First real pics of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 with Windows Phone 8 show up

Lumia 822

Revealed - The Verizon Nokia Lumia 822

Looks like there is not too much mystery left to discern from the Verizon Nokia Lumia 822. Images have now leaked out of the device showing a rounded 820 in black with a 800x480 display and an 8MP camera. Of course LTE is on board too, which should make users happy but should be expected.

The device certainly looks sharp but as we're sure we'll hear in comments, it's not the coveted Lumia 920. 


Earlier leaked render of the Lumia 822

Of course Verizon has yet to officially announce the Lumia 822 aka 'Atlas', though it is expected to launch in November on the carrier around the same time as the HTC 8X. No word if there are any other special addition to the phone, though we suppose we'll find out more in the coming days and weeks.

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First real pics of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 with Windows Phone 8 show up



Myself, unless they come out with a 920 variant sooner, I'm going to sit back, hold on to my Trophy, and wait until Black Friday to see if the Mr. MacPhisto in this thread is full of it or not: http://forums.wpcentral.com/upcoming-rumored-devices/198410-2.htm
Yeah, I know he could be some nut-job with a rooted Galaxy SIII, who wants to see WP fans get their hopes up and then watch them get let down, but I'd rather be let down that way that be let down by wasting my upgrade on the 822, and then have this guy turn out to be right.  I'm going to sit back and be patient.  Hopefully, that patience will pay off.

same here... i was SO excited when the 920 was "almost certainy" coming to V... but now that it isn't, maybe i will have to see what msft has in store for me :)

Everything he's said so far, and this may be my optimism speaking, seems to be legit. There have been TONS of recent tweet and chatter about Verizon getting a 9XX variant and it seems to be picking up steam, so I'd be shocked if there wasn't some announcement in the near future. If anybody is interested, check out tweets from @NokiaPureView who claims to have the 9XX for Verizon and states that it is lighter and thinner than the 920 and continues to tweet about it. Regardless, just because this comment is under this article, the 822 is still ugly lol

Yes, 822 is ugly, as is the 810, and given the 810 and 822, so far I'd call this hardware cycle FAIL, unless a non-screwed-up 920 variant does make it to Verizon, and perhaps others.  That's their only saving grace.  And I'm a stockholder hoping for their success, so I'm not going to complain just to complain....  I've got money on the line.

I just looked up (and followed) that @NokiaPureView account.  Something I do notice, just to keep in mind.  While @NokiaUS is a Verified account, @NokiaPureView is not, so whether it's real or not is a question mark.

After seeing the 822, I'm afraid to see what the 922 would look like. Damn, Nokia designers, how large a brick were y'all smoking?

With any luck, Microsoft will see how bad Nokia is screwing thier release of WP8 and will release the Surface Phone when they announce WP8.  No one is going to buy this Nokia midrange garbage; whether they are with Verizon or T-Mobile.  And no one is going to make a drastic switch to AT&T to buy the 920.  Nokia is not Apple.  Live by exclusive and die by exclusive.  Nokia is killing themselves with each midrange turd they announce.  Sorry WP Central, you can't put lipstick on a pig.  Santa can bring me a crack pipe for all I care.  I don't want this Nokia trash for the holidays.  I will wait until CES next year and snag me a Surface Phone.  Nokia will be dead and on the way to the cemetary by then.  (Always pay attention to which horse you hitch your wagon to.)

So people can make drastic switches when it's apple but when it's Nokia that's out of the question? I find that to be very biased.

although he could have said it more nicely, i think he is right... even if the entire 3.X% (not even sure if that is US percentage only or worldwide) of WP users switched to att, it wouldn't make such a huge difference for att... esp since they have almost all of the WP users as it is. Nokia has kind of been forgotten about here in the US. it brings to mind flip phones from the early years of cell phones if you ask me. I love what theyre doing, and i'd love for them to succeed, but it looks like they are blowing it. HTC is supposedly rumored to have one more "high-end" phone in the works, and since microsoft is making one... maybe ill just have to wait and see. 

