Print from your Windows Phone with this app from HP

HP AiO Remote

Great news out today for anyone with Windows Phone and an all-in-one printer from HP. There’s a new app in the Windows Phone Store, HP AiO Remote, which will allow you to print photos and PDF documents from your smartphone. It does much more than that, so let’s check it out and see what you get with HP AiO Remote for Windows Phone!

This app came out a few days ago but flew under our radar. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find HP AiO Remote sitting there at version 1.0. With this first release, here’s what you can do:

  • Print photos and PDF documents
  • Check ink or toner levels and view error messages
  • Find and connect to other HP printers on your network
  • Scan documents and photos from your HP multifunction printer
  • Create high-quality documents from phone camera images using HP mobile scan technology
  • Save and share captured documents to OneDrive

HP AiO Remote

We don’t have an HP All-in-One Printer around to test the app out, but it does sound really cool. Do you have one laying around? Download the app and let us know how it works out for you. HP does caution in the app description that some features might not be available with all printer models. Take it for a spin and let us know how it works out!

Thanks for the tip Handy S!

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Reader comments

Print from your Windows Phone with this app from HP


Do you have WiFi at home? If so and your printer is connected to your network you should be able to use it.

nah, you can even have the printer turned off, and your phone too! it's done by magic, you know.

Unnecessarily rude.
Some people have more than one Wi-Fi network at home you know?
For example my HP printer works when I'm connected to the same network as it, not when I'm connected to the other network.
It was a simple question and you couldn't answer it, let alone, not spit some random rudeness.

If you have more than one wifi network at home, then you should already know you need to be on the same network.

Yes, it must be connected to the same wifi connection, it can not be done over the internet or through another network in the house.

I have an Epson that is only several months old. I **just** emailed and Tweeted them about getting an app a few days ago. They responded that I could print by email.  I responded back that if that was an acceptable solution that they wouldn't have apps for iOS and Android.  I haven't heard back from them.  ;)

Of course, I am emailing and Tweeting this NEW information to them, but as of now I am recommending HP exclusively to anyone, not just Windows Phone users.

Why event print? You have two hands and I'm sure that you have a pen! :)

Anyways, I'm pretty disappointed with my Epson printer, having so much issues with it.

I used to sale printers back in the day and epsons and brother and canon printers always had problems. Hps have always been very reliable for me. Whether laser or ink jet. Just saying.

That's why I went ahead and bought an hp. About 2 months ago, I contacted them and they said it was in development

You were hoping for HP to make an app for their competition? Which dimension do you live in?

I would love if printing from WP would be possible by design without extra apps using the w8 rt drivers.
But nonetheless, thank you HP! Major plus points for doing this app!

We bought our HP printer about 2 years ago excellent printer it is! When it ran out of ink we never bothered replacing the cartridge so it languishes under the desk below the computer.

If Microsoft was to give users option for downloading all currently supported unit driver then problem would be solved long term, well at least lets hope it does in WP9.0 seeing 8.1 is now out already

I have an HP D110 Series AiO - but "Printing to this device is not supported in this app." - well that's disappointing!  Waited for this for a long time!

The ink level estimates are also way off - tells me to replace my Tri-Color Cartridge but it's brand new (100%).

It does allow me to control the scan function on my AiO though - but that's kind of pointless.

I have an Officejet Pro 8500 and I experience the same situation.

Kind of disgusting that my girlfriends iPhone4 is able to print and my new 1020 can't.

Oh well, the one good thing is this printer (D110) supports eMail direct printing - so anything I want to print off the phone I can just eMail directly to the printer.  The app would have been faster had it supported my printer though.


Yep, same here "Printing to this device is not supported....". HP b110a printer, works fine with the Android version of this App that's been available for several years?? It scans just fine so I'm sure what the issue is exactly...

Same here, 2 HPs: M1536 and CN1525, neither supported!!
Anyone found a printer that's actually supported?

Same thing with my OfficeJet 6500... Hopefully they will issue an update soon which will improve the capabilities.

Damn. I don't have an HP printer and I have had this issue at times. Any way to print from a Canon wi-fi all-in-one printer?

The app works only on the same network. But you can sign up through hp to have an email address set up and you can email documents or emails to your printer and it will print them. You can change the settings through the website so that only email addresses you have on a list can do this.

