awesome fir this of us who wait ;-)

I like the new podcast app. Did the old 8.0 have Dolby? Never noticed before but it's on my Icon in equalizer enhancements.

There's a new podcast app. Check the app list it's called, "Podcasts." It sources the internet now instead of just the Microsoft store. If your phone has FM Radio capability that was broken out too and given its own app.

A couple times. It opens then crashes. Tons of complaints about the same thing in the reviews.

Mine doesn't crash, but only one of my podcasts will update. I deleted the rest, and when they show up in search they are grayed out and say "we can't open this result" beneath them.

My podcast experience is ruined. It's not just bad, it doesn't work at all.

Hell Muthaphukkin Yeah!
I didn't think I was going to love this update as much as I love it. Amazing... Microsoft out did themselves in my eyes.

I love almost everything. Only issue I have with 8.1 is that games are in the app list rather than separated in the games hub. Cortana is great and all the features are useful. Just is there a way to hide games in the app list without uninstalling them?

Nope, I like it though. Easier to uninstall them and can assign them to an app folder now instead of having to go through the hub.

Hate that games are moved out og Game Hub in 8.1. I have a RT tablet also, and it's a total mess with all The games. Yes I inow we cam make folders, but The hub wad perfect. Pretty much atleast.

Hi Sam I am having Lumia 525. Does WP 8.1 work smotthly on it. Anybody there who installed WP 8.1 preview in their Lumia 525

Definitely did! :) But how come that now I cannot share anything to social media? Eg. when I tried to share WPCentral's news about WP8.1 being now available for devs to Facebook I could only share the news by SMS, OneNote and mails. :/

sam i have problem in notification and action center ,it is not showing downloaded apps like facebook twitter and others it is only showing system messages and phones mails only...pls help me......

Is it ok to uninstall the Preview For Developers app after installing WP8.1 ? And is it ok to remove my account on the App Studio website?

Well done Microsoft! This update is awesome! Thank you. I really didn't want to bring in any negative comments, but its amazing how spookily good Cortana is and how bad Xbox one is at recognizing voice.

Maybe your TV is too loud and it can't hear you.  That is the case with me sometimes.  Also, it's like kinect goes to sleep listening or something because going long periods between voice commands it takes 2 or 3 times before it works but then after that I will roll off 20 voice commands with out a problem.  They still need to tweek it I guess.  Maybe Cortana will come to Xbox One :)

I like the new Xbox music app, it syncs all your music and downloads automatically all album art and backgrounds

Except for when it doesn't download the right album art because of similar words. The Zune software made it easy to fox that yourself and now I dont know wtf to do ever since Windows 8 and then to have that sync with the phone. Its a pain in the ass

Nokia just released the Black update for 8.1 so now we have glance, double tap to wake and their other features. Nokia is the best

Really? Where? When? How?  What phone do you have?  I have been patiently waiting on my Nokia Lumia Icon.  I don't think it is out yet for me.

Notification center, Cortana, start menu theaming are highlights. But Revamped photos hub/muisc/ videos are disappointment. 

No file manager. I can't add any attchements to mails that i want to forward/reply to (other than pics).

Call duration etc not displayed. Basic usability features still missing.

Is it just me or anyone else having problem with the music app?

Even the nokia mix radio takes a long time to load all the songs of the phone and the problem is it loads everytime.

The music app keeps on updating the music everytime you open the app 

can you confirm will it be fixed in final release?

I don't understand whychange the old music when it worked pretty well 

hi sam,  i upgraded to wp8.1 a few hours ago and now i can't seem to logout my onedrive account. how do i log it out? any work around for this? thanks!

when i update always have the 801882d2 error update cannot be downloaded, what is the problem? am using wifi, philippines


I enabled the "Preview for Developers" and downloaded the S/W but it is still showing Windows Phone 8.0

I am using Nokia Lumia 925.

Please help.



Finally Yes. Upgraded (In India) my Nokia Lumia 720 with WP 8.1. The best part for me is Now I can attach my files (word document, Excel files,Images, Videos, PDF etc.) to webpage/gmail through the browser( internet explorer). Still on testing phase, missing Cortana but enjoying this update. Thanks to Microsoft & Windows Phone Central.

Yeah same here love CORTANA,she's awesome,,(im from Philippines) also the IMAGE BACKGROUND..i like also the ability to save apps and games to the SD card,, I noticed my other storage shrinked
from 1.4GB to just 100 Mb now.. That's lot of space recovered..

And take forever to just like or comment or - even better - get "we couldn't get data right now" . Not to mention the disaster that is Xbox music still. It is ACTUALLY WORSE. No I've tile, no recently playing, and takes forever to load up your collection especially if you used cloud collection and were an Xbox music pass subscriber

THIS! My music now takes forever to load! It keeps looking for music, and there's nothing new. I love that I can now ask Cortana to queue up music directly, but the Xbox Music experience so far sucks!

