Foursquare finally launches Swarm on Windows Phone 8.1 [Updated]

Swarm, a new check-in service from Foursquare, is coming out today for Windows Phone. Teased a few weeks ago on the Foursquare blog, the app lets you see where you friends are and then to check into those places. Swarm is not exactly replacing Foursquare, which is focusing on 'discovery' going forward, and it too should have a Windows Phone refresh in the near future according to the Foursquare Twitter account.

The big focus for Swarm over its predecessor is social, as features like traditional mayorships and the points system get dropped in exchange for seeing where your friends are for the evening. Now you can be mayor of a location, but only amongst your friends and not the rest of the world. Users will also still get Insights aka knowing how many times they have checked into a location. Finally, stickers. Yes, if you thought junior highschool was over, you would be wrong as Stickers play a significant role in Swarm.

As we described it back in May:

"While Foursquare has been used for sharing where you are for years, Swarm aims to facilitate meet-ups with friends more easily by letting you broadcast where you're going next and what your friends' plans are. Meanwhile, the original Foursquare app will be changing a little bit to be more focused on venue discovery and reviews."

The service so far has received mixed results, and it is not clear if users will make it the next-big thing or a failed departure from the traditional Foursquare system.

Regardless, you can now download Swarm and try it yourself.

Update: Swarm has already picked up its first update a few hours after launching for Windows Phone. You'll now find version of Swarm in the Windows Phone Store. The quick update fixed an issue where some languages couldn't check in.

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Foursquare finally launches Swarm on Windows Phone 8.1 [Updated]


Not sure what you mean, but one thing I wonder, is will 4th and mayor work via new service, or will the app have to be rewritten? Also, just a comment that I think this whole thing is dumb. If they wanted two different services, make the current check in app still check in and then take the other less commonly used features and make them the new app.

Just when the Verge was getting over their addiction of putting "finally" in every WP article, WPCentral picks up the baton lol

On May 1st Foursquare announced Swarm and said it would be coming to Windows Phone shortly after the Android and iOS versions. The Android/iOS version launched on May 15. That's nearly three months ago! I think the finally is deserved here ;)

Sam, you are absolutely right. The "finally" is deserved given the time gap. However, I would like to recommend that WP Central writers consider that many of their articles reinforce the underdog mentality of the Windows Phone platform. For me, at least, it gets depressing to read comments that dwell on the lack of love for WP. If I were new to the platform or even considering moving toward it, I would be discouraged from making the move when so many articles leave a bad impression. I know this isn't the intention, but I do believe these can be unintended consequences. I would prefer the articles to simply focus on the good news rather than soil it with negative, albeit secondary, details.

Nobody used Foursquare out of my friends. That's the issue with all these new up-and-coming social media apps: they start out very slow because no one knows about them! Not like Foursquare was new, but just unpopular with the market I'm in. My point still stands, however.

Foursquare never caught on much with my crowd either, and not for lack of trying to get others to try it. After scoring mayorship for a few locations, the fun wears off. Frankly, most people tire quickly of being forced into the role of paparazzi for their family, friends, non-friends, ...

I was interested in foursquare for travel purposes.  I only had 4 friends on it I think and most didn't use it.  I thought building a good profile would help with new places and especially for travel.

I think I'm moving more to just using Yelp.

My thoughts on Foursquare vs Yelp: Yelp's reviews help you find where to go, Foursquare's tips help you figure out what to do when you get there. They provide a good symbiosis.

Here I come!
WP platform is getting good, one step at a time. ^o^

...btw kind of off-topic but I'm wondering what happened to Flipboard app promise?

It is beyond me that such big companies fail to put a simple location service check in their apps. App crashes when opened with location service disabled.

Well I turned on location and it works but crashes most of the time. I'll waiting for an update. :) nice to have it though

The difference will be clear when Foursquare updates the foursquare app, completely different apps. There's a review of it somewhere on The Verge.

It has a demo that kind of tells you what it's about. You can check in at a place and notify your foursquare social circle so that they can join you. You can also get notifications when a friend checks-in within a certain radius.

Oh look, Foursquare "forgot" to update their Swarp homepage to indicate about Windows Phone app. Shall we remind them? #DontForgetYourOwnApp perhaps?

Most companies leave the Windows Phone Store banner off their website. Idk why. It's not like it hurts them in any way. And it barely takes up space.

I noticed .. ugh - i wanted to replace my foursquare with this tile, but now I've got this orange block obscuring a picture of Hissington (my cat)

Good. Getting a little tired of every app having a transparent tile. If it was an option then fine, but most won't bother and give you one or the other.

Toast notifications are buggy. Just says new Notification, doesnt show who checked in and no app icon..

Works great for me on my 1520.  While I've only had it for 5 minutes, I think the idea around swarm is better than Foursquare (or at least now complimentary) as it is more about the social aspect of where your friends are or what they are doing versus a pure business locator/reccomendation app.  Now we have both....as soon as they update Foursquare....

