How to swear like a champ using the Word Flow keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1

The Windows Phone keyboard became even better with the 8.1 update. A few enhancements that you may not know about include auto-importing of names from your contacts, which improves the auto-complete feature in Word Flow. Another is the awesome Shape writing, which we’ve come to love in our daily usage.

But what about swearing? (Warning: curse words ahead).

As it turns out, if you type “What the fuck”, Windows Phone will auto-correct ‘fuck’ to ‘duck’. It’s a bit amusing, but let’s face of it, some of us like to prove our might against the drunken sailors of the world.

So the question is, how to get swears into the auto-complete/text prediction?

Windows Phone 8.1 can handle swearing now, as Microsoft chief Joe Belfiore tweeted out last night. We spoke with one of the engineers on the Windows Phone team, and received some clarification on how it all works.

How to put swears into Word Flow keyboard (Windows Phone 8.1)

  1. Write out an email or text
  2. Write desired swear word
  3. Change the auto-corrected word after it “fixes” your swear
  4. Send message with desired curse word intact (this is important)
  5. Repeat three or four times

What you will notice at first is Word Flow will auto-correct your swear. After a few uses, it will still auto-correct, but the swear will now be in the dictionary. Progress! Finally, after about 4 or 5 instances, Word Flow will stop auto-correcting the swear and let you continue unabated. Heck, it will now fix your offending language.

Basically, Microsoft gave you the ability to add swears to the text-prediction engine in Windows Phone 8.1, but they wanted to make sure “…that the system is confident you use the word. We didn't want to offend folks who might be sending messages about ducks. It's a balance”.

Indeed, it is and I think it’s a smart approach that won’t upset some people, while also making us verbal degenerates really fucking happy.

Bonus emoji alert!


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How to swear like a champ using the Word Flow keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1



This is going to suck the next time you need to send your boss a text/email about the rising duck population in the parking lot, and that you saw one of them trying to eat a stick.


Damn you auto-correct...damn you to he'll

Is your office in a pond ? Otherwise why would ducks enter your parking lot ? ;) (just saying, it might be possible in some places to see ducks in parking lots ;) )

My building is actually right near the Charles River in Boston and we oftentimes have ducks, geese and rabbits in the parking lot. The most amusing part was taking pictures of them there in the winter doing god knows what while it was snowing. So hey it could be possible.

People behave and act differently depending on those they are interacting.  I definitly drop some sh!ts and f4cks when talking to my close friends but never with my professional contacts and extended family.  I won't be doing this trick just to keep myself from accidentally dropping an f-bomb in an e-mail etc. to someone.

You really think this is a smart approach?

How about simply adding a checkbox in the keyboard settings to toggle filtering.

Nooooo ! There's an option (at least its there in 8.0) which allows you to clear all added words. What's more, wp is very intelligent, so if you edit an autocorrected word 5-6 times, it stops autocorrecting ! ;) (i guess many didn't know that, never seen it mentioned)

That's what I meant by reset. Resetting the dictionary for a few words isn't a good move. I wish I could remove specific words from the dictionary

Cant add swear words, it already knows them, but tends to ignore them unless you do the above. Youl notice if you swear at cortana it comes up as f***

the +(word) still works, it just has to be for a word that's not recognized in the dictionary.  Curses are recognized but they are giving you the benefit of the doubt :)

this method, while it takes a few times for the system to learn, requires no extra settings or user interaction aside from telling the phone what you want. 


for the layperson i feel this is a better method vs a setting that is buried in the keyboard settings somewhere that many people will never go look for.


android does this to a point, as once the swear word is learned, it won't fix it to duck, but it also won't change a misspelled fcuk to the correct spelling, which is kind of annoying. 


now to go curse at one of my friends multiple times. "no, i'm not mad at you, i'm trying to get my phone to learn curse words so i can use them for real in a later text message to you." ;)

This actually works... But you don't have to text a friend... Just put all the words you want in a text to yourself... Copy & paste, and keep resending the same message several times... Then delete the text thread... You'll find the new words in your dictionary next time you write the words...if only we had some way to add words individually directly to the dictionary... I want to add my email address to my dictionary so I won't have to keep typing it out everytime I need it!

That works too, but there are lots of users who never delve into the menus. Ideally, both approaches would be better..eventually if you manually change your autocorrected swears back, the OS would automatically check the filtering checkbox.

Svenska ville inte ens föreslå "helvete" senast jag skrev det... och det är ju t o m en plats! :p I bestämd form var det OK dock tydligen. Fast vet inte om det var censur eller bara dåligt förslag.

Hoppas swipe kommer till svenskt tangentbord när den officiella wp8.1 kommer om någon månad.

Yar Har, fiddledee, dee, being a pirate is alright with me. Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

"Indeed, it is and I think it’s a smart approach that won’t upset some people, while also making us verbal degenerates really fucking happy."

HAHAHAHAH! brilliant writing.

Now this is the kind of improvement that we need to hear about! :) although a few what the ducks can be kinda funny.

"4. Send message with desired curse word in tact (this is important)"

That's impossible. You're tactless if you sent it!


I think this is a good way to go about it. I'm all for swearing if one wants to, but accidental autocorrects is worse than having to manually fix curse words.

Nearly died of laughing so much with this article. Fucking brilliant.

Edit: Got some English curse words to be saved on my WordFlow. Now off to get my beloved Portuguese ones :3

Might as well swear as much as possible before you go onto the next article.

