HTC offers some official One (M8) for Windows tutorial videos

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The HTC One (M8) for Windows smartphone is certainly one of the biggest device launches for Windows Phone 8.1 in quite a while. HTC wants potential customers to learn more about their new product with a newly released series of videos.

One of the clips shows how users can take pictures with the device's Duo Camera and then create cool effects with the HTC One (M8) for Windows photo software. There are options to change the focus of a photo with UFocus, or users might try to add artistic effects to the background of an image via Foregrounder. Finally. there's the Dimension Plus option to create the illusion of 3D in a regular 2D image.

The second clip shows how to use the phone's Video Highlights app, which allows owners to create a custom video using photos and movies stored in the phone with the addition of themes and a soundtrack.

The final tutorial clip shows how to use the BlinkFeed app, which gives uses an online news aggregation feature that can be customized and also allows for news stories to be downloaded and read later offline. What do you think of these custom features that are a part of HTC One (M8) for Windows?

Source: HTC Tutorials on YouTube


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HTC offers some official One (M8) for Windows tutorial videos


I thought the Lumia xxxx names were bad until this device was released. If I had this phone and someone asked me what the name was, I don't know how I would handle it. Nothing attractive about the name whatsoever.

Same here.  What really gets me are those that say how confused people will be. Makes you wonder why they think their friends can't learn or can tell the difference.

I see what you're saying but no carrier has ever prevented me or anyone I know from getting the device they ask for.

Well the number sequence is annoying. Average people would think higher the number always means higher end, but that's not the case. The 820 is a lower number than the 900, but it's better. And the 1520 may have a larger number than the 930, but they are both flagship Lumias.

Well people complaining about 'names' is annoying! I mean as long as I have the very best tech and specs, with the best design, and for the best price, for all I care they could name it: "WXPV2.30.495856"! Even people's own names maybe kind of ugly, yet I try not to complain about them, maybe cultural, maybe fashionable, whatever... But complaining about devices 'Names'? Come on, do you see anyone complaining about silly "i"Names? I mean "I" make phone calls, there for "I-Phone", duh! But worse is the fact that really "I-Phone-no-more", you know, there's about 10 main functions that I use in a Smarphone, calls or "Phoning" is the least one! Therefor I phone no more, right?

I guess the "i" in front of Apple Devices names aren't for making a silly joke like "I phone". It means they are personal and private devices. There is no joke in "I pad", "I pod" or "I mac".

The iPhone is still a private and personal device, so there is no problem with its naming and no need to call it iPhoneNoMore. And THAT is a silly joke.

So your theory is not that accurate.

You mean 'EGO', right? With that "i" in front of Apple Devices it's no less than silly! But guess what, Apple copied the idea as everything they have done always! "iPhone ®" belonged to Linksys. iOS was the name from CISCO for their Internet OS (IOS). Even the main name "Apple" was registered by The Beatlles. So don't tell me it's because they are personal and private either, becuase a Nokia, a Samsung, etc. all would fall in the same clasification of yours; yes all are personal and private devices, so let's call them: iOne (HTC), iGalaxy (Samsung), iZ (Sony), iBB (Blackberry) iicon (Nokia)... iPad, iPod, iTunes, iMac, iOS, and iPhone are silly names no matter what fashionable marketing crap says!

I am not saying they are great. I am not saying they are original.

I am saying your comment was wrong. And it was. The meaning on the name isn't what you were saying it is. It is something else. You may like it, you may not like it. But it is the way it is.

Stop being childish.

The 'name' is the least important thing on a technological edge device! How is my comment worng? Please explain it to me?

"But complaining about devices 'Names'? Come on, do you see anyone complaining about silly "i"Names? I mean "I" make phone calls, there for "I-Phone", duh! "


I was telling you it doesn't stand for what you said it does. Period.

"Period"? Hahaha! Now that's professional! Maybe it does not stand in "your" point of view! Thanks anyway! Period!

The number is in XY0 format.


The higher Y is, means the phone is newer. Like in 900, then 910, then 920, then 930.

The higher the X, the phone is "more expensive" or closest to a flagship. Like 630 is the low end, 930 is the high end.


How difficult is this?

This is not completely true. The 1320 doesn't fit your theory, it's a 13 series phone, but it's not as expensive as some lower series phones. For example, the 1020 is more expensive than the 1320.