+1 I use the email print function on my HP all the time. I can print to it anything I can attach in an email from anywhere in the world with a data connection. If this stop works like the w8 app, it would be cool to use the scan to function. Better than the ol' "take a picture of a document or picture to copy it"

wait, what?
what about people who say "Windows Phone sucks because it can't be used for printing"??? :)

Darn, I just dropped one off over the weekend to my local charity shop (client said it was dead - whose batch of pc's I am repairing - but it wasn't -  it needed new ink, head cleaned several times and re-aligned).

Love the app on Windows 8. Useful to every degree. Can't wait to get home and try this out, as I found out pictures taken with my Nokia Lumia 1520 printed on our HP photo printer came out incredible, as if taken with a Nikon digital camera. Along with the HP InstaInk service, it's perfect. HP has definitely stepped it up in the printing area.

Wow, nice app, hp! Print saved files, control the printer scan function, and capture docs, plus ink levels! That's enough for me! Thanks!

I've been using printhand to print from my 521 and 925 and it works great. Surface 2 will print to anything without an app. I'll try this one out and see how it works with my ho all in one.

Please Okidata, publish an app for my dot-matrix clunker! Brother and hp have done it before you again!

HP printer Check!

Brother printer Check!


Waiting for Samsung printer app, which probably will not happen, since they are deep into Android.

Looks like I got shafted. HP Photosmart 7510 series is detected and connects just fine, but my only available options are scan and capture. The printing options are greyed out and when tapped say: Printing to this device is not supported in this app.

Neither I have AiO printers, but I have others that are multifunctional and other laser printers, all printers on the network I can see it in the app but only in the MFP allows me to send to print, but when I send to print any document in the multifunctional printer, this printer shows on screen "Cancelling ..." and noone pressed the cancel button .... :/

No go with HP Officejet Pro 8100 either...app sees it, ink levels, green check....only 'Scan and Capture' available.

"Printing to this device is not supported in this app"



If only Samsung could port their old wp7 version for all handsets. I do have an old Ethernet officejet but dont use it anymore

I have a HP C4500 series wireless printer. It see the printer on my network but that's about it , it won't allow me to print, option greyed out

How come all these mobile printing apps only allow photo and pdf printing.  Why cant they allow Office document, email, OneNote printing as well.

Bummer. I have a HP officejet 4500 G510g-m. The app finds the printer but all functions are disabled (greyed out). It says not supported when chosen. Only Document capture is available....

Can someone suggest me a good HP Inkjet Printer without fax with wireless printing that works with this app?

I have an older AIO without wireless networking so that wont help me.  But I am thinking of getting the HP 8600 inkjet aio  but it already is eprint ready to an email address so I reaally dont need the app I think.  I cvan eprint to an epson small in one at home as well.

i have hp laserjet p1102w on my network. I am using windows 8.1 and i have lumia 920 with wp8.1 preview.

before i have printhand program. My Pc connects to printer correctly. I have windows 8 metro app called HP Aio Printer remote and it shows my printer. I installed the Wp app and it can't detect my printer. There is no problem with my network. If there is a problem Printhand can't find my printer too. But Printerhand can find my printer correctly. What do you think? 


got an envy d410, lets me scan from the printer, but the print doc and print photo buttons are greyed out, saying not supported for my device WTF?

I have HP AiO printer connected to my desktop and the printer is "shared", but the app in my L920 cannot find the printer. Anything wrong?

It sees my HP Printer and it prints. Just wish there was an option to change the print sizes such as 5/7 for pics. Maybe in a future update.

I have an HP 8600, which I've had great success with. People have mentioned the HP email service, which allows you to set up an email address on HPePrint.com domain. You can forward emails that contain attachments to this email address and the email and each attachment will be printed on your printer. Pretty cool way to print remotely to your printer, whether you're at work or on your phone or tablet, as long as you can get your document into an email.

I tried out the new HP AiO Remote app, and here's what you can do:


  • See the status of the printer and check ink levels


  • Print a photo from your phone - there are some basic options for selecting Paper Size, Paper Type and Paper source.