When was the last time Nokia had 5 million pre-orders for a phone or a line around a city block with people waiting for a week to be the 1st for a nokia phone? Oh yeah,,,never.

Things that I dislike, but are true -
* iPhone changed everything. Seriously. Look back on phones before and after. Look at the market shake up. Like it or hate it, iPhone changed everything.
* Android was either not there or half-baked. Reliable Android alternatives didn't start popping up until much, much later.
* Windows Phone 7 was late to the party in a similar manner of Android being half-baked. Furthermore, I think it could be argued that, until Mango, there were many WP7 features that should have been there that weren't. 
* Most importantly, Windows Phone 8 doesn't redefine the market the way iPhone did initially. It just doesn't. It's a fantastic entry into the market, but we're seeing the same feature sets on other platforms.
* Even Apple with their market dominating device had to move away from AT&T exclusivity as more viable alternatives hit the market.
* There are PLENTY of alternatives in the market now. If Nokia wants to capture massive marketshare, they need to be on *ALL* carriers.
* 8xx != 9xx. It's like buying the iPhone 4S when the iPhone 5 is out. Sure, 4S does most of what iPhone 5 does, but you want the 5, right? Right.

Agree 100% this exclusivity is killing Nokia and in the larger picture Windows Phone as a whole. Its obvious that the 920 is by far the most sought after WP8 phone but making it exclusive to 1 carrier in the U.S. is a HUGE mistake. I believe the iphone being exclusive to ATT is what brought on the rise of Android because people on other carriers wanted that smart phone experience and had 3 major carriers with plenty of android options.

I would not switch to ATT for Nokia, and the lumia 920 is the phone I want for the purview tech. I will have to wait and see I guess. I think Nokia is making a huge mistake by cutting a deal for exclusivity with the L920

Hi Cellus13.  I am a Verizon corporate customer.  I have no carrier choices.  I have a pocket full of cash for a new Windows Phone.  Verizon is offering me nothing but midrange and half-baked WP8 phones.  Why do I have to settle for something less than the 920?  Want to know how many Verizon / iPhone customers were in this same situation when Apple rolled out an exclusive with AT&T?  The answer here would be ALL OF THEM.  Shame on Apple.  Shame on Nokia.  Good for AT&T.  Their network and customer service won't sell them any phones - why not give up some margin and go exclusive?!?  I have been waiting since February of this year when VZW told corporate that I was ready for a new phone.  Might as well keep waiting and run WP7.8 on my Trophy until 2013 - rather than contract-up on a WP8 turd for 2 years.  (Wasn't the release of Windows Phone  8 supposed to be exciting?)

You couldn't of said it any better way. I will be doing the same thing waiting to see the surface phone. As a Verizon user I get great coverage and I don't want to switch to at&t, they're crap. I don't want this midrange stuff either

Well said. It may be Nokia is focused on making their money selling to the rest of the world and considers the US a lost market. I won't waste any more time waiting for a top shelf Nokia device. I do believe HTC is looking to release a quad core WP8 device near years end.

Nokia is answering this question by watering down Windows Phone 8 with midrange garbage.  Nokia is answering this question by limiting a positive Windows Phone 8 experience to only 920 customers on AT&T.
HTC is answering this question by copying the idiots at Nokia.  If you are going to copy the phone form on the 8X, why not be smart and provide a way to replace the battery?  How about an SD card slot?  How about wireless charging?  How about a gyroscope so that XBOX games can be played on the device.  How about an 8MPix camera that takes decent photos (see link below).  If you are going to go to court for copying a phone, you might want to try to make it a good “ONE”.  HTC would have been better off making the “ONE” the one.
Samsung is answering this question by, well, we really have no response from Samsung.  Sammy has nothing but WP8 apathy as they try to defend the Galaxy III from mean Ol’ Apple.  At least they were smart enough to stick to the Galaxy form, add an SD slot, gyroscope, and replaceable battery.  SUDDENLY, first to the dance is back to being first on the list for many – especially the Verizon and T-Mobile customers who are getting screwed by Nokia.
Things look like a NASCAR 25 car pile-up at the finish line as we approach the Windows Phone 8 release date.  Ain’t no one crossing the finish line with a full set of teeth ‘cept for the 12 people on AT&T buying the 920.  (That’s why Microsoft is “doing this”.  Please hurry with the Surface Phone.  Maybe @ CES in 2013?)

