Diptic for Windows Phone

Diptic makes it to Windows Phone 8 - collage maker with advanced editing

An app that’s already on Android and iOS devices just made its way to the Windows Phone Store. Diptic lets you easily create photo collages and share them with friends. It’s a simple app, but with extra features for those who want to do more with their collages. We put the app in front of our camera to show you how it looks on our device.

Head past the break to watch our walkthrough video.

With Diptic, you can choose to up to nine photos in a layout. There are two sections: classic and jumbo. Classic has layouts for up to four photos. Jumbo has layouts for five to nine photos. There are 75 layouts in total.

If you feel adventurous, you can tinker with the frame. You can adjust the borders’ size, color, and roundness. Play with the sliders to get the effect you want.

That’s not all. You can also edit the photos in the collage. You can adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation, or choose one of the filters. You also have the option to rotate, flip, zoom and mirror individual photos.

Diptic edit images

When you’re happy with the final image, click the share button. Diptic gives you three size options to save: 1632x1632, 2448x2448, or 3264x3264. You can then choose from the built-in Windows Phone sharing option to send the collage to Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Diptic’s first version of their app for Windows Phone 8 looks great and we think you’ll like it. In the future, we’d like to be able to slide the interior frame lines or move the joints along the borders.

Diptic is compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices with at least 1GB memory and is available worldwide at the Windows Phone Store. It costs 99 cents. An option for a free trial would have been nice, but it’s not there.

Think you’ll be using Diptic? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Diptic makes it to Windows Phone 8 - collage maker with advanced editing


You lost me at no free trial. I'm sorry but WP spoiled me. I don't have money to throw on software that may not work. I can't even afford fancy Starbucks :) (I go to Dunkin donuts)

Indeed. I love Dunkin donuts way more than Starbucks but you have to admit that their caramel macciato is terrific even though it's filled with calories :P

Compairing Dunkin to Starbucks makes no sense. One sells Doghnuts, the other selss Coffee, whats your point?

Dunkin > Krispy

Starbucks > Costa

My openion :P

Yeah but get in mind that developers can't eat with free trials so don't buy it if you don't want to. We already have fotor for free.

Looks like I will not be having coffee tomorrow morning, just spent my coffee money on this and it's better then yuban..

Nice to have several different options for every thing but I think I'm gonna pass on this one. I'm not a big fan of pimped photos anyway.

Waiting on a collage app for Windows Phone that let's you include a video in one of the frames. You can really do some cool creative things with that.

I remember using this app on my old iPhone 3g and enjoying it. I went ahead and got it, mostly out of thanks that they made a WP version.

Me too. I had been using it on my 4s and figure since they made it for WP, I should buy it. Maybe more developers will see this kind of response and migrate more apps over..

Seems nice so far though I'm not sure it beats Artile or Phototastic. I'll have to spend a bit more time with it.

Already got all that in 6tag, and more. If able to create your own layout it would've been a buy.

I got this app and I really love the great quality of the produced images! On my Lumia 920 I can combine several full quality photos and get a collage that looks great on my desktop monitor.