Disqus for Windows Phone updated, SDK and version 2.0 coming soon

Disqus for Windows Phone

The past few months we’ve seen a crazy high number of official apps hit the Windows Phone Store. One of those was from commenting system and online discussion service Disqus. What was really interesting about that whole situation was the fact that Windows Phone beat out both iOS and Android in getting the official Disqus app first. Disqus for Windows Phone has been well received by our readers and the Windows Phone community-at-large. Today Disqus for Windows Phone gets a little update and more.

If you hit up the Windows Phone Store and check you’ll see Disqus sitting there at version 1.3. What’s that bring? Some features that will make a handful of you very, very happy.

  • Various enhancements and bug fixes
  • Localization in Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese(Portugal), Albanian and Greek

Disqus for Windows Phone Screenshots

Enhancements and bug fixes are always appreciated. So what’s different? You no longer will lose an in-progress comment if you lock your screen. Editing your Disqus profile is easier. It still links to the website, but now the mobile optimized version. Some international readers will be stoked to see more support for their language. The past two updates for the app have added more and more language support. Is your language not supported yet? Sound off below and let your voice be heard.

The folks at Disqus have also shared some of their future plans for the app. There’s a pre-release version of an SDK being worked on right now that will allow developers to easily drop in a fully-featured Disqus comment system into their app. You won’t be seeing it on our Windows Phone Central app anytime soon, but if you have other apps you frequent for blogs you might see a really nice commenting system in your app. Developers of apps should be pretty happy about that, but what’s upcoming for users?

Right now development for version 2.0 of Disqus for Windows Phone is underway. It’s going to be a complete rewrite of the application. We’ll share more with you guys in the near future.

What features would you want to see in future versions of Disqus? Sound off below.

You can download Disqus for Windows Phone right here. Guess what? It’s available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Alternatively, you can use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app.

Disqus for Windows Phone


Reader comments

Disqus for Windows Phone updated, SDK and version 2.0 coming soon


you guys should have the option to use the disqus account in your page. its pretty nice and also, its easy to comment!

I like Disqus and I use it all the time for other sites. But I'm glad WPCentral doesn't use it.  The trolls would come out of the wood works writing stupid things just to get a reaction for "thumbs up and down".  So, WPCentral if your reading this NEVER use Disqus as your main comment stream.  I like coming here and reading more thoughtful comments for the "most" part.

I actually use disqus a lot and I don't really find any trolls on the sites I visit. I believe it is an awesome system and also, the mods can still delete comments just as they do over here when a troll is present.

You need to get your troll on dude!! Then you will see the power of the app.. I think I'll go troll right now!

Complete rewrite might sound a little too strong. Maybe more like a re-architecting, but obviously there will be a lot of reuse of certain components.

I agree with Whodaboss ^^ , Disqus is one of the best apps out there & i thank the developer(s) for creating such an app & their dedication to the WP platform!
Unfortunately, i only know one website i know that uses Disqus ... BMWblog.com
I wish more sites would use Disqus services (uhm AutoBlog I'm looking at you)

We're putting a lot of emphasis on discovering communities and discussions (that's the most important reason to use an app), so hopefully you'll be able to find something new!
Regarding the SDK, part of the idea would be that you can build communities within an app only, so there might be some future utility in that regard too.

Disqus is cool because if you're like me and you like to argue, well troll,,, its easy to call some iDroid idiot out by just choosing any conversation.. VERY, VERY COOL!.. If you're a troll like me.. Hehehe!

Anyone use the tumbler app (off topic I know, sorry)?
Why does it use so much data? According to Datasense, its using 40-50 MB a day! Ridiculous.

I imagine it's due to loading:
1. The images it shows on the live tiles
2. The animated gifs that tumblr users love to post

But I don't use the live tile,and I only opened the app once (didn't even scroll the whole page) and it used 58 MB that day. Seems extremely excessive.

Disqus definitely is a great app. I love the internal browser that pulls up the comment section for easy responding. I don't really see a point for WPC to need it seeing it has a great app for responding and one link access to all sites already. It would be nice but I like they way it is regardless

Not sure if it was just my app but when i go to articles sometimes they are from like days or sometimes even weeks ago if i go to one article and then comment and then go back to the latest articles it refreshes to maybe a couple days closer, is there a way to get the app to just load all the latest articles

I love this app, it's my favorite besides WPCentral for finding information about the latest news. I visit new sites and read several sources, so even though I don't visit these sites, I read it all through this app. :)

Perhaps articles like this one should start off introducing the app, rather than going straight to the changes.   My first thought was - what the heck is Disqus?   I've seen that word used in comment sections of various websites.   But I have no idea what this app is or does.  Is it too much to ask for an explanatory paragraph for these "update" reviews?  What is Disqus?   Why would I want this app?  What does it do for me?

I hope the developer took out the in-app browser. Nothing beats switching to the built-in IE browser when a link is tapped.