Does the Samsung Focus S and Flash have Gorilla Glass?

A question many have asked and we are now seeing indications that the new Windows Phones from Samsung, the Focus S and Focus Flash, have Gorilla Glass.

For those not familiar, Gorilla Glass is super strong, scratch resistance, super glass from Corning. Here's Corning's demo of the glass at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

Gsmarena and Infotech are both reporting that the Samsung Focus Flash is fitted with Gorilla Glass. The Samsung Focus S is being reported as having Gorilla Glass via Samsung's Online Support. Granted online support reps have been known to be misunderstood, but with the Samsung Focus S being patterned after the Galaxy II (which has Gorilla Glass) this isn't too far a stretch.

We have inquiries out to Samsung and if we hear different, we'll pass it on. Samsung has strong ties with Gorilla Glass and Corning using the damage resistant glass in Windows Phones, tablets, and Android devices. It shouldn't be any surprise if Samsung's latest Windows Phones aren't following suit.

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Does the Samsung Focus S and Flash have Gorilla Glass?


well the last 10Phones+ from Samsung starting in 2008 ( after the OMINA 1 ) ALL had Gorilla glass , so for them to NOT have it would be sorta STUPID on Samsungs part.im sure they all do. unless they pass a NONE gorilla glass phone as a MID RANGE phone.. witch would also be stupid. Gorilla glass is almost a MUST.

Well, according to Corning's site, it does *not* have Gorilla glass. Conversely, according to Corning's site, the Nokia Lumia 800 is listed as having the Corning Gorilla Glass.Seems to me that the actual confirmation should come from the producer of the Gorilla glass.Gorilla glass or not, the Focus S is overpriced by $150.

The one that I am interested in knowing about is the HTC Titan, Its not listed on the GG website and I have not heard anything about it having GG. (I just checked the site and the Titan is not listed)I would be sorely disappointed if it does not have it. For me, GG is now a requirement on any portable device like a phone. If it doesn't have GG, I am looking at something else.

A. I can't stand screen protectors, they are a bigger hassle than they are worth, imo.B. iPhone does not have GG according the the Corning GG website.

Alot of people want wp7, especially the high end phones. US wise, MS not delivering the best to the all places. just dont know who to beetch at for this absurdity. I dont know what deal MS has with att but they should make same deal with tmo since tmo also use gsm band. They given thousands of free wp7 away yet they will not deliver their best phone to tmo. Tmo android stratagy will fail. Verizen already ahead of game. Therefore tmo needs a different product to attract customers like wp7 and more of and the best. Thanks Everyone for listening to my dream.

Can we please get confirmation of this? Why is this such a hard question to get answered. I have been waiting a WEEK since the release of the phone. I have called ATT directly MULTIPLE times, and they say NO it does NOT have Gorilla Glass.This is a very important point with these very expensive smart phones. Can Wpcentral PLEASE get us the straight answer. How about taking a knife to one of your demo phones to prove it! hahahahaha

"It shouldn't be any surprise if Samsung's latest Windows Phones aren't following suit." Two negatives in this sentence, and you're saying we should be surprised if it does have Gorilla Glass?

why dont you people call samsung?? ATT, tmo , BEll , Rogers,,, they dont know **** ....Rogers thought the FOCUS was a Android phone .. im sure as **** nto gona ask if it ahs GG ....if your in canada: 1-800-726-7864

After two days of owning my Focus Flash I stumbled up on this Gorilla Glass theory...I tested it. I used my keys, a knife, a fork. End result: NO SCRATCH I still think my Flash hates me for attempting it tho =(

I'v just asked samsung customer service. They told me, "Well, the device comes with Gorilla Glass." So samsung focus flash does have Gorilla Glass.