I don't think Nokia makes Lumia 910 or 922 model (Same as Lumia 920) for T-Mobile and Verizon.
Probably if it happen that Verizon and T-Mobile also getting Lumia 920 it will call Lumia 920 on all 3 carriers.
Because so many people just see bigger number and assuming it should be better or higher model or vise versa.
So making 922 for Verizon kind of ruin the image of top of the line high end 920 on AT&T and making 910 for T-Mobile will make a bad image for 920 by associating it to same look and phone but lower model number.
I know for all of us here those numbers doesn't mean anything but for most people in street model number make a difference in their decisions.
Now let's hope Lumia 920 goes to all 3 carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) and who cares about Sprint!

Seeing all the mess you get with carriers in the US with exclusivity, carrier branding, Nokia 8xx and so on, I'm really happy that here we can get the 920 unbranded and not exclusive. Just buy and put in the sim...
Hope the 920 shows up on all your carriers soon

After reading the bulk of the comments, I picture a smiling youth popping out of a box Laugh-In style saying, "It's rounded like the 710!"

I am liking this series too. Will personally be getting a Cyan 920 since on att but like the memory card and really wish the 920 had the removable backs also

What is there to like. This is a hideous piece of phone design. A sin against the Lumia brand, and it does not deserve to bear the same name like its pretty brethern. I would really like to know who is responsible for this grotesqueness - Nokia or Verizon? My money is on the latter.


But seriously though, shut up. Devices aren't made to your specific tastes. It's ok for other people to like different things, besides, if it's anything like the 710, the camera adds a side to it that isn't there. i.e. The pics don't do it justice and seeing it in person will give you an appreciation for the design. I know I wasn't fond of the the 710 design until I saw it in the wild and it looked fantastic in black.

Im soooooo with you...when I saw the 710 pics, I was like ehhhh...but then my Brother's girlfriend got one (due to my WP recommendation) in black and after I saw it, held it, and played with it, I loved it!! Pics only show you so much, I loved the 900 until I saw it in person and the exact opposite happened...

Yes, it is OK for different people to like different things. However, clearly the majority are, uh.... Well, let's just say less than happy with the new Nokia offering coming to Verizon.

Low end? There is nothing low end about this phone, nothing with a Krait processor is low-end (in my mind phones that still run on A9's are low end), it has the exact same hardware specs as the 8X, Ativ S or Lumia 920 (safe for the larger screen on the later ones, but screen size doesn't make a phone more high end.. lol ). The 720p resolution is the ONLY thing that differentiates them. They have the same processor and other hardware.
Funny how everyone is still very satisfied with their Galaxy SII and it's screen resolution and that even when the Lumia 900 came out, all the samsung lovers who would never buy a WP anyway were bithcing about the resolution, while touting their SGSII which has the same screen.

Don't you think the camera will be worse than the one in the 8x, which has a dedicated imaging processor?
The 822 will have an sd slot though, which is a huge upside.

The Krait is based on A9 with some modifications to make it perform better. A15 based processors will be released next year.

Actually the Krait is a modified A15 based design, and based on everything seen so far should outperform the A15, especially the "Pro" chipsets now coming out that have the new Adreno GPU core. Qualcomm hit a home run with Krait. 

ok the 822 ALSO has expandable memory like the Ativ, the 8x has beats amp, and the 920 has Dolby sound....lumia has nokia software and exclusive apps neither the ativ or 8xx has that the differentiation is that the 822 has the advantage

The 8X has 2 amps,,one for line out and one for rear speaker. It also has super LCD2 screen with 1280X720 screen and highest ppi of any smart phone. 8MP CAMERA WITH F2.0 sensor with dedicated imaging chip for ultra fast pics and good lowlight. 2.1 FFC also with f2.0 sensor,imaging chip and 88 degree wideangle lens.
I think the advantage goes to the 8X over 822.

