Flipkart bringing official app to Windows Phone 'soon'


Flipkart is a popular retailer in India and consumers will soon be able to use an official Windows Phone app. The company has already released an eBook reader for Microsoft’s mobile platform, so it makes sense for the retailer to look at adding a fully featured Windows Phone app for shoppers.

It's not known just how long we’ll have to wait for the app, not to mention what consumers will be able to do with features included. We’ll assume for now that Flipkart will launch an official store solution, making it simple and convenient to shop on the go on any Windows Phone. We'll hopefully have more details in the near future.

Source: Flipkart; cheers, Adarsh, for the tip!


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Flipkart bringing official app to Windows Phone 'soon'


Oh I didnt knew there isnt official flipkart app so I was using a 3rd parry one ... But it is great as well

Yes it was a third party. It was not even a proper app, only the menu layout. Everything else they put from m.flipkart.com directly.

Mailed rebel twins for the availability of popular game daddy was a thief. Got reply by Cezary Rajkowski of Rebel Twins that the game will come soon to wp.

This is very old news, it had been put up on the flipkart site over 2 months back. I had notified WPCentral back then but no post was made regarding it.

They have had this for a long long time now. They are not really dedicated to Windows Phone. They have an app for iPhone though, though iPhone's market share in India is around 2%, way behind WP's 5%. But then, who is not an Apple-licker these days, except us - the WP tragics?

Is it just me or has WPC gone a little haywire since the last couple of days? First it was repetition of the Ativ SE specs twice and now this. They have had the 'coming soon' tag for months together now.

They are packing their bags up and are all excited about BUILD that's happening tomorrow. So today's posts are kinda going hay wire. :)

Nice to know, BTW Flipkart had an official app during WP7 days but the development/app was killed off due to some reasons.