Completely agreed. Xbox music still doesn't have extremely basic features like being able to see the track number and year. Even worse, you STILL cannot rate a song. This is something the original iPhone had almost SEVEN YEARS AGO.

It's absolutely embarassing and shows that they have zero idea about how important a music player is on a phone. They're too busy trying to get people to buy their streaming service, and I have zero interest in any streaming service.

Just as bad... WPCentral makes absolutely no mention of just how lacking this app is.

Agreed! Zune on 7.5 was excelent, Xbox music on 8.0 was just acceptable.. but so far I have to say the 8.1 update to xbox music is downright unusable. I love everything else about 8.1 but still, its such a basic feature.. After playing around with XBM for a bit this morning, I busted out the old zune HD, looks like we're going to be spending a lot of time together. 

why? it was redundant to have that and facebook app. now it just goes straight the app when you post from the people hub

I do an equal amount of texting and facebook messaging, so for me it's REALLY annoying to keep going back and forth between two apps for that now. The previous messaging hub kept it simple and unified.

Honestly, why do we even have the Me tile anymore, because it doesn't really do much. Moreover,I have yet to see any of my facebook notifications make it to the notification center.

Having to open up an additional app to comment or like is such a pain.

We used to have all of this neat "deep integration" that I had really high hopes for.

Hey most probably the integration is going to be through the app, that means the fb app will soon tie into the people hub ! (as Daniel wrote)

Am I the only one who still has FB integration...? When I first launched the new FB app it ran me through integration setup, now I have it in the people hub like before.

They have fcked 8.1 for me and for all those who had loved their 8 devices . The Facebook messenger and the hotmail messenger in the SMS thread were beautifully integrated into the phone and that set the OS apart and made it unique . Due to this now there me tile is also redundant. The new music is also really bad. There photo hub is screwed without doubts too

Not sure, just delete your facebook apps. Go into the people hub. It'll ask you to install the app. Install whatever version the link takes you to.

You're not the only one, we're talking about removal of chat integration. Plus, the people integration is kind of half assed now, because tapping any story just takes you to the stupidly slow app. Notifications on the flip side of the Me tile were cool but those are gone for some reason.

How do u still have this when no one else does, yes it shows your contacts but u can't click on them to open or like it comment or read in full anymore....not if u have 8.1

Yup, downloaded on my T-Mo EOL'd Lumia 810. Screenshot is in the forums. Really liking it so far. I can't wait for the Podcasts app to show up though!

It's a bit laggy but after a hard reset and using the restore function it fixed alot of the issues also the Lumia cyan firmware could be needed for perfect performance

Hell ya!  Loving all the features.  Blows me away how they touched on just about everything.  It's a massive overhaul.  Now I want Windows 9!  LOL!

It was a stupid mistake removing fb messaging from the messaging app. It is so much easier to just use one app then switch back and forth between apps.

seeing as facebook themselves have announced that they're removing messaging from the facebook app and forcing us to d/l the messenger app (regardless of OS), it probably isn't all that surprising that FB messaging is no longer unified in WP8.1.

I, for one, actually found it quite frustrating having it unified.. Whenever I had attempted to write a long message to a facebook friend in unified messaging, I would always get the annoying 'unable to send to recipient' message, which then forced me to copy my message and paste it into the fb messaging app anyway...

I wonder if I was alone with that experience?

The facebook messenger integration was incredibly slow. I would get notifications 15-30 minutes after someone sent me a message. Then I would end up going to the regular app just to check if I got messages if I was in the middle of a conversation. I've never had a problem with the new messenger app.

I got a few messenger notifications in the notifications panel today. When I tapped on them to reply, the messenger would just hang and I would get a blank screen with a red exclamation. Facebook messages didn't ever appear 'slow' to me in the hub unless I was already logged into facebook on the web.

I communicate on facebook just as much as I do in SMS these days so you might imagine how much more complicating things are for me now.

Works ten times better.Still have to hit the back button after liking or posting a comment.Same as the old way nothing has changed.

I have the same issue with the red exclamation mark. But, I had this issue before the update. I'm sure Facebook will address this soon. It's really annoying.

One of the bigger problems now is that we have to actually wait for Facebook to fix bugs, whereas before the messaging hub was rock solid

I had many issues with the hub. For instance messages arriving late. Others have voiced the same concern. I think what we see with this overall update is that applications are being separated from the OS. That way any issues can be sorted out separately from the OS. As for Facebook, I'm not sure if this is true, but Facebook is ddveloping their own in house application and taking the reins from Microsoft. That would be quite welcome since the application isn't exactly fluid like its counterparts. And as for Facebook Messenger, I'm sure we'll be seeing updates soon.

Although I did like having the Facebook messenger integrated with the native messenger, I did make mistakes as to which one I was sending to.

Yes. Really enjoying the update. Very well rounded and thought out. I can't wait to get better at the swipe keyboard.

You just have to go over the letter once and the keyboard will recognise if there is a double letter in a word. For example: Typing 'will' just requires you to swipe from 'w' to 'i' then to 'l' and it will automatically add the second 'l'.