Why would u get the 8x its limited to 16gb no expandable memory and htcs support is awful. When's the last time they updated the HTC hub or added apps?

I have 16gig and have 9.65 gig left and use SkyDrive 25gig which helps me use it instead of internal. So 16gig is more enough. :-D

The 822 takes up to 64gb microsd cards plus the 8gb that's already in there plus my 25gb SkyDrive. Everyone doesn't have unlimited data to stream from SkyDrive thankfully I do but ill take the storage, wireless charging, and nokias support as far as updates and bug fixes and exclusive apps any day over HTC and the 8x

the 920 and the 820 have dolby surround sound on both of them how is that crappy sound u guys sound like u never read the specs on either of these phones

I would expect that the HTC Hub will be removed in the 7.8 update, as the 8X doesn't have it. It looks like HTC chose instead to provide a set of Live Tiles that give users "Sense" like functions while staying compliant to the WP8 design language. 

deadwrong is dead right!  My Trophy has been kind to me, however, I have only had 1 HTC update for the device.  The 8X has no SD slot, a lesser battery than the 920 (that cannot be replaced), no gyroscope for gaming, and a half-baked camera.  Why bother trying to copy Nokia and risk a lawsuit if you aren't going to put out a better phone?  At least Samsung was smart enough to release a copycat lawsuit phone that was better than the iPhone.  HTC isn't even THAT smart.

Yebba, he's gonna be sporting yesterdays model. Wonder if he knows that even cheap Android phones have HD screen.

Cheaper? Even though it's cheap, you can get a G-nexus with jellybean for same price when this ogre hits stores. Do your math.

*Looks at Verizon and T-Mobile customers* So it's all agreed that we're all getting the 8X?? Okay, just making sure lol..

I'm with you on that one.  T-Mobile here and would have loved a 920, but if they don't deliver the Flame Red 8X it is for me :)

Yup,,,Caifornia bue or limelight yellow,,,haven't decided yet. But that high res screen and Beats audio is calling my name.

T-mobile here & will not settle for either of those devices I rather wait a couple of months to see what comes out.

Me too, I have been telling my borther, his wife and some close friends that the 920 is coming and will be called 922 ? I hope verizon does go big with WP, if true that they are making half the stores space WP than they would need more than 3 phones so lets hope that they get 2 Nokia's 2 HTC's and all I have seen so far from samsung is 1 that would be 5 for verizon..

While I would love to see a 920 variant on Verizon, you shouldn't be telling people that it's coming. That's complete speculation at this point.  So far, there have been NO rumors that a 920 will be coming to Verizon.  Why?  Don't know, and that's pretty stupid IMO.

Just like the L900. They said its exclusive for a certain period of time and will show up on the carriers. Never did.

This phone is absolutely hideous! You'll continue to hear about it in the comments because it's true. Yes, we're all pissed that there isn't, that we know of, a Lumia 92X coming to Verizon, but if we're getting an 820 variant, why does it have to look so bad? The 820 looks nice and has the signature Lumia look. The 810 on Tmobile looks classy and elegant. This?! This looks like it is from 2010 and should be free when you sign a contract.

That's what I'm wondering. HTC stepped up their game to create a phone that really complements WP8. All Nokias, up to this point, have done that beautifully, and then there is this. This model could be used for an outdate Android phone and wouldn't miss a beat. It's a shame that this is how loyal WP Verizon customers get rewarded. I really need to consider switching carriers.

