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HTC HD3 (AKA HD7) Rumored for October Launch

You had to know it was only a matter of time. Engadget is reporting that the HTC HD3, successor to the HD2 (and previously the HD), will be launching on October 18th. The rumor stems from leaked internal documentation reportedly from UK carrier O2. If the document is to believed, the device will be named the HD7, possibly to correspond with the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Our guess is that this device would carry the torch as one of the flagship devices for the platform, much the same way as the HD2 has been. We’d love to hear some of your thoughts in the comments.



Reader comments

HTC HD3 (AKA HD7) Rumored for October Launch


I am sure this will be a great phone. But seeing as it is destined for O2, I am guessing this will be GSM only.

Odd that we have only seen GSM phones so far and nothing at all for CDMA. I am on Sprint and really would like to replace my Blackberry Tour with a WP7 device. Hoping they make a CDMA version!

Awesome news!

So with ATT hooked to the iPhone crack, I suspect this will be going to T-Mobile in the USA.

it would be nice if they started making it gsm with dual radios for both tmo and att moto was supposed to be coming out with such a radio in a report about 6 months ago. Hopefully thats still a go sometime soon.

This is a great bit of news, even if it is highly speculative. It seems that AT&T being the primary launch partner in the US should mean that the HD3 is coming to the network (I hope). Plus since they will no longer have the iPhone exclusive they should be looking at expanding their portfolio fast.

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