Glu Mobile having server issues with Contract Killer and Gun Bros for Windows Phone?

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Some users are complaining of connection errors

Over the last few days we’ve been receiving some complaints about the two Xbox LIVE titles from Glu Mobile: Contract Killer and Gun Bros.

Both apps require online-server access in order to play them, which is certainly a lame requirement (e.g. no airplane usage). That’s on top of the numerous bugs that people have opined about with both games since their release.

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Now we’re getting isolated but frequent reports that players are having difficulty connecting to the servers, thereby making the games useless.

For what it’s worth, we haven’t seen this ourselves and when we just loaded up Gun Bros, it connected just fine allowing us to frag enemies like it was our job.

Certainly bogged down servers on Glu’s end or even just a lousy connection on your Windows Phone can have an impact on this system, so we’re not sure whom to blame, if anyone. We don’t see this as being a widespread server issue with Glu though but rather isolated incidents.

We have reached out to the Glu team for some feedback but as usual, these things can take days. In the meantime, take our poll below if you use either or both games and let us know if you’re having a problem.



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Glu Mobile having server issues with Contract Killer and Gun Bros for Windows Phone?


contact killer gets boring fast. As for gun bros, I have to open the game twice just to log in to my Xbox live account.

That issue with Gun Bros has been there forever. I asked WPcentral to communicate this issue (in addition to some others) with the developers.

Why not cover the fact that people have spent money on their in-game items only for the game to "forget" you purchased it and ask you to pay for the item all over again....

Oh I dunno, maybe because this is the first time we're hearing of it?

Why not email us instead of assuming we've heard of your problem before?

Daniel I seem to remember reading about this happening to alot of people in the comments section when the game was reviewed on here. He is not alone gun bros has twice "forgotten" my purchased items. It is a shame but not the end of the world as the game does remember the expensive weapons and armor that I had equipped, it will forget them if swapped, but my inventory is empty and I have to purchase everything again.

I contacted them a while ago and got an email that they are aware of the issues but did not offer to compensate me for the lost items.

I did, in the forums... Along with a lot of other people. I even asked if wpcentral could investigate.

I have an HTC Trophy and have downloaded and played and uninstalled both games. I have had connection issues with both games which made me restart my phone to try to re open the app. The problem with gun bros is it never connects properly to the server even when I have good signal reception,after a few hours of play i come back later only to find that my progress is lost and it thinks I'm playing the game for the first time after i get the error message saying it cannot  connect to server. Contract Killer use to always freeze up on the loading screen after several restarts it finally seamed to work. Now it only freezes up when trying to locate friends to put the hit on or join in coop missions. I have an Xbox silver membership and i don't know if that influences how the game functions. Any word would be appreciated.

I also have an HTC Trophy and have only been able to play gun bros. once for 10 minutes and have never been able to get contract killer to work. I experience the exact same issues as you...

I just flew from German to the US and I had my Phone in Airplane mode I got the notification that I can't use all Feature's of the Game but I was still able to Play.
Bug's known to me are that from whiel to whiel you Ammunition fills up on it's own and the Videos to watch to get Free Credit's are allways not avavible at this time. 

Neither game will connect for me. I tried reinstalling contract killer and it didn't help. I tried on WiFi and 3g but nothing helps.

I thought I had tipped you guys on the missing items issue awhile ago.
I just got done emailing back Glu support about it for the 5th or 6th time about the issue.  To say they have been worthless is too nice.
Blows my mind with all of the problems reported for those games they and MS haven't done something about it.  They take people's money and when we complain we're just told "windows phone is a new platform for us."

If we did, it was probably the only complaint. And agree, they're not very responsive. We'll pass the info along to them, thanks.

I have had issues with Gun Bros from the start. Here's a quick list of what I have dealt with: intermittent connectivity issues which would require the app and/or phone to be restarted (always on a very stable wifi internet connection), bros continually disappearing from my list - I have 6 and can never see more than 3 or 4, and really hit-and-miss Bro Op rewards pay-outs (in fact, I would question whether I actually ever received any). All of that was well and good until the other day when I logged in only to find that EVERY ONE of my guns and armor pieces had completely disappeared out of my inventory. I submitted a trouble ticket with Glu and their response (I'm paraphrasing here) was something along the lines of them being aware of the issue and they're working to resolve it. My response to them, I am aware of the issue and am working to uninstall their buggy app from my phone. Oh wait, I already worked on that and was successful! Buh bye, Gun Bros.

you need to be online to play gunsbro? i don't have data and i can still start a game though... is it a particular funtion you guys are talking about?

Yes please don't say such nonsense such as " the game is only playable online" that is simply not true I play it offline all the time

Absolutely love, and addicted to Gun Bros! Best game ever to be dealt with such horror as losing stuff. I'm level 118 w/176,000 some kills, but lost all my guns at level 70. Now I lost all guns, and went to level 0, but have a shiny gold suit to wear, and still play even with the bugs. I say excellent job on a game well done, but keep working to fix the glitching weapons, challenge rewards, and disappearing stuff. I won't put my credit card in to buy the gun I want until I know I'll be able to keep it.

Yeah, I uninstalled it last week. It was my last day to get my mystery reward. I thought reinstalling would work, but seems as though all my stuff were gone.

Everything was working fine for me (other than having to restart the game 2 or 3 times to get it to connect) up until a few days ago when I finally added some bros & lost all my gear & items. Was considering paying for some stuff, good thing I didn't. Love the game, quite addictive to my wife's dismay. I don't mind starting a game over, do it all the time, it's fun... Not so much when the game chooses its time to do so. It's like being 12 again & your parents erased your console's memory card to punish you.

I have every achievement except for completing 10 revolutions on any planet, but it reset all my revolutions when I was on wave 45 Rev. 10 :-) Top that lol.

I have been unable to connect to the contract killer server for the last month and to the gun bros server for the last week. HOWEVER, ALL SERVER ERRORS CAN BE AVOIDED BY PUTTING YOUR PHONE IN AIRPLANE MODE BEFORE LAUNCHING THE GAME. I know this works I have done it many times. Unfortunately neither of the games are that fun to me and I don't bother to go through the hassle of turning off my internet connections just to play these games. Also, you lose all the online functionality when you do this...which is a bigger issue for gun bros. You don't get any of the bro buffs and also can't use your friends high level characters in your game. Contract killer your just lose the ability to earn credits by completing challenges. In both games you also can't ever purchase any items with real money not that anyone should be doing that anyway..

Oh and I also must argue the author, as these issues are pretty widespread and not isolated. I have many folks on my friends list and they had all had this issue at one point or another. Sometimes it only doesn't work for a day or two then fixes itself, other times it doesn't work at all (in my case a month and counting).

I checked today to see if they would play. Ck opened finally but since I un/reinstalled, I lost everything. Gun bros opened as slowly as ever but froze on me while switching menus. Be nice if they was a force close method for apps.