You should watch what you say on hear,,,you might get labled a troll for having your own opinion here on WP/nokiacentral lol

I agree on the look of it. It doesnt even look like something Nokia would offer. If anything it looks like a quasi trophy 2.0. Very disappointed in Verizon and Nokia.

I wouldn't say this looks hideous. I think that it looks rather bland but far from hideous. It seems most people think in the binary of hating or loving something rather than being indifferent.  Hideous would be if it has some malformation but from what I see it looks like conservative looking phone.

Compared to the other new Lumias, this one is malformed. If it would have been less rounded.... Of course, then it would look like an HD7.

I definitely think this phone is hideous compared to modern phones. Look at other premier phones on carriers: One x(+), Galaxy SIII, iphone 5, Lumia 920, Droid Razr maxxx HD or whatever it's called. The premier phone for each phone manufacturer on each carrier looks gorgeous. With that in mind, I think it is fair to say, especially after comparing this to the other Nokia phones, that the 822 is ugly! I'd like to point out that this is just my opinion. If you like the phone, good for you! From the pictures, however, it does appear to be of a lower build quality than other Lumias.

The 810 and 822 aren't considered premier phones they are the mid-lower tier like the HTC 8S. I'm going to get the Nokia 920 since I am on AT&T. I never said  that I liked the 810 or the 822 I said I was indifferent, meaning I do not hate nor like its aesthetics.  I said it was a conservative looking phone that does not have anything that stands out to me but I'm quite sure will work great as a smartphone. I'm going to get a Cyan 920 which definetly stands out to me.  I just don't seem to understand the anger towards an electronic device, if you don't like it don't buy it but going on rants seems like a waste of time.

I'm not even sure if the 810 looks elegant or classy. and this for Verizon looks like something from 2008 or older!!! I mean look at Alcatel/TCL S606....it's ten times better looking than these so called mid range Lumia phones.

I stand by the fact that I think the 810 on Tmobile looks clean and sleek. It doesn't necessarily strike you as a stand-out Lumia device, but it sure looks nice. There is nothing appealing about this device. It's just...meh

French WP user here, and I'm glad to be on a market where all carrier will have the same exact phone, Nokia included. The only differences are in the contract, so there is chance to have different prices for the same model, and also for the amount of data included monthly. But every french customer have a chance to buy a REAL 820 or 920 regardless the carrier they choose.

Because he's in the same boat as me. We want the Nokia experience and anything that isn't the 920 or has pureview is just not as compelling. This phone is a consolation prize. I too will stick to my Trophy and ride it out.

+1. I'm on AT&T and feel bad that those on Verizon don't have a WP flagship on the horizon (wasn't planning on that to rhyme, sorry).

i also feel bad for those supporters on big red. But right now it seems like people who arent getting the 920 are just bashing anything that doesnt have the word pureview or puremotion in it....

Does Verizon not care about Windows Phone??  This looks like a pile of sh*t that came out of early 2000's.

Until they announce it, no they are not.  HTC still clearly identifies the 8X on their US site as an AT&T phone.  VZW has also still said abolutely nothing to the contrary.  In fact, they still haven't announced anything. Put whatever phones you want on VZW's shelves and they are not even vaporware.  We are less than three weeks from launch and they remain silent regarding any bona fide products which is in stark contrast to anything Apple or Android.  Sound familiar to anyone regarding what happended when WP7 was released?   

obviously you havent done any research as if you seen the press conference Htc president said and i quote "htc 8x will be available on At&t ,T-Mobile, and VERIZON."
plus the promo vids of it where you see 2 htc 8x' both with Verizon 4gLTE carrier logos on that back of the phone.
in my opinion the 8x will be the flagship device of wp8 on VZW , at least the first few months at launch.

So it looks like all 3 US carriers will be selling the Lumia phones in plain black colors. In otherwords nothing to make these phones stand out from the rest of the phones on their shelves. Does the Verizon version even have replacement shells? This is a pathetic showing by Nokia in the US market. Hopefully HTC will have more luck with the colorful marketing strategy that Nokia completely failed to implement in North America. Clearly the US carriers have no respect for Nokia or their vision for the Lumia devices.

