Exclusive Mush wallpapers and strategy video for your Windows Phone

Mush is probably the most charming platformer in the mobile Xbox Live lineup – and it’s an exclusive to boot. Developer Angry Mango has kindly provided Windows Phone Central with some exclusive goodies to share with you.

First off, Mush is a generally easy game. Like ilomilo you can’t die, so the challenge comes entirely from the puzzles. It does get harder as you progress though – take the puzzle at the end of Level 5: Catfish Capers, for example. Getting the ball where it needs to go in order to activate a switch and open the door might just stump some gamers. Fear not; the above video shows exactly what to do. Whichever lovable writer got stuck on this puzzle was most certainly overthinking things.

Next up we have a bevy of beautiful Windows Phone-sized wallpapers. Check ‘em out after the break.

Mush Happy Wallpaper Mush Angry Wallpaper

Mush Confused Wallpaper Mush Sad Wallpaper

Pretty, aren't they? Mush costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Turn that frown upside down by getting it here from the Marketplace.


Reader comments

Exclusive Mush wallpapers and strategy video for your Windows Phone


Haha Paul I remember you metioning getting stuck in one of the "Sad" levels, so once I made it to Confused and Angry with little difficulty, I was wondering where exactly you got stuck.  I had a feeling it was an "overthinking" problem, which I've done many many times in puzzle games throughout my gaming career.
Very fun game, easy 200/200.  Well worth the $3 I paid for it.

Thank you gor wallpapers. Very cute! I love Muse very much, so much fun and easy full achievements.

Hey thanks, I have this silly thing I do, use a wallpaper related to the game I'm playing at the moment, though it came a bit too late, I'll open an exception since they're so nice and it's Mush, a lovely game.

anyone else stuck on level 12, near the end of the level, in getting some sad/confused memotes? I can see them and see a ball blocking a switch to open a door, just can't figure out how to get in there?! just missing these for the final achievement..

You need to get down to the bottom of that path before the ball makes it down to the switces.  I think I just turned into a sad face and fell quickly and made it there no problem.
If the ball gets to the switches before you get down there, you have to restart the level.  :-(