Experience classic combat while on the move with Hero Gladiator for Windows Phone

Hero Gladiator

There are numerous games available for Windows Phone, but the store feels as though it falls short when it comes to classic RPGs (role playing games), especially when compared against other mobile platforms. That said, the collection is slowly improving and to add to the list is Hero Gladiator. It's a unique title (available on Android and iOS) that takes advantage of multiple elements that make a strong adventure game. Loads of items, party management, character progression, intense boss battles and more.

The graphics are also pleasing to the eye, taking a more cartoon-like approach that looks great on the large Windows Phone 8 resolutions. The gameplay is what counts in such titles, though. Hero Gladiator doesn't disappoint here either. Putting the player up against evil with four character slots, there's scope to expand the team and take on wizards, rogues and other heros that can help on the dangerous adventure. Each character class has different strengths and abilities that need to be utilised effectively to progress through the levels.

Here are some of the highlighted features:

  • 8 different character classes
  • 120 skills with rich combat tactics
  • 50 levels to battle through
  • 7 powerful boss - kill them to get rewarded

Hero Gladiator Item Upgrades

The player earns gold as levels are completed and enemies defeated, which can then be spent on improving items, unlocking skills and hiring new characters to complete the team with an effective force. There are going to be many hours lost in this title, that's all that can be said.

There are areas where the title could be improved, including dialogue and tool-tip text, as well as the overall introduction to the game. The controls could also be tweaked and I'd definitely like to see items actually alter the appearance of the characters. But for the price, it's a Windows Phone game that's definitely worth the buck if you're into role playing games.

You can download Hero Gladiator for $1.99 from the Windows Phone Store (available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8).

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Reader comments

Experience classic combat while on the move with Hero Gladiator for Windows Phone


So.. Are we getting a XBOX Live enabled title today?
Edit: For the article: Looks pretty cool game. Especially if we're not getting a XBL game this week, I'll buy it. Downloading trial right now :)
Edit 2: Oh, didn't even realize this game didn't come out today :D

You must be living under rocks man
These games are free on WP7/8 and are XBL enabled too
MS Minesweeper
MS Sudoku
Shuffle Party
Jetpack Joyride

was this made bye the team behind battleheart for iOS, everything from the stages to the menu are right from the other game. Hopefully it plays the same. 

Doesn't look like it. I just installed and started. It's absolutely a ripoff of Battleheart, but the production values look off. The animation isn't as fluid, the visuals aren't as sharp. It appears to play the same, however.

Guys Joe belfiore just tweeted that he has some popular apps coming out today, but he says its not gonna be a whole world type thing

Oh wow, didn't expect this game to show up. Gonna give the trial a whirl. Its gonna have to be good tho if its gonna be on the same phone as Heroes of Larkwood ;)

oh man! this looks just like Batleheart! And if it is anything liike it, this will surely be my favorite WP8 game
will definitely buy this one when i can!