Yea. I think the HTC 8X is much better looking this is. So it's settled then. Most of us will have a 8X or Ativ S from HTC and Samsung

Um.. At&t has it in 5 colors.
T-mobile has it in two (+ more colorful plates)
And we dont know what colors Verizon offers. But early leak shows yellow and this shows black. Im betting on red. Where did you get your info from it are you just the "mad-poster" today?

The Lumia 820 will only be sold in black at AT&T stores. The cyan and yellow Lumia 920 won't be carried in AT&T stores either.

Lets all go out and buy colors. Yippy! Lets also make love and not war, drink kool-aide, and smoke some ... Peace my brother.

Amazing that they had such a great phone to release and most people will never have the option to switch to it. Why get angry just over Verizon? 920 should be on T-Mobile and Sprint as well. 

"The device certainly looks sharp but as we're sure we'll hear in comments, it's not the coveted Lumia 920."
Oh sorry. How dare we criticize anything Nokia or WP related? This phone makes no sense to me. It's nowhere near the build quality of the 920 or 820. 
I'm on T-Mobile and will probably get the 810. But there is no excuse for all carriers to not get a 920 variant. 

Because it's too much to ask to get a worthwhile Nokia device on our preferred network. How dare we rock the boat when Verizon and Nokia drop this mediocre attempt at wowing us with "exclusivity." Doubt you will see ATT customers say they wish the Atlas wasn't a Verizon exclusive.

Ugly and does not meet today's standards of a slim phone. Also uses yesterdays screen resolution despite MS lifting the OS limitations. Even cheap Android phones have HD screen.

Contact dan@sprint.co m his rep (Tamara) will return your call(no one in a office answers their live anymore they screen them) she told me sprint will not be getting a wp8 at launch or in the near future,they are going to wait and see.

Absolute garbage! I'm on Verizon and id rather keep my trophy than waste an upgrade on this travesty! I'll definitely be avoiding Nokia if this is the best they can do on Verizon.....regardless of who is at fault. If this continues to be their "strategy", they will ultimately fail and piss off MS in the process. I wonder if products like this are why MS is going to start making a few of their own devices.

I assume it is but who knows. Also maybe this is why Ballmer labeled HTC's new 8x and 8s as the, forgot how he worded it, represents what WP is. Something to that effect.

I plan on getting the 920 (currently own a 800) but I'm quite surprised with Nokia's decision which has basically made the 800 series look like the 700 (710) series, rather than maintain that high-end feel for the 800 and 900 series, especially since it was the Lumia 800/N9 that started it all for Nokia, it even looked better than the 900 (in my opinion) but they still looked good and it was great that they looked alike but came in different sizes.
My perspective on the matter is, if someone loves the 920 design but finds it, bulky or big, then, they would have easily turned to the 820, should the 820 (and variants) have had a similar design (with the same features it currently has) as the 920, 900 and 800. 

I personally don't mind the 820 design but I'm not keen on it (and most definitely not of the variants) either and if I wasn't ok with the 920, my eyes would definitely be looking at htc, the only thing that would keep me hesitating is Nokia apps and Nokia.
Sorry for my rant but I'm just disappointed by these cheapish looks (especially the 810 and 822), when compared to the 1 year older and more elegant 800.

So this is the best that Verizon and Nokia could come together and do for the big launch of Windows Phone 8.  Really?!
Somehow, 'disappointing' just doesn't quite say it ...

We're not allowed to have opinions? Even if this phone has the 920 specs, it still looks hideous. Of course that changes everything, but it's almost embarassing to look at from a build perspective. Given the fact that this is leaked as the 822, and the Tmobile 810 specs are basically identical to the 820, it is highly unlikely that this gem is any different than a CDMA-compatible 820. Also, it's not all Nokia's fault as I'm sure Verizon, with all of their infinite wisdom, had a say in the design, but if I were Nokia, I wouldn't put out something like this with my name on it.