Yeah, the 1320 doesn't fit it. Haven't tought of that.

But okay, EXCEPT the 1320, everything else fits it.

It is still not hard to figure it out.

I think the XY0 works fine until we reach the model with four numbers. They're all special in a way and don't really fit the normal scheme. Even the 1020 is a breed on its own in some sense.

It's not confusing at all.  Just tell them it is like the BMW numbering system - you have 5,6,7,8,9,10 series for normal phones, and there's the 13 and 15 are Phabelts.  Each is special in different ways - like a 3 series is a compact sedan, 5 is a medium saloon etc.  The X of BMW are the SUVs whereas the 13 and 15 are phablets.  Perfectly logical.

I find American's fascination in giving everything a different name is the more confusing system as they tend to come up with names which has absolutely no relation to other.  To me the Lumia Icon means absolutely nothing nor where it places in the scheme of the phone rankings, whereas 930 makes perfect sense.

So what can you tell about the phone by the name lumia icon.. nothing. if you like fancy names stick with htc and samsung android phones

The name doesn't bother me so much as how often HTC is using it (over way too many variants). It's like cloning a one trick pony until it becomes your whole circus.

Nice phone and all but with HTC's bad support and lack of OS upgrade, NO THANK YOU. Will rather go for Lumia 520 with device and OS support.

Lol, I'm getting this. I've been waiting for a Lumia with all of these specs, including size & body materials. The camera is adequate. I'll still have the 1020. I only use phones for about a year like my 1020 anyway. I'll miss the Lumia support, but I'll be back once a new high-end Lumia, that doesn't make me feel like I'm settling for, is developed.

I begin to think the same way about my L1020.  I'll keep it for a long time as the my backup CAMERA phone which I will take it on trips or for photo demanding tasks.  It shouldn't stop me upgrading to the newest phones like HTC One or Lumia 930 as the primary phone.  The camera capability on either phone is good enough for the common day usage.  The HTC One specs actually beat Lumia 930 on most areas except the rear camera.  It has more powerful processor, microSD, speaker and 5MP front camera.  I'm on AT&T.  So the HTC One suddendly becomes a welcome choice for a 5" phone due to the absence of L930 and McLaren. 

The support was dropped due to low level hardware...sure you might say that 520,620 etc have same but lets face it,a S801 processor and 2 GB ram doesn't sound of low support to me. When it hits international,insta buy for me!
Plus HTC only abandoned 8s support not 8x if I am not wrong..!

I set up blinkfeed on my M7, and though most people write it off as a gimick, it does populate with news that I actually care about. On my android, it shows feed events from my facebook, twitter, and a few technology blogs. It also supports(at least on android with the newer updates) custom RSS feeds.

It's like feedly "light" - for those that don't want to manage a "read count".


It all sounds great and I really want the phone but can we have these apps for the 8X and our 8.1 update already? When GDR3 for 8.0 was released you were the first to provide the update, now it's the opposite.

And that's the reason why a lot of Lumia users are hesitant about getting the HTC One. They feel like eventually they will lose support from HTC especially if not many people jump on board.

It would be very cool if HTC releases these apps for their other win phone 8 devices like the 8x and 8s !

Ufocus from htc looks very similar to Nokia refocus lame, I like more Nokia for the really cool ideas of refocus and cinemagraph

It may seem lame, but isn't that the point? Have similar functions on their device that are popular on others?

Neither is sitting back & watching WP market share drop. I get it you love Nokia and so do I but Nokia at this point isn't the savior.

HTC One M8 might be what WP needs. It already has Windows Phone 8.1.1

Man, I hate HTC but these videos are impressive. Blinkfeed is obviously a rip from WP, but since the Hubs are gone it's the only hub you can get on WP now. Ufocus beats the crap out of Nokia's reframe. I haven't used that app in months. Highlights also looks more polished than Storyteller as well. These videos have definitely opened my eyes to HTC. People were bemoaning losing Nokia apps if they switched. However these videos show HTC'S app are better.

I have a 1020 but I think I will try this HTC one phone out for a year. Lumia line is getting stagnant and this will help breath some fire in them.

"Blinkfeed is obviously a rip from WP.." 

A lot of people here really have to step out of their WP sandbox and try, or at least read about, other things.

@jbestman.Have stepped out. My coworker has an M8. I checked out blinkfeed. Not to mention, that is how it was described on non Windows sites and forums as well.