It is a good idea if you live in a big city and have lots of nearby friends that also use Swarm. Problem is, it's useless in most other scenarios.

I will check it out, but most of my Foursquare using friends gave up after the split. It'll only be lil ole me on Swarm... that's a tiny swarm. :)

It's the new Foursquare. But it's puzzling to us because the old Foursquare still does the same thing. When they update the Foursquare app to be the same as iOS and Android the difference will be clear.

And the first complaint is the colour scheme. Come on, orange on a white background. Almost unreadable.

Second complaint. When checking in with friends, the list of friends is one line long. It doesn't show more than one friend at a time. Pity help if you are checking in more than two people.



"Finally, stickers. Yes, if you thought junior highschool was over, you would be wrong as Stickers play a significant role in Swarm."

Had to laugh at that, because stickers seem to be more of a thing for adults than any kid. My kids were over stickers by the time they each hit first grade. Their eyerolls in response to pathetic sticker bribes are priceless.

It doesn't work. Keeps crashing before you do anything.
But it's prettier than our ugly and useless Foursquare app.

And faster (really, it seems faster). Haven't crashed yet for me, after just a few minutes of use though.

I stopped using foursquare after they prevented you from taking mayorship of anything. There's no incentive to use the service without points or mayorships.

Ah, that explains why I couldn't win any mayorships lately. That sucks. Well at least it's back (in a slightly different fashion) with Swarm.

Downloaded it and no crashes for me - I am also seeing comments that there is a new version of Foursquare coming but not sure if it means for Windows Phone too

This happened with BookMyShow app revamp as well. Location disabled and app crashed on open. What are the testing teams doing in these companies?
This is like the very basic test case when the app crashes on first open when location is disabled.

Location based app devs probably never considered for a second that you would have location off and want their app...

Hrm. Not quite what I hope it would be. Checking in is a little too tedious since it seems to always pick the wrong nearest location and also require a manual refresh. I was hoping maybe it would also show dots on the screen indicating where people in general are (read: Dot rendered heatmap) and hence the reason for the name Swarm. There was an app that did this on another platform way back when... Was a cool way to see what was going on in the city. We'll see what they do to improve this. In the meantime, I'm using foursquare until they remove check in abilities. Then back to rebuilding my Yelp! presence.

Doesn't appear to be optimised for my Lumia 930's screen resolution... Also, no app icon in the toast notifications? Very unfinished!

It doesn't replace Foursquare but one you install this, you won't use Foursquare to do checkins anymore.  Which is ok too.

Got it but for some reason the main screen looks very very small. I think it's because of my screen but that shouldn't be a problem.

Not bad so far, crashing notwithstanding. I wish they'd lowercase their menu item and button labels though, they look really out of place vs the OS when they have initial caps.

I have my phone's language usually set to Catalan\Català, and I've been absolutely unable so far to even LOGin or SIGNin to Swarm, nor even *Signup* via email... I'll try temporarily switching the OS language to English US and see what happens.

I've never used foursquare can anyone tell me. Since Facebook already allow you to check in. What are it's use in real scenario?

In my opinion, foursquare is much better than facebook check-in feature. I don't want always check-in in Facebook, but the best thing I think is the tips about places, you'll get many good recommendations.

YAY! Now I can stop using my iPod Touch for Swarm check-in's & finally being able to check-in friends. Now if we can just convince Time Hop to make an app I wont need to share my internet connection to my iPod any more =D

if location if off it will crash cuz windows phone dont support using cellular and wifi radios for location we have to use battery draining GPS antenna ..

i have some issues with this app 

1) cant change my profile picture i get a white screen.

2) if location is off app crashes (Would MS please allow windows to use cellular and WiFi radios for location sensing GPS kills my battery and i turn off location as such.

3) Notifcations need alot of work no app icon and proper name in action center and i have to clear it manually even if i checked the notification

4) slow to load

5) Other than those 4 its a good app lol  

Those are friends checking in to locations nearby. If you check the app as soon as you hear our see the notification you'll find a check in occurred. The notifications need major help on this app.

Nokia 1520, also crash when adding friends.

Also, noticed that the keyboard doesn't use word flow. and also doesn't allow for the word suggestions.


Fix that, and it'd be awesome.

Across all platforms it's on, I hear people complaining about this app. Idg why they thought it was a good idea to take foursquare and split it in two, making it unnecessarily annoying to use - having to switch back and forth between the two apps

Won't post my check-in's to Facebook - foursquare app works just fine - so obviously this was tested properly before they released it with such basic functionality broken ... 




I'm on the 1520 and having some issues with the app crashing. I also attempted to tag a friend by selecting them from the bottom, but when I selected them and hit Post...it added 2 other people that I am not even friends with...LOL (They're getting there but not quite there yet.). I'm loving the freshness of the app though. Looking forward to seeing it after updates continue to roll out and eventually the polished remains. Thanks Foursquare for a fresh new take on check-ins.