Dude, did you see the pics? Everytime I look I throw up in my mouth a little. That is one fugly phone.

I am not even going to stress myself over the lack of respect Verizon has been showing to those who are WP lovers like myself.  I want the 920 or something in the field of 92X, make it a 925 or 930 but like the 920 and since Verizon is not putting the effort. Ihave until May 25, 2013.  Hoping that by then there is what I want, if not, oh well...I am moving to AT&T and my family too.  I know what I want damn it and a NOkia phone like the 920.

This thing is butt ugly...it is the Nokia WP version of the Jitter Bug...this really sucks...I may have to switch to Drop your calls AT&T. :-(

Yes, the new pix look bad, but that's the quality of the pix, not the phone itself.  And yes, it's not exactly a tech marvel to look at, but I'll have to see it firsthand to judge.  Still leaning towards the 8X, but everyone says Nokia has the best support, so we'll see.  Screen quality isn't that big a deal to me, I'm blind without my glasses anyway, so unless it's 1080p BluRay quality and 50in or better, I don't see a difference!
Can anyone provide dates on when MS & Verizon is supposed to announce their new phones?  I'd like to have all the dates listed, rather than reading one date on one article and another date for some other event on another article... is there a calendar on this site, cuz I'm not seeing it (sometimes blind even with glasses).

Lol!  So many angry posts.  Surely, Verizon had a 'say' in how this device would look - logo, etc.
This device will sell, nonetheless - maybe more so than the 8x, maybe not; but it will sell.  And if they have colorful, removable covers, as well as specs that are on par with the 820 (i.e. sd expansion, etc.)  and the 'bonus' of Nokia apps and support, I really don't see anyone who purchases this device as being disappointed with it.
Kudos to Nokia for even getting a device back on Verizon's network after their very rocky 'breakup' several years ago :)

I think people gonna have to face the fact this is not what they're expecting from Nokia. They've entered the US, made a name for themselves, injected excitement to many, all in the first round of Nokia wp's. There were mistakes and limitations. The second round, limitations have been lifted and mistakes should have been learned and fixed. For Nokia, presenting bulky phones with low resolutions and continuing exclusivities is just not the case.

Le sigh..... still trying to be patient for an official annoincment....but this does have me pretty excited foe the 8X & ATIV S!

Rat's ass. Don't care. Gimme the 920 (922?) Verizon!

While I don't really care for the 820's specs, its styling was at least good. However, the styling of this 822 appears to be of lesser quality. Honestly, it looks no better than my 1.5 year old Trophy, which I'm eager to migrate away from.

Assuming Verizon eventually offers a 920 variant, let's hope its styling doesn't get short changed like this 822.

I'm considering switching to ATT from Tmob. I'll settle for 3gb data for $30, unlimited messaging and voice $20 ??
I'm confused with ATT's pricing. What's "Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling" ...Yes I can read but I find it hard to believe calling + texting (unlimited) is $20 on ATT. Is this 2004 or did I miss something here?  so $50 for data (3gb) + $20 for messaging n calling? 
If this is the case, I'm switching over to ATT with immediate effect otw, may be I need to stay with Tmob with the 810

I'm very much in my 'right mind' and if Verizon was my carrier of choice, and I wanted a WP device, AND if I were unwilling to switch to AT&T for the Lumia 920, I would get this Lumia 'Atlas'. 
While this device doesn't appeal to some of the posters here, HTC devices have never appealed to me and there is no way I would purchase a HTC device just because Verizon chose this design for their Lumia offering. 
At least Verizon has more than one WP device this time around; to each his/her own :)

i would pick this for no reason other than the fact that its a windows phone... but why bother when the 8x looks way nicer.