  • Print a document. When I first tapped this option, there was no way to browse for documents, so I was staring at an empty list. This didn't make sense until I tried some of the other options (see below), Basically, right now, it looks like you can only print "documents" that you have captured using this app, either by scanning from the printer or taking a picture using the Document Capture function in the app. Hopefully the plan is to expand to the document types that can be printed and hopefully we'll be able to print any document on the phone.


  • Scan - this is a remote control for scanning a document that you have placed on the scanner. There are only 2 options: "photo scan" and "document scan" - no other options. Why would anyone want this kind of remote control feature? It became clear that this was one way to get documents in my Documents list within the app, which I could then print as needed. That's about it. The 8600 already can scan and send to your email, so this isn't a killer feature, except that the management of the scanned documents becomes easier if you plan on holding onto your scans and building out a library. BUT, you can't specify a name for the scanned file, so until you can rename the documents in your Documents list, building out a library really isn't possible in any meaningful way.


  • Document capture - this is the other way to get a document into the Documents list in the app, to allow for printing in the future, by taking a photo with your phone's camera.


It's a decent start for a v1 app. The best part right now is being able to directly print photos from the camera, but I never do that and it sounds like there might be other apps that can do this. Until you can print other documents that are on the phone (but outside of the HP app) or print from other apps (Acrobat, OneNote, Office apps, IE, etc), this isn’t a killer app. And the ability to rename scanned Documents is something they need to add in. But, still cool to see HP giving WP some love!


I also have the 8600 and tried out this app. For giggles, i took a photo of a receipt, and i was able to use the built-in editing tool to align the crooked picture. i was given the option to save as PDF or to OneDrive. I saved as PDF and the only way i was able to find the document was to use the load document function in this app. i tried using Files to search through the phone and SD card, but to no avail. also found out that there's no real document management with this app- cannot view, delete, or move to a different location (i.e.. OneDrive), only print.

Anyhow, i went to print, and as my printer awoke from hibernation, i canceled the print to see if it would crash the app or printer. nope- it canceled the print job with no problems.

The ePrint service mentioned only supported Office documents from what i remembered, but it required you being able to send email attachments, which was never easy (impossible in WP8?). you also didn't have options to control how the printer printed that document.


BTW, the spell check on this forum SUCKS!

I was wondering where those PDF went to. This app has... potential. Imagine if it implemented the "share to" contract and if it had access to the SD card.

Is there any option to print using mobile internet sharing or Bluetooth? The idea is some time we need to get the print out urgently while we are outdoor ?

Is there any option to print using mobile internet sharing or Bluetooth? The idea is some time we need to get the print out urgently while we are outdoor ?

Perhaps a little too hopeful but my OfficeJet Pro 8600 doesn't support printing from the app apparently. A bit of a letdown... Now I'm wondering if I should buy a new printer... Stupid HP.

My HP All-In-One is not supported ;-((

By the way, a few months ago, Brother also published their iPrint&Scan app both for WP7 and WP8. Has anybody with a Brother printer made use of this app and how was it?

I have a HP Deskjet 4400 All-in-One. It's 4 years old. It is not supported and doesn't work. So, not every printer will work. Also, I think you must be using Windows 8. Windows 7 will not work.


Thanks for the printer compatible list. My hp Ps 1100b is not on the list and only scan works (weird) as already posted above. Disappointed but not that surprised.

My Hp all-in-one printer doesn't have that wifi feature. I don't know that it will become a necessity some day, LOL!

It works with more than all in one printers... just installed and it found my LaserJet 200 Color M251nw. 

Sucks that my printer is incompatible with this app but it scans documents flawlessly. Wish HP could explain WHY the apps does not support all the printer.

I like the app a lot tho. Would be nice to have the option of buying ink from the same app.

I've been using this for a while on my Surface RT. It makes life a lot easier. No more cords or cables to fuss with. Glad it's on my phone now too. :)

Awe, no love for those of us with wireless laser printers.  Maybe a future update or a hack will fix this?  No way I am going back to an inkjet, too expensive, and horrible quality.

I have an Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless 909g and I experience the same situation where I can't print except Document Capture.

Ugh, uninstalling this app.

I have HP Photosmart C6280 All in One printer, and a lumia 1020, this app does not find my printer ! is it the printer or the phone ? or the app ? all laptops find the printer !