Fairway Solitaire finally arrives on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Fairway Solitaire

Last year, Windows Phone Central brought you an exclusive interview about a Windows Phone 8 title called Fairway Solitaire from Big Fish Games (and ported by Babaroga). Fairway is actually one of the games that Microsoft used during their Windows Phone 8 reveal event to exemplify how quick and easy porting from iOS to Windows Phone 8 can be. Funny thing is: Fairway Solitaire was slated to be a launch window game for the new mobile OS, but it has actually taken far longer than to port.

As a matter of fact, Big Fish Games has just published Fairway Solitaire for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 in celebration of E3 2013. The bad news is they published it as an indie title instead of an Xbox game as originally planned. But on the happy side, Fairway plays great and we’ve got an exclusive video in which Big Fish’s Patrick Wylie walks us through the game’s features. Check it out after the break!

One part golf, one part solitaire

A lot of people love the card game solitaire, but many others like yours truly find it dreadfully boring. Big Fish knows this, and so they’ve wisely chosen to spice solitaire up by combining it with the game of golf. Every level in Fairway Solitaire represents a golf hole, and the number of cards remaining on the hole when the last draw card gets flipped represents shots over par. Clear every card from the green and you’ll earn a perfect score.

On top of that, various cards on the playing field represent sand traps and other golfing situations. Clear them away or clear a high number of cards in a row to score bonuses. You’ll even get to play a putting minigame. Players can earn clubs or purchase them from the in-game store. Irons have numbers on them and basically allow you to keep a streak going without taking a card from the draw pile.

Completing holes rewards players with golf bucks which can be spent in the store. In the store, you’ll find items that grant permanent bonuses like slowing down the various minigames to make them easier, multiple types of hints, or removing rough cards from the field. Players can opt to buy golf bucks with real money, and some shop items only cost real money. But In App Purchases (IAPs) are never required to enjoy the game.

Rodent trouble

Fairway Solitaire for Windows Phone 8

Fairway Solitaire has a fun little storyline involving a gopher who hates golfers – kinda like that movie Caddyshack that I never saw. The story comes to life through a cartoon introduction and intermissions, one of which you can view within our hands-on video. The gopher bits help provide that all-important personality that other solitaire games usually lack. Additionally, announcers provide full voice commentary during gameplay to lend the golfing aspect more authenticity.

Hop on the fairway

Fairway Solitaire for Windows Phone 8

Fairway Solitaire is a free download on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, but the initial download actually just functions as a demo. To play the full game, you’ll need to make an IAP from the title screen for $1.99. Considering the wealth of content Fairway contains, that’s not a bad price at all.

  • Fairway Solitaire – Windows Phone 8 – 225 MB – Store Link
  • Fairway Solitaire – Windows 8 – 231 MB – Store Link

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Fairway Solitaire finally arrives on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8


Im twitting/facebooking/emailing them every week or so! hehe
I hope everyone is doing the same thing :D

There are 2 versions of Temple Run already, plus other runns like both Gravity Guy games, Rayman, and Jetpack Joyride, among the others. I'd rather see some variety, because I can only run and dodge for so long before I want to shoot myself.

I couldn't care less about the big name AAA games. We don't need the WP store loaded up with a bunch of generic gaming. What I want to see is all the high quality indie gaming so plentiful on iOS.

Just because it cost a lot to make or is popular doesn't make it any less enjoyable. Obviously indie gaming is wonderful and needs lots of support, but I disagree with holding a bias against AAA games.

Sure I can. But not a Solitaire game. Achievements were the added incentive that would push me over the edge to purchasing a solitaire game for the 20th time.

I've personally have gotten sick of achievements. I feel that games being part of Xbox Live makes it worse because of the lack of updates.

I'll have to pass on this one. It sounds cool, but $1.99 after they changed their minds on the Xbox LIVE integration, I'll keep my money until Spartan Ops arrives. If this goes on-sale for $0.99 or gets the Achievements added, I might change my mind.

I hate when people say this, why throw away money if your not going to use the app consistently? Personally I'm not going to buy this doesn't have Xbox integration, I feel that if its gonna cost money it might as well have some basic features.

That's my point exactly. I'd rather pay $7 for Spartan Assault and play it for 50 hours or pay the $3 I did for NBA Jam, which I'll put 30+ hours in getting the Achievements, when the alternative is putting $2 into this game, which I'd probably enjoy for 10 hours then delete.

10 hours of gameplay for $2 - where do I sign up!? You know, I just spent $3 on a coffee which lasted all of 20 minutes. It's apples and oranges I know but looking at it this way I find it incredibly easy to justify app purchases. 

Yeah, people such as you say the dumb, tired argument of "it's not a lot of money." If I listened to that ridiculous argument, I'd have spent probably $100+ on a plethora of average-quality apps with limited long-term usability by now. You can say "Two bucks is a lot," sarcastically all you want, but when that's the argument used for EVERY purchase, it becomes I might as well by EVERY $2 app on the marketplace because $2 isn't a lot of money, and then the total becomes a lot of money.
Your argument is silly and holds no water.

Well, it's a valid point it someone LIKES the game, but $2 is holding them back or if it's the difference betwen $1 and $2 being reasonable and rediculous.  Granted I try to keep my app purchases to an average of $5/month so that it doesn't go overboard.  I don't think $100 is a lot of money over time to spend on apps.  These guys need to eat too. To each their own, I guess.

If the full version is unlocked by in app purchase, does that mean I'll have to rebuy it on my next phone?

I would think your in app purchase would be associated with your live id, I would hope anyway. I'll try it later to confirm

I remember reading in the developer docs that there are two types of IAP: durable and consumable. They are both logged permanently against your Live ID, but the developer can 'expire' consumables once they've been used.

Thanks! I've always wondered about this. Question is, how do we as users determine whether the dev made it durable or consumable? Never know if they do it by accident or try to scam people :/

This is part of the QA process. If it doesn't behave the way it makes out, then it doesn't get approved. Considering that the purchase screen is 100% Microsoft-managed, they want to make sure it remains a trustworthy system.

I'm enjoying the game, but my Lumia 920 gets really hot after just a short time playing - anyone else have this issue?  It seems odd, as it doesn't seem like the game would be that taxing...(?).

My 920 does that all the time with most games I play for longer periods. Pretty common for the phone..

I understand that for longer gameplay periods (eg. Rayman, Bejeweled, etc.), but Fairway Solitaire makes my phone very hot in minutes.  (So does Temple Run, for that matter).  I suspect it's going through the battery quite quickly for some reason.

Definitely a common issue when playing games on the 920. Doesn't always seem to correlate with graphical intensity. 920s get warm while gaming and we pretty much have to live with it.

I suppose - and it may not always be the developers at fault, of course - but it is annoying. The Lumia 920's a great phone, but that top-right corner in particular gets warm so quickly... it's about the only thing I dislike about it. :(

Good game, purchased it for my Surface Pro. I'd like to know though if you can pickup a game on WP which you started on Windows 8. If so, I might purchase the WP version too.

Here, take my money.  I MUST own this game.  I recently found many WP games with music sound amazing not to mention enhances game play with headphones or earphones on. I bet this one sounds great too.  Props on the video review.