You know what a device like this is targeted for? Its for those who aren't phone nuts like all of us here. This is the type of phone that will help Nokia create critical mass in the US market and mindshare of the Lumia and Windows Phone brand. The 920 I'm afraid may not get a variant at all and will be the pinnacle of Lumia greatness in this round of devices. My thinking is that AT&T will have their exclusive period and then other carriers may pick it up depending on the popularity of their mid-range devices. Not what we want to see but I think a sad reality of the uphill battle that Nokia faces in the North American market. Lets hope we can pick up the 920 unlocked and off contract from Microsoft Stores and Nokia.com

I can't see any uninformed consumer walking into the store and choosing this over the 8X, let alone the iPhone or GS3.

I could, actually.  Hey, people actually picked the HTC Trophy over the iPhone and the plethora of high end Android devices :)
People have different tastes, thus subjectivity - some people will choose this device as their device of choice.

Most people got the Trophy because there wasn't anything else available on Verizon if you wanted a Windows phone. There was no choice

Do you know what an iPhone is? That's right, this new Nokia phone is targeted towards the gullible. But what percent of consumers do not know the iPhone? Very little. Be serious, 810 and this 822 are yesterdays design and tech. Just look at them. They are two different bricks!

Sure it does..HTC does zero updates. I know HTC Titan owner here, leaving HTC in the dust. The app eco is supported on Nokia way above anything HTC will offer in the future.

Idk my HTC Trophy got every single update and within a reasonable time frame. That seems like a carrier issue.

HTC Trophy owner here, have all the updates because Verizon updates their phones. I have no doubt the 8x will get updates pushed through Verizon.

Yeah, the Verizon Trophy really only had one problem with switching between CDMA and GSM, and that was fixed. Verizon releases the updates.

My HTC Radar got all the updates as well but I had to dump it for the fact that it wouldn't give me much signal were as my 710 gives me signal were my Radar didn't.

Must be a carrier problem. My trophy is all updated and I will stick with HTC. Hoping for a bigger screen phone by the time im ready to upgrade but will definitely be happy with the 8X if not. And as for this 822, would be ok if it at least had a HD screen.

Like I said on the first post....yawn, wake me when the 920 shows up on Verizon

If this what they are calling a flagship model, they are a joke

Folks, we all have to face the facts. Nokia is not the GODphone. There are great oems out there that make great phones. The 8x and Ativ S is no exception. Don't the let Nokia "support" and exclusive apps fool you. Lame excuses!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. Over on another post I mentioned why Nokia fans would find this phone acceptable after being shown the 920 and was called a troll lo
I myself think the 8X looks better than even 920 it took that design and improved on it.

I had resigned myself to getting the 822... Then rumors of a 922 came along... Now this! Nokia or not, I can't get this phone. The specs are ok but look at it. It really does look like my Trophy... Only uglier with that misplaced Verizon logo! What do I do now? I kind of like the 8X and will have to see how it feels. The 822 is just an insult to all of us who gave a sigh of relief when Verizon said they were getting a Nokia! I don't care what it says.. This is not a 2012 Nokia! Damn I wish AT&T didn't suck!

Where are you at? My experience with AT&T has been great. Currently enjoy my LTE experience here. My viewpoint is that Verizon sucked, that's why I switched to AT&T.

That huge Verizon logo with it's signature check mark in the front is overkill. The AT&t and T-Mobile logos are much more discrete.

Anybody look at the Nokia Glory that's to be a 7.8 wp for release in December? This mock up is a dead on ringer.

Oh, have had the droids and the iPhone, wanted something new and fresh. This ain't it. Shame on you Verizon! This is a real sister kisser!

Ok, so Verizon is not getting the best Nokia has to offer. But, let's not pretend like they are not getting any decent WP8 devices.

The 8X looks phenomenal and so does the Ativ S. Both are 4.3" and 4.8" with 720p resolution and offer enough bells and whistles in their own right.

It's not blindness nor kool aid. It's having the 920 being waved in your face and then told you don't get to have one. Big difference.

I agree. I'm liking the 8X more and more, to the point where I think it's a tough decision between that and a 920 variant. Either way, I can't wait for November.