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Facebook Messenger picks up Groups support in latest update

Facebook Messenger is one our favorite apps on Windows Phone. It's an essential app to stay in contact with all your friends on Facebook. The app hit Windows Phone earlier this year but has only picked up one substantial update so far. That update added the ability to save photos, improved notifications and included overall performance boosts. Today we're getting another big update to Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone. Changelog and details after the break.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find version 5.0 of Facebook Messenger. Here's the changelog for Facebook Messenger:

  • Group support: Now you can create groups for the people you message the most. Name them, set group photos and keep them all in one place.
  • Instant photo sharing: Take a photo and send it in just one tap. Plus, it's easier to send photos from your gallery.
  • Continued improvements: We're working to make the app more reliable and use less data

We've just updated and have spent a few moments playing with the app. The ability to add groups will be welcomed by anybody who uses Facebook to loop a lot of friends into one conversation. Sharing photos is super easy now. It wasn't too hard before, but this update streamlines the process. The number of taps to share a photo has been reduced. You can directly launch the camera or pull up your photo library from the conversation view.

Try out version 5.0 of Facebook Messenger and let us know what you think!

Thanks for the tip everyone!

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Facebook Messenger picks up Groups support in latest update


They should show love by releasing their app. If their so lazy to do that let they should give permission to Microsoft devs to make a decent third party app for which will have rich features than other OS

If I'm not mistaken, MS devs already work with FB in developing and fixing the app. I'm not 100% sure but I heard or read it somewhere.

I read that before 8.1 preview release. It's good that they're working on it but I'm still asking, is making an app should take that long? Is that so hard? We're talking about FB and MS team over here, not some indie developers. Rudy adds excellent features to his apps in hours, I just can't believe FB or MS teams are working HARD.

Psssh, fb was better in 8.0. How do I share a webpage with my own comments in 8.1? Impossible. I like the app updates to messaging but the overall fb experience has been hindered.

sure. but I'm still waiting official facebook app and messenger to gets ability to send voice message. Microsoft's facebook app is fine but IOS version of official FB is amazing. I really can't get it, the app is on version 8.x.x.x but still slow, crashes and when you click "read more" opens IE.

Is it still slow? does it show 2 notifications for each message? does it update the live tile if you read your message on another comouter? does it still crash when you try to share a photo?


Any inquiring mind over there?

THere is a problem completing your request. Try again later.

Inquiring minds may finds tis error code helpful: 8103023e

For me it seems a little faster. Seriously! Loading times at start are better. And there is 1 single notification in live tiles for more mesages from the same contact.

Quite good! :)

Now it's time for Skype to support file transfer.

One notification from the Messenger app, one notification from the Facebook app - that was the problem that I had. I fixed it by going into settings for the Facebook app and turning off notifications for messages.

Well it shows 4 notifications at first then shows none at all, and m just saying about the msngger app, not any other

Messenger App is integrated with Facebook App now.. Usually it will redirect you to browser when you click the friends profile

Daniel, does this app work with WP8.1 and the connect feature? I mean, if I install only the Messenger app, will will it allow the connect features like the full app on Windows Phone 8.1?

Wow! Who opened the flood gates!!! I go out of town for a few days and things are updating and news apps are coming left and right! Lol!

The apps which require urgently updates
1 facebook overall improvement
2 instagram beta
3 weave news reader
4 twitter
5 Bing news

It says that the update doesn't allow me to have the app installed on an SD card.  Is that just me?

So many battery hogging complaints in the review section. Also alot of stupid people complaining about how FB screwed up the WP messaging hub by taking FB messaging out of it. Can't abide people who are so stupid about the technology they use, blaming the wrong people for a problem that isn't even a problem. Microsoft made that decision, not Facebook.

Actually Facebook made the decision too. They want all communications outside Facebook to happen through the messenger.

Hopefully the "continued improvements" include correctly refreshing the conversation list and individual conversations, or at least a manual refresh button.  It was really annoying to get a toast about a new message, tap it to read it, then not have it show up anywhere.

The biggest "feature" I'm missing since Facebook messages were broken out from the Messaging hub is the ability to have Bluetooth devices read incoming messages.  When they came in via the Messaging hub, Sync + My Ford Touch just saw it as a text message and would read it aloud.  Now, no such luck.

Does anyone know if apps have the ability to present content as a message that a Bluetooth device could interpret as a text message? 

I've always wondered, what is this "break" that you speak of in the articles? Is that your way of saying "the stuff that I'm talking about now will be further discussed after this first picture"?

It's new to me too , but I guess it is like a highlight for people who are reading this at work and may check rest of the story in their break time. But I may be wrong !

"After the break" usually indicates a break in text where an image exists between text OR if you're reading the news 'headline' on the main page, you only see a portion of the article.

"After the break" just means there is "more to read below".

After the break is after the place they chose to break the article up. Where they put in the break is where the front page stops displaying for the condensed preview (which is why that text is still in their when you click through to the main article; there isn't a summary for the preview, it's the same text directly from the article.). It has nothing to do directly with an image. It is a literal break indicator so the code knows when to stop printing text for the preview.

In my experience, "After the break", is the last part of the article you can read via an RSS Reader. Sometime I ago I tried RSS Readers, but most websites do this, (for obvious reasons, traffic for ads -> revenue), and I don't blame them. But it's a deal breaker for myself and I'm sure many others... :S

Group conversations were there before. Create, name and add group photo. The only thing you could not do, was removing someone from the group chat. I don't know if that's possible now.

