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Facebook Messenger launches on Windows Phone 8

Facebook Messenger (www.facebook.com/messenger) has today launched on Windows Phone, just as announced back at Mobile World Congress. The joint venture between Microsoft and Facebook brings the familiar messaging experience from the popular social network to Windows Phone. Before you assume this app to be dead weight with Facebook integration in Windows Phone already present, think again as this expands on functionality. Head past the break for details and store links.

What does this app do that the built-in messenger system fails to feature? You've got stickers, images and more that's new for the platform in an official offering. Should you find yourself communicating with friends through Facebook more often than not, it's worth checking out. Just like Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android, Windows Phone owners will now be able to check messages without opening Facebook through the official apps or Internet Explorer. 


Not only that, but there's a sweet list of features included in Facebook Messenger:

  • Get to all your messages without having to open Facebook.
  • Bring your conversations to life with stickers and send photos privately.
  • Have group conversations and make plans on the go.
  • Share your location so people know when you're nearby.
  • Know when people have seen your messages.
  • See who's using Messenger and who's active on Facebook.
  • Stay logged in so you never miss a message.
  • Turn off notifications when you're working, sleeping or just need a break.
  • Never lose your conversation history or contacts.

Since this is a standalone app from both Microsoft and Facebook, we can see this solution being updated regularly (or more frequently than the full-featured Facebook apps). You can download Facebook Messenger from the Windows Phone Store.

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Facebook Messenger launches on Windows Phone 8



Can someone explain this joke to me.. I've been seeing people say this on here for weeks and still have no idea why!

Because after an update, that usually doesn't actually change anything, people go, "Hm, seems faster" Recently, its gotten out of hand. This time I think he meant that the app was released shortly after it announcement.

Bummer. I had been wondering the same thing, but had hoped there was something more to it than that, considering how often the joke is repeated. :D

actually everyone who uses Facebook/Facebook Beta for WP knows that this app is slow as f... (even it has seen 30+updates since v.5 debut) I think thats why everyone is joking. Also it started with some people being serious with "it feels faster" after small bug fixes/improvements updates. :p

Yeah! I know right. Facebook apps. Both of them are Really fast for me. I get Notifications  Instantly and the Performance of the app on the phone is really good as well. I have no Idea what problems the rest of you lot are having :?

Well I think the confusion comes from the fact that Microsoft fixed the messaging portion of their Facebook app. So now u get the messages instantly. Now I get two messages instantly haha

I don't get it either. Couldn't they have just added the capabilities to the official fb app? Why have 2 separate apps?

Same to me, I feel now being penetrated 3 ways - messaging hub, and two apps - and thinking about wtf in multiplicating same functionality...

Exactly, think they're moving away from hub functionality. Easier for people to migrate over when 8.1 comes. Now I get three duplicate messages, annoying as hell to delete 3.

You can actually set your status as "offline" on the Messaging Hub and you can turn notifications off for messages on the Facebook app. That way you'll be penetrated only once :3

Too bad disabling notifications in the WP FB app syncs with the W8 App and disables the notifications there also.

Exactly. Wish I could've turn off pushes in messenger and app and leave them in hub, but still have messenger and app installed. Because hub is great for rapid free messaging but lacks images.

I want fb messages in messaging hub turned on and both fb app and fb messaging app still working but with no pushes. Problem is, turning off WP fb app's pushes reportedly influences W8 fb app while turning off pushes in fb messenger app permanently is impossible, only 1 hr and til morning options available.

"Reportedly" or you know it for sure? Because I haven't had any issues with the Windows 8.1 Facebook app notifications.

Tomasz a few comments upper reported. I tried, thank you, you saved my ear from one bebeep per message.

Check your settings in the Facebook app and on WP settings under messaging. You must disable it from the ones you don't want notifications from.

not sure why they couldn't just add the sticker and other capabilities but mind you iOS is the same so is android, they all have a seperate messenger app but i guess we'll find out if the facebook app for WP8.1 will be no par or even have some distinc feature that the other 2 OS doesn't have

To modify the system app they need to release a system update. It is impossible to release system updates each time Facebook add a feature to Messenger.

They need a really good, extensible messaging API that everyone can hook their apps into. I'm happy to install a FB Messenger app, I just wish it would work through the standard messaging in WP.

