Folks line up for Nokia Lumia launch in Singapore

Nokia fans...

Here's a site we hope to see more of: ordinary people lining up to get a Nokia Windows Phone. We mentioned the Singapore launch for the Lumia 800 a few days ago and now we have some photos of people braving the...ummm...temperate conditions for nearly 8 hours to get their 800's.

Nokia fans..

Of course those first 100 people did get a free Xbox 360 with a Kinect for their suffering, so we suppose we'd line up for that too. Great to see, regardless.

Source: Nokia Devs (Facebook); via: The Nokia Blog


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Folks line up for Nokia Lumia launch in Singapore


Aww man, i really do hope our carriers here in Australia get this phone, i really wants one, starting to get itchy feet and want a new phone..

and damn if they release it in oz with these kinda giveaways i will be lining up for as long as i have to!

wow!! i hope they do this kind of giveaway here in india too. i want a lumia and a free xbox!!its time nokia showed indians some love too..

I am so fricken glad Wp 7.5 is now seems to be picking up many people world wide. I never gave up on windows phone.

I said this before that I am a big screen guy. HD7 currently on T-MO BUT! if this device came to the states and if it felt good in my hands the way this device looks and added to that Nokia drive I could end up with it. It is the best looking of all the WP7 devices hands down.