Education software provider Blackboard courting Windows developers

If you've ever been to university there's a strong chance in many parts of the world you'll be familiar with Blackboard. A software platform used by institutions to communicate with its students on a whole host of things, as yet there aren't any official Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone applications for it. But that could be changing in the near future as the company is looking for "a Windows 8 / Windows Phone / Windows Surface Developer to revolutionize the role of mobile technology in education." Sounds promising.

It'll be handy if interested developers are located in China – Shanghai to be more precise – but the job listing presented on LinkedIn is pretty clear. Blackboard wants someone to build kick ass applications for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. Blackboard has a distinct target market, but it's a pretty huge one all the same and no doubt there's a ton of students out there who would love to have this on their phone or tablet.

If you're an interested developer you'll find everything you need to know here. There's no clue as to what timeline we're looking at, but it looks like we're going to see another important service come to Windows and Windows Phone.

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Education software provider Blackboard courting Windows developers


"4+ years of experience working as a Windows 8/Windows Phone/Surface developer."

How is that even Possible? Windows 8 was launched 2 years earlier

My School system uses black board. We all know mobile is a big deal now a days. I can't wait for the official app to come out it's better then nothing at all.

I had gone with all cousins for a small picnic day b4 yesterday. Mostly all my cousins are isheep. I'm the only one person who owns windows phone and all their iPhones got smoked by my Lumia 720 with apps like here drive,here explore, cinemagraph,nokia camera,OneDrive and also the with the sleekness of l720 and yellow in color which shines bright in the afternoon.

Finally! They already have a great app for android/iOS. Hopefully the WP app will be at the same level. Can't wait for the official app!

Awesome! My highschool makes us use this, and the website is AWFUL. The app (on iOS at least, I'm not sure about Android) is actually very well designed and makes sense.

Fingers crossed this turns out well! To finally unpin the website from my Start Screen (on both my Surface and Lumia) and to replace it with an app would be stellar!

It was used at my university. I didn't really need it all that much but I imagine other places may rely on it more heavily so this is great news.

What exactly is this application by the way ?

Just asking because Mobile Nations seems to be so allergic to external link, I almost never see any links even to official website of products/developers they reviewed. If the product shows up often enough, they only link to category in their own site.

The only exclusion seems to be application store link, and credit to other news site (but this is more about courtesy and not being news thief).

By application I take it you mean BlackBoard?

It's called a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) where Students and their Teachers/Lecturers can interact with thier educational work.

An example could be that Students collect their assignement work from their BlackBoard site. Once completed, the students submit thier work back to BlackBoard where the teachers can mark said work.

We had it years ago, but the platform is too expensive for us so we switched to Moodle. Since then I've customised our SharePoint environment to do a similar job.

Good point towards wpcentral. They post about how to merge contact in peoples hub but they don't bother to write an introduction about the app they are reviewing. So plz do it for the sake of peoples who are not familiar with anything you are writing about.

Seems they already have an app in store to compete with... Desire2Learn Inc, had released an app named Binder two weeks before. 

FINALLY! I mean they have an official app for BLACKBERRY 7 and WEB OS but not WP8?

Been waiting a long time for this app. Even though I just copy everything from the Blackboard dashboard into One Note anyway. The website is pretty terrible and the mobile app makes up for a lot of it's shortcomings.

Finally, I submitted a feedback to them almost 2 years ago to support Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8 to reach more students.

THANK GOD!!!! Not being to access my online BlackBoard college courses, at all, from my Windows phone is driving me nuts. This is great news.

Why don't you access Blackboard from Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone? Does your college have a proprietary Blackboard implementation that prevents you from simply going to the Blackboard portal and signing in with your credentials until the mobile apps are made for Windows Phone?

I can access the Student and System Administrator panel from my Windows Phone running 8.1+Cyan. It's possible that compatibility with Blackboard using IE 11 on Windows Phone will improve this week with the web browser changes that are included in WP 8.1 Update that is coming to users of the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview For Developers.

I just put in a formal request to Blackboard last week for them to support the Windows ecosystem. Nice timing. Blackboard Support is part of what I do in IT and I presented a strong business case and valid reasons for Blackboard to support the Windows ecosystem.

I encourage everyone to contact any business or service provider and inquire about future support of your favorite platform, you never know, your request may help the decision makers take Windows development seriously.

Now we need to get canvas on board. Most schools I work with have swapped to that system in the last 2 years or so.

Blackboard is China-based? I need that here in University of Miami!!!! Though it probably won't make it this semester, which I am TAing for the last time....

Yes! One more app I need to switch to wp. Still not minecraft pe! Candy crush! Chrome! Google play music!

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This is great news. WP 8.1 dev preview broke the blackboard website access for me through IE. If update 1 doesn't fix this hopefully it wont be too long until the app is ready to launch.

Finally! I used it in high school, but I just graduated this year. I had to enter to the web page from my Lumia. Before buying my Lumia in November I had an iPod touch and used the app in it.

So excited for this app. Now that I'm done with online courses, of course. The lack of this app is one of the things that made me consider switching back to iPhone too many times. There is no mobile website for blackboard either, which makes it even more difficult when trying to work on the run. So, all I can say now is FINALLY!!

I've emailed these guys about 5 times for an app or even a website wrapped into an app. Will be willing to pay up to $3 for monthly service as IOS has. SO GLAD THEY'RE MAKING SOME SORT OF COMMITMENT TO WINDOWS woooooooo!!

Too bad I graduated this spring, wish they had this going while I was still in school. Although, I'd rather be done with school and never have this app vs still being in school and having it.

Oh, now that I only have one semester to go. Thank you blackboard for the late show up

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Too bad this js my last week of online school before completing my masters. I wish they had done this sooner. :( but im happy for other students who will get it on their window phone now.

Haha, I've hounded them many times on this (over the course of a few years). Phone call, a couple of different email methods, website feedback. Hopefully I made a difference and we see some apps soon!