I agree, not liking where this is headed. The hubs are maybe the greatest things with WP. Ok, so they want apps to be upgraded without having to upgrade the OS, well make the hubs to oridanry apps so they can be upgraded withut having to ugrade the OS.

I'm ok with standalone apps IF all the hubs have good API so for example the chat-apps like whatsapp, this facebook chat app, skype and whatever apps using some sort of chat can be used in the messaging hub.

The same with the people hub, standalone apps that connects to the people hub.


Agree completely. I liked having the hub for messaging. Didn't matter if it was text on SMS or text on Facebook. They're dismantling one of the things I and the people that used it saw as one of the selling points of WP. Not good.

I'm with you. One of my favorite features was the hubs, very convenient.

With that being said, it was kind of annoying when someone would send me a picture, i had to swith to the FB app to see it.

Well messenger is instant not only in its sending but receiving, something that you have to manual update on the fb app, plus you at least don't have to go through the process of open the app then clicking the messages!

thats not true, for about the last 2 or so months we have been getting messages instantly. additionally, you can pin the messages section to your homescreen, which is essentially "facebook messenger"

That is kinda true, however, when I use it, it feels sluggish and if someone sends a message longer than some point you have to click on SEE MORE which opens up explorer and send you to the online fb to read the message. And yes the notifications work but when I used a different fb app (booklet) those notifications would come first! I could deal with it if the app wasn't so sluggish for me! Also for me alot of times when I'm open the app to check for messages, the red bare will drop from the top saying something like it doesn't have enough data connection or something...

The Facebook app is developed and published to the Store by Microsoft, though I've read FB has recently been co-developing. This new Messenger app is by FB, and is actully their first officail app in the Store. Hopefully FB will be publishing their own offical app that will work better with it. For the time being, you can turn off the notifications for the FB app and Hub integration.

no this one wasnt a joke, it is really fast, but usually after an udpate we have this inside joke to say that.

It works but seems pointless. Now I can chat in there places. Why can't they just make the main app better?

Exactly and we still haven't seen all that WP8.1 has to offer so the Messaging app may allow for apps to plug into it or even replace the system app altogether. We all need to wait until BUILD to see what happens.

Now we need the ability to have more lock screen icons. Txt and fb were same icon now two and I don't want to remove any others... Annoying.

Thanks to you we now have a comment thread about getting penetrated fast, multiple times, and choking in the process...

i have Lumia 1520 but if you have battery saver on you will not get notificiations take it off and see if it works

Nothing on power saving or data restriction. Are the notifications coming from the Facebook App, In-built messaging or the Facebook Messenger App?

My notifications are definitely coming from the messenger app without it running in the background.

Perhaps you just have too many apps running in the background, got to settings background apps and disable few of them, then reboot and try again. :)

I have the same problem on my Lumia 920.
Not receiving notifications after closing app but it works fine on my friends L720

Excuse me where is the integrated chat anywhere better than this app apart from the stickers? And why are stickers a big deal anyway?

You can still send messages to offline contacts through the Facebook Messenger app, just one of the many things the integrated version is missing.

The only app ive missed since switching from android. Hope it is just as good as their version!

I find it to be redundant given the hub integration built into the OS - but I guess this is another sign that FB integration is going to be removed in 8.1.

I haven't been able to use the integrated facebook chat in months. I don't want to reset my phone to fix it. I'll take this app to help with that annoyance..

Really? The built in client sucks, and it is only for chat, not messages. There's a difference.

Finally! I'm getting tired of this "Integration works great"! I'm a WP fanboy and had it since WP7, sending images and stuff with GREAT speed, and being able to see if they saw ur msg, and send stickers and group messages, with the most reliable toast notifications is waaaaaaaaay too good to pass and would be an insult to the app to say it's the same.

noone said integration works great. the only thing that works great is the idea of a unified expierience with a single messaging hub. I expected it to fully integrate FB (with group messages, media content and proper conistency of messages) rather than have another annoying app flying around that I would have to use. I want One App for messaging and One app for info (people hub). That was the Idea behind Windows Phones integration of the Hubs. Shame to see it go really.

