Gaze at the planet's day and night cycle with Earth Lock Screen

Earth Lock Screen

Are you a fan of the Earth? Would you like to see the day and night cycle in action on your Windows Phone lock screen? If the answer to both questions is "affirmative", then you'll be sure to check out Earth Lock Screen. The newly released app does exactly as the name suggests - a dynamically rendered photo of the Earth is displayed on the lock screen as a background.

We say dynamically rendered as the Earth will change to reveal which section of the planet is experiencing daylight and which is currently partying late at night. It's an interesting concept and users can select which region they wish to have focus. The images are rendered and updated offline every two hours, which saves on data and helps reduce the impact on the battery. 

You can download Earth Lock Screen from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only) for free. To remove the watermark, purchase the app for $0.99. 

QR: Earth Lock Screen


Reader comments

Gaze at the planet's day and night cycle with Earth Lock Screen


Now that's something new and interesting. Might give it a shot, for now my Batman lock screen will remain as it is.

just quite disappointing that most of the nice apps recommended are not available in china.. The phone's locked some way and I can't change the region of the store

7.x is finished. I doubt itsdagram, snapchat, the vine app, YouTube, or any other apps like that will be for 7.x

Daniel Gary already confirmed that Instance is coming to 7.x. Microsoft said YouTube, Facebook Beta and others will be coming too. Snapchat & Vine I doubt.

But seriously.  You 7.x guys need to upgrade to WP8.  Give the old phones to grandma or the kids.  Locked in a contract?  Buy a 520 dirt cheap or spend a little more for a 620 or 720.  Sell the old one on Ebay/Craigslist.  Join the party! or don't...whatever.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change anything on the lock screen from a 3rd party application on WP7.