@Matthew Beckert. I agree with you and jbestman. It is nicely done, The animations and all the aggregate information puts you in a hub mindset. Seeing it run in the Windows OS is eye opening. For years we kept hearing this or that weren't possible on WP because of lack of APIs. Now to see marque M8 features on WP is encouraging.

My First WP was HTC HD7. I loved it because of the kickstand and new OS. Liked the vibrating option when call gets received if it's not on the ear. But missed that feature after coming to Lumia. But now I am quite adapted to Nokia Lumia Phones because of wireless charging, Here Maps, Nokia camera, Super sensitive touch and not to mention big screen of L1520. Guess will stick with Lumia as support will directly come from Microsoft both hardware and software end. HTC needs to come up at least with wireless charging.

God dammit has anybody else noticed that since they have their special camera app known as HTC camera,how fast is it in opening. Sure also the pic taking is waaaaay faster. And if somebody is going to say that it takes 4MP that's why its fast,the 5MP on 1520,930 is heck slow! (Both app and capturing speed)

I can't understand why the Nokia Camera app takes so long to open on my phone. I always get the "resuming... .... ...." screen for about 4 seconds. Damn it

Hahah tell me about it. I have a 1020 and I thought it was due to low hardware but seeing it in 930 and 1520,NOPE. THE APP SUCKS! I am seriously buying this once it lands in my country!

Yeah, I mean, wasn't that the point of the camera button, taking instant shots? I mean, everytime I need to take a picture of something that moves, I lose faith

The main reason why Lumia phones take king to save is because it takes 2 pictures. The over sampled and a full resolution.

Why the hell its called "for windows"? It should be for "windows PHONE". inb4 army of confused customers who want to install .exes on their phone.

Because 'Windows Phone" belongs under the "Windows" family?  And also possibly might change with the Threshold update when the OS becomes one?

They are so cool, the only downside is the resolution of the camera. Still, I'll stay with my much cheaper Lumia 1520 with 20 MP hahaha is still the best for me, but in terms of size maybe the One or the Lumia 930

What I actually envy about this phone is how fast it takes photos. But at the same time the megapixel count is disappointing. Ok so don't get me started with megapixel doesn't count, but it does especially cropping photos which I do all the time.

To each his own. I have an M7 and I don't crop and love the photos, but I experimented with cropping just to see, and yeah it's pretty bad.

It's a shame because most of my uncropped photos look wonderful.

Apples and oranges. People have different needs. If you are into taking set piece shots, the Lumia is perfect. When you have kids and are more into capturing a moment, a fast shutter is a must. 

I use my Lumia for when people are posing for shots or for landscape shots. When I am dealing with moments, like a baby making a funny face, I use my iPhone. 

Different folks. Different needs. And, yes, when I capture that moment, that look. I DO NOT CARE WHAT THE MEGAPIXEL COUNT IS. 

I like the HTC camera app, Nokia refocus is not that good. That background features make me salivate. Even if it looks like mounted, I want that!!!

The M7 has a very tiny notification LED designed not to be a nuisance, hidden behind one of the speaker grill holes. I love it because it doesn't glare at night when I go to bed, but I admit it isn't as noticeable during the day. I can't verify, but I would bet the M8 is similar.

Thanks. Someone just confirmed in another thread that the notification LED on this phone works for charging activity only and not notifications.

Lmao the hate for this phone. Nokiaism is a horrible disease.

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I like Nokia but this is a great phone for Wp ecosystem. M8 has very cool features. We should all embrace it rather than bash it. At the end of the day growing WP market share is what is important. Hope this phone sells like hotcakes

HTC does something with this phone that Nokia botches. They put all the camera features in one app. Nokia has so many different photography and video apps that it is annoying to power users and intimidating to new users.

HTC M8 = Ugly Design + Stupid Duo low pixel camera + waist battery life Dot view case

BTW, support more devices coming to windows phone family.

What is wrong with you? htc are the only OEM to release a WP with up to date specs in 2014. They even ported over features from the android version. We should be grateful we even have this device in the first place. Wow!

If HTC really want to make the uniqe windows phone they should't just put the same spec, same design to it. If you give M8 for Android and M8 for Windows to some of the Android Guy what would they choose? We are the WP lovers of course we will choose M8 for Windows. But it was't eyecatching for the Android or IPhone users. So they wont choose the WP version.