Official Facebook app for Windows Phone updated with recent beta features

Microsoft has just updated its official Facebook app for Windows Phone, adding all of the recent features that users of the beta version have been trying out.

The change log for the app bumps the version number up to and adds the following new features:

  • Updated design
  • Improved performance
  • Video upload
  • Messenger support
  • Post detail page

Again, this update is for the non-beta version of the Facebook app, to bring its features up to speed with the ones that have been included in the previously released beta app. It's likely that the beta version will begin to get new updates soon to test out some more upcoming features.

What do you think of the Facebook app getting a new update today? Thanks to everyone who tipped us

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Official Facebook app for Windows Phone updated with recent beta features


For sure!! I just love seeing how the OS has matured in the past four years from 7 to now 8.1 update 1. And now Facebook. Windows Phone FTW!!!

Agreed! I love it! Unfortunately, nobody seems to be buying it over here in the states, 4% market share is all Microsoft has been able to attain in what is an important market over 4 years! I love Windows Phone, but that figure sucks and means we might not have WP for long. I would not be surprised if eventually Microsoft abandoned their own OS and went with a heavily skinned, WP8-like Android OS...kinda like what Amazon does with their Fire OS.

It seems that very few apps 'made' by Third parties get updates.

Some haven't been updated in almost 2 years in the store and even the more 'recent' ones can be 6-7 months.

Perfect Example - my fitness pal gets almost a weekly update on Android yet on WP it hasn't had one since Dec 2013?

There's always one that had to throw in something negative, even if it's not on topic.  Does MyFitnessPal WORK? What are you missing out on that you need updated?

I don't get it.. It's so trendy to hate on the Instagram app on here.. But it's fluid and I've always gotten notifications on time.. The Facebook Beta and regular? Never received a single one..

but the instagram lack many of its features, direct messaging, video upload, editing tools, and now the latest snapchat thingy. and on my two phones using instagram makes my phone hot as hell. excpect it drains battery.

The beta has been far and away the best Facebook app on WP. The only issue I have with it is it seems many posts never make it to my timeline in the app, but they show up on the web. Example, a friend of mine had a baby this weekend so naturally his posts on the web were always on top, but not one post made it to the timeline in the app.

Nah, I can go over a day without looking at the app on my phone and there will only be something like 10-15 new posts in the timeline. As I'm scrolling through the timeline I can get to the last post I remembered seeing very quickly. The WP has always done this for me.

Mine is always on most recent n only shows likes but no friends news feed it can't go on top story also i changed it but it is useless n i use browsers to search facebook because my most news feed r not shown only pages i liked r shown what is going on Microsoft give up n surrender the app to others . 

I don't think this issue is limited to WP. I never notice it, but you can randomly find these complaints on all platforms.

I'm sure. But this really is the best Facebook app we've ever had. Quick to load, smooth, looks good. A really good job rebuilding it.

Same for me. Anything uploaded with instagram never shows up in the timeline. Its only visual in its photo album.

Should I uninstall the beta and replace it with the non-beta? Or will the beta continue to be updated in advance? This is probably a stupid question but I'm too excited from update 1 to think straight right now.

Stopped using the non beta a while ago. Too unreliable for uploads. Good to see it gets up to speed.

But they removed the list of online friends.

I don't want open every time the app Messenger to see who is online

This ^ is the reason why I removed the beta version. Guess I'm gonna have to remove the official version as well.

Which one is the "real" Facebook app and how long are they going to keep two Facebook apps in the store like this? More often than not, the beta app seems to be the more up to date one.

The non-beta is the "real", stable app. The beta is used to test new features before they are moved to the stable release, that's why it may appear as more up to date.

It's hilarious how people seem to forget that it to took iOS years of having a terrible facebook app for one to finally be made that was functional enough to match the website somewhat.

What happened with the rumored Facebook app from Facebook for WP?
BTW, I Was able to upload videos using the app before, since you mention this as a new feature of the update.

Why would anyone use the regular app when the beta has everything? And how long is this thing going to be in BETA will these guys hurry up. Still cant tag people. Why???

Omg, finally...
This is the most elegant I've ever seen msft facebook,, I just hope they don't messed it up again... What about twitter? Come on msft

Truly amazing work. I mean look at it, looks great. Actually we needed something like this, really.
I like it. Got to check all the things work properly.

Why do you have to keep the screen active in order to post a picture? Try uploading many pictures and is impossible because of low speed and having to keep tapping the screen to not close. This is embarrassing for a 2014 application.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

No ability to change the cover and profile picture from the photos on the phone + no friends feed + no photo comment + no replay for the comment and many others !!! Agree with me ??

It's been a long time since I touch facebook app on my 920. Everything facebook related is now handled by my 2nd phone, Moto G; a cheap and reliable android phone for 'everything' a WP can't handle.

Does anyone else have this problem; am unable to see the facebook feeds in the people's hub..anyone??

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Happy with new FB. Things are finally starting to catch up with competitor platforms (iPhone, Droid)....

The only gripe I have is having two big facebook apps ugh. But want to keep the official because its integration in windows phone

This app looks so much better than the Windows 8.1 app. Come on Facebook, take ownership and make this into a universal app already. On another note, it's been a year already, how much longer until we can see pictures in comments????

I am not able to use inline tagging anymore with the beta app since updating to 8.1 Update 1. Anyone else having this issue?

Guys .. A little help here please .. How to send a personal message to a friend containing a vidio that you already have on your mobile ..
And A picture too .. Cuz when i try to upload a picture the system choose a few to me to upload without showing all ..
Thanks alot

Guess it's time for me to never update the official app again either now. It joins a long list of non updated apps.

Of course the Other Storage issue will drive me away relatively quickly so the point is probably moot.

My app is not showing top story in Facebook app news feed . n I have rely on other browsers to see top story according to priority. What is going on Microsoft news feed does not show top story on the Facebook app

Pictures are a nightmare to upload on WP it is the only downside to the windows that i hate same with videos if sent in private messages can never get them to download. Facebook is a social media sharing thingymyboab and it would be helpful if sharing pictures actually worked 

Needs better translations in Greek. In messages the option "switch" is translated in the way we say power switch and not as the verb change

Another update and I CANT READ/REPLY COMMENT REPLIES OR SEE IMAGE COMMENTS. Come on Microsoft, where's Facebook blue? We are still waiting it

Without Messenger integration how come this has messenger support when it actually opens the Messenger seperatly? Way beyond lame this is

I downloaded the beta version. I think I'll stick with it as it receives the bug fixes and other updates alot quicker than the official app

I installed FACEBOOK in my NOKIA LUMIA 1520 but it was not showing the pictures in news feed. I uninstalled it and reinstsalled it but the problem remained the same...

Please provide me the solution soon..

Anyone getting issues with posting updates on this new version...mine adds the posts to the new tasks section but they never complete