Hands on with the new swipe keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1

We’re here at Build 2014 in San Francisco. Microsoft is showing off Windows Phone 8.1 to the world for the first time. Cortana and the notification center might dominate headlines, but it’s the smaller features in Windows Phone 8.1 that really make it a joy to use. One change you can look forward to is the new keyboard. Ready to swipe?

It’s not a big feature, but it’s one we’re going to use every single day. The swipe keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1 will automatically give you the word you want to type as you glide your finger from letter-to-letter. You’ll see suggestions for the word you’re typing and even see emoticons suggested. Type in ‘happy’ and you’ll see a smiling face above to insert into your message.

WP 8.1 Swipe

Small feature, but one we love. How about you? 

Sam Sabri