EDIT: Okay I got it on my own. Sorry :P

And the crowd goes <yawn>.  Messenger.  What a waste, and a lame substitute for what we use to be able to do via the now useless Me tile.  I now rely on the One Love app (stupid name) to aggregate my posts.

can someone explain me why is that black (or white if white theme) empty space above the keyboard still there even if word prediction is off o.O? I just don't get it why would it be useful and why don't they remove it.. it's anoying -.-

Apps written in Silverlight (all apps before WP8.1) automatically ensure the TextBox is visible when the keyboard is deployed. Unfortunately, it does this in a weird way in that it slides the whole screen up to do so. This means that the top of screen is unreachable when the keyboard is deployed since it's slid off the top edge of the screen. Certain chat apps like FB Messenger manually try to fix this by sliding it back down and shrinking the app height to accomodate the keyboard. The the app shrunk bottom up showing black at the bottom.

Now this isn't an issue for keyboards supporting autocomplete since FB is accomodating to that size. Unfortunately, they didn't account for keyboard that doesn't have the autocomplete bar so the app is too short for those keyboards and there's a gap between the bottom of the app and top of the keyboard.

Oh, ok... now it at least make sense... it's not really something I can't live without but it was bothering me as it looked as a stupid design bug that could be fixed in few minutes. Thanks for explaing :)

I can't install it I keep getting errors
I uninstalled then reinstalled and it works now.
Love the new features especially the camera inside the app thing.

So the messenger built into the Facebook app lets you share photos in full resolution?? Why then the official fb messenger app not allow the same? Seems stupid.

This app is garbage. Doesn't even show when they've "seen" your message unless you are engaged in the chat itself. It just shows the "reply" icon until you open up the message, then it will show a "check mark" afterwards after you exit out of the chat. It's pretty stupid that we get shit on all the time.

Some bugs
1.- does not show last connection time of the partner on the chat
2.- if you go to the"messenger tab or list of friends" and tap it gives you an error" can't show chat, try again later"
3.- much more slower on a 925 wp8.1

I don't like this update. It removed the "last seen" feature and added a HUGE header to the top. A complete waste of space!

'You are in battery saver mode, so you won't get notifications'.. So what's the use of battery saver exclusion now?

I had to uninstall the app because was to laggy, after that the app works fine. Now my complain is that I can't put allways allow on battery saver in windows phone 8.1

Why not? The build in messenger does not even allow groups chatting, nor sending stickers, etc. I wonder do you ever used FB Messenger before...

Because Facebook wanted to pull the plug on it. Yes, the built-in had problems, but Microsoft could've made it store updateable, (ala: Xbox Music and Xbox Video) and simply worked to improve it. The reality of the matter is: Facebook didn't want it for WP. I don't know why, but that's why it was taken out. Now my battery is forever drained within a few hours... :(

That's because Windows Phone was first designed to be Hub in mind. Not plug-ins like for WP8.1. And Hubs make MS very difficult to update them as time goes by. Like how Google decided to pull out all its different services to be updatable apps, MS is also following the same direction now. In the first place, the idea of having Hubs is lame.... Not because Facebook didn't want it for WP. More like current Windows Phone is unable to fulfill what Facebook expected.

My god! The official Facebook is beyond broken. Each update either goes forward or backward or nothing. The difference between the web app and official is horrendous! I don't think it matters anymore how much you complain to the devs. It's just a hobby to them.

Well, in my experience, each update hasn't done anything, at all. :-)


Still have problems uploading a status with a picture with a mention a friend..


At least they're consistant..?

I just want dark theme support.. :-( What happened?? Tapatalk, Ebay, and Facebook Messenger have been updated within the last couple weeks but still haven't been given dark theme support.. Is it really too much work? It makes night-time browsing strain my eyes and then I sleep worse. :,(

Ditto.... Very unstable.... I wonder why all chats will have notifications screws up after updates on Windows Phone... tsk tsk tsk....

Wohoo.... looks like this has been a chat messenger update week !! Whatspp, Viber, Hike & now Messenger all getting updates !! 

Finally the cogs seem have started moving in favour of WP !! 

I Can't see that blue colour "Create New Group" button !!!!!!!!!

But it's on the photo ???  What to do ?

Is this only for me ????? What about u guys ?


I don't know if anyone of you experienced the same, but after this update I wasn't receiving some notifications. I enter the app and I see there a new message but I don't see notifications of new messages. (I have all notifications on)

Attention!!!! FIX!! I found the reason messenger not giving notifications. Read on. "Your melodia app is causing error with windows phone 8.1. When I download sound, and it asks "do you wanna assign the sound for app now?" If I click yes, it will cause messenger not to give notifications. When I click cancel, it will still download sound, I exit app, then go to notifications and sounds and assign the sound manually, presto! I get messenger notifications

I did reinstall messenger, then assigned the sound manually. Do not let melodia assign sound for you. Jut download the sound, the when it asks to assign the sound now, click cancel. Everything working great again

Unfortunatly ,i don't have melodia installed ,and i still dont get notification or sound tone ,or just ramdom it works :(


I take back what I said, messenger is again not giving notifications. The messenger update or the 8.1 update is garbage. Filled with bugs. I wish its possible to uninstall 8.1

No notifications, such slow and laggy update. Plus, i cant even see the members of the group. What's the point of the group support if you cant even see the damn members?!

They updated it today. Didn't fix anything. Still not getting notifications. Please bring back facebook chat to message hub!!!!!!! Messenger was perfect before 5.0.0. If it isn't broke don't fix it. Going back to android this weekend. Bye bye windows phone

Still no notifications on 1520. 5.0.0,, 5.0.3 and still no notifications on 1520. What's going on with you people?? I want the messenger version prior to 5.0.0. Fix it!!!!!!!