I agree, not liking where this is headed. The hubs are maybe the greatest things with WP. Ok, so they want apps to be upgraded without having to upgrade the OS, well make the hubs to oridanry apps so they can be upgraded withut having to ugrade the OS.

I'm ok with standalone apps IF all the hubs have good API so for example the chat-apps like whatsapp, this facebook chat app, skype and whatever apps using some sort of chat can be used in the messaging hub.

The same with the people hub, standalone apps that connects to the people hub.


wp 8.1 let us to choose ths app in hub thats greatest thing  follow wpcentral dnt act lk dunno anything :) greates app i  love it

Same here, the integrated chat is missing so many features and either spontaneously stops working or suffers from serious latency issues simply because all the messages have to go through Microsoft servers first. This app connects directly to Facebook servers which makes it far more reliable.

Yes, if you only use it for messaging. That said, I have since been alerted to the ability to send photos, etc. which is not available in OS version - as such, I retracted.

I didn't like the integrated messenger because it mixed up text messages and Facebook messages. I found that confusing, and I know it said what the message type was, but still.

Yep, this app is awesome, notifications are instant! Notifications on the glance screen is really good too and along with wp 8.1 I will finally be able to say I'm completely happy with WP. There's no longer any feature I'm missing, apart from maybe contactless payments.

Hmm.. Mine did that for a while.. I also didn't received any messages on my game hub as far as game invites and messages. That is until I figured that I needed to set my status as available..

My baked in app works flawlessly. That said, it doesn't support pictures or groups so I'll be using the new one.

It is ugly. In the alphabet screen, the symbols aren't even centered properly. The tile doesn't help either.
Edit: It doesn't seem to cache data, like images.

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I have a feeling it is but for the Facebook Beta. Why else would they not roll out the recent Facebook Beta update? Unless they found a major bug in beta before release, I bet they're delaying to rollout the all new Facebook Beta.

I'm sorry i can't follow, did i mis something? Because i didn't know there is an all new Facebook app coming, apart from the current Facebook app and Facebook Beta app? 

Facebook integration will me removed from Windows messaging in WP 8.1. This is a clear sign that Facebook is working on building an official Facebook app for Windows Phone.

Hmm interesting, i have never used the built in chat, because it never worked for me.... But is it confirmed that Facebook is currently building the official app for Windows Phone or is this just speculation? That's all i want to know :P 

Just speculation. I scour the internet daily looking for news on all the tech I love. But it does make sense. After all why would Facebook give official support for a messenger app and not the full featured app? That wouldn't make much sense at all! If I had to bet, I'd put my money on a new app being in the works. Something with the awesome performance and functionality as this newly released app :)

Yeah i have to agree, it would be stupid only to make a messenger app and not a full featured Facebook app. It does make sence! Thanks for sharing :)

It was confirmed! Just look at the channel of WP8.1 leaked videos by: yash : the one that leaked all the new WP8.1 features including Cortana & open the video of "Lumia920 running 8.1" You'll notice That when he opens the camera roll he'll find the ability to upload it via "OneDrive" & Facebook and it's written"Facebook Blue" the same name that was leaked before that is a Full Featured Facebook App!! :D

Yes, Facebook blue is there. But it is still not confirm that it is an official app. And why Official Facebook app is called Facebook 'blue'? Why Facebook use MS internel codename for their official FB app?

I still hope I'm wrong, & that 'blue' word will be removed at RTM. And I also wish it is Official Facebook app form Facebook Inc.

That was fast! EDIT: Tried for a couple of minutes and now I'm imagining a Facebook app made by Facebook with that quality.

I know, it's amazing what 1st parties can do! Now, I'm just waiting for Paper by Facebook to complete the apps from Facebook that I want...

lol nice one but really i have gotten several messages but the app has yet to notify me even my Built in chat in the hub has stopped working just says "can't connect to chat"

I think ammoiz has a point. Besides, white backgrounds on my phone's AMOLED screen give me the battery-drain-heebie-jeebies.

This one was made by Facebook themselves. I guess they finally realized that leaving the development of the apps to Microsoft was a terrible idea. =P

Microsoft have the best of the intentions here. Screw FB for not having at least tried before, as MS has been done with the social network app that is not theirs, since WP7. But well, this Messenger is good. It's time for FB take care of their things and let MS focous on their own services.