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this article just reminded me of when i text my wife on while she was driving the car with the bluetooth, she replied fucking jerk, the phone read it back to her exactly the way she said it and i got *!@#$%!$% . i had to call her to find out what she said and i couldnt stop laughing.

Thanks for this Daniel, you farging icehole!


(kidding...you're a H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks of a guy)


@Daniel Rubino LMFAO! Kudos to you for having the balls to write a kickass article like this!! You really have been on a roll lately! Each article is just a joy to read, now if you can just get @Sam Sabri to spell/grammar check his articles before he posts them! No offense Sam, your a great guy and love reading your pieces just as much... That is... The parts I can understand... LMAO, Just joking... Ok I'll stop :)

This is ducking great. Alert Dr. Pizza because he specifically wrote about this in his review

It does, however, highlight a long-standing problem of almost all software keyboards. I'm a grown adult. I use swear words. While swear words are generally in the dictionaries of these keyboards, so they don't get red underlined, they're normally blocked from autocompleting. The autocomplete will always assume I meant ducking instead of another word, one that sounds like ducking but has a very different meaning.

The emoji suggestions are 1 hell of a surprise.. I was writing the word "love" and it automatically displayed a heart in the word suggestions.. So thoughtful nd brilliant!

Great! I also wish that emojis were bigger on messages. They are now bigger on the keyboard but they should also be bigger on the text messages

I mean, it's one thing to censor actual bad words, but why does it need to censor words like poop and crap? Oh, well, glad there's some way to fix it now. Should just be a toggle, though.

Side note: I said this yesterday, but Cortana can understand that Fark.com or fark means pull up results for Fark.com than F**k.com

Yes I have often wished that I could curse more. Thanks Microsoft for helping me be a better person. Lol

LMFAO! Last night I was trying to trype "Shit" and it would just change it to "Shirt". Now I know how to add that "Shit" so it will type "Shit".

A little off topic here, but I would like to see a good article on what a fucking mess has become of Xbox Music, its complete SHITE!

Not as cool as this, but I learned another new trick a few minutes ago.  On Android I was used to being able to swipe through the spacebar and keep going.  It was annoying me to have to swipe a word, tap it from the prediction bar, and swipe the next.  I accidentally found out you can swipe the first word, lift your finger off, and then start swiping the next word and it will automatically put a space in between the two once you finish the 2nd swipe.

Out of topic! Did anyone with HTC got Cortana? Please help! I have set everything to USA and I don't have her on my phone. Duck it!

I'm all about this Cortana WordFlow business. My buddy told me he would meet me next week and the calendar popped up. Fucking awesome.

1 word per email? Or can you send a whole list with each word on a new line? And it doesn't matter to whom you send it? And if you use 3 different languages/dictionaries how to add to a certain dictionary?

About swipe: what is the technique for including a space before or after a word so you don't have to keep using the space bar the old fashion way? I try to include the space bar in my swipe path but it messes the word up.

How lame we've become, to seek ways to communicate requiring no intelligent language skills.  Simply beautiful.  However, I have to say that I just can't get the hang of this word flow/swype/whatever.  I just end up with a messy screen.  I'll stick to typing, I'm much faster at that.

On the contrary, the power and impact of an appropriately placed taboo expletive can not be denied. Additionally, there are times when relaying someone's exact words require the inclusion of those swear words. Don't be so quick to pooh-pooh the use and need of naughty words when needed. :)

There is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER a "need" for such language.  Just because society has lowered itself to that level of thought doesn't make it right.  It just means more people are okay with lowering standards and wallowing in dirt.

There is never a "need" for salt, or pepper either, but they are useful for adding spice and dramatic flair. Too much salt and pepper would ruin any meal. But beyond the discussion of the artistic merits of the occasional taboo expletive, there are times when recording events, that one MUST record exactly what was seen and heard, otherwise things could be unduly open to interpretation. A police report, for example. Or a discussion about the relative merits of the use of taboo expletives... Before you continue on your journey on that high saddle of moral indignation, please recall that standards ebb and wane, there is always a line that "society" draws, and where things fall in regards to the line isn't necessarily a lowering of standards, or a gradual slipping into the filth, but a constant tug and pull over what is acceptable or not within a very narrow social boundary, both temporally and geographically.

Society has already lowered itself below those standards. You see it daily when some idiot stubs his toes at the community pool. He doesn't whisper "Fudge" to preserve what little pride American culture has left. He screams out "FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" because that's what he really fucking wants to say.

Is there a way to review and edit the added dictionary words? I have accidentally added misspelled words in the past, and with no way to review those adds, the next time the misspelling error occurs, it isn't corrected.

I've had this happen too and I had to reset my dictionary... I wish there was a user dictionary (as there was on even basic phones in the past!)

This is ducking hilarious. I thought my phone was being a chock done I can't curse, but I knew see that's dumb as duck. This is funny as shot.

After you type the word shit, then hit the spacebar, you will see a little pic of a steaming pile in the suggestion bar to use for extra emphasis. 

Buhahahahahahahaha! I saved this article in Pocket just for the duck of it.

Say, outta curiosity does anybody actually write "Duck" on purpose ? ;)

This whole comment section is fucking awesome. To take a article and turn it into a fuck fest of fun is beyond delight. Oh and yes XBOX music FUCKING BLOWS BULL BALLS MS.