HTC One (M8) for Windows

HTC One (M8) for Windows is coming to AT&T, too

While we're all still basking in the glory that is the HTC One (M8) for Windows, AT&T has just announced that it, too, will be carrying the phone at some point. Though initial word with the announcement of the phone was that Verizon has tied up an exclusive, it seems as though there's a time limitation to it.

AT&T has announced that it will carry the phone with no further details, but official confirmation that it's coming to the other big U.S. carrier will be a relief to many. As an added bonus it seems AT&T isn't using a gigantic logo on the back like Verizon is, instead putting a small and simple globe logo at the bottom of the back.

AT&T isn't providing any pricing or date information (likely a part of the deal) for the release of the One (M8) for Windows, but it does have a simple sign-up page where you can drop your email address to get notified of future information.

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HTC One (M8) for Windows is coming to AT&T, too



That's exactly what I'm thinking, T-Mobile only sells the 521 and the 635 now. They have no even mid range WP much less a higher end device. T-Mobile definately needs to start carrying some more Windows Phones!

I have the N8, excellent camera but the sub 1Ghz single core processor and Belle Refresh software hinders the performance....

Sadly, T-Mobile discontinued carrying the 925. I believe it's still possible to buy it from online sources like Newegg pretty cheap, though. I got it for $250 back in February. Love that phone!

They removed it to make room for the Lumia 635 (I guess they don't want more than two WP devices display in stores). I'm just hoping the 521 is replaced with a better device and not the 530 (like the rumored 830, which would come with a PureView 20MP camera) 

This is interesting since ATT is replacing the 520 with the 635. It would seem to me that TMO would then replace the 521 with the 635...not the 925.

The 635 is the 521 replacement I read.  The 925 is no longer sold on their website but can be found just about everywhere and that 925 also has an AT&T variant as well.  I can find no mention anywhere of T-Mobile picking up the M8 for Windows.  We can only hope the hardware under the hood of the AT&T variant is compatible with T-Mobile.  I was sitting on the Lumia 1525 which no one has heard a peep out of it since an announcement went out July 7th, but we have a M7 in the house and the display is a thing of beauty and this thing is as gorgeous a device as I've seen in one good long time and the size is perfect; not too little, not too big, but T-Mobile and all the strides they've made in getting LTE up & running continues to disappoint me with one fundamental flaw; no coverage in places both Verizon Wireless and AT&T have HSPA+ and/or LTE; not EDGE, no towers!  I'm sick of EDGE the moment I leave a city.  

Paul Thurrott says it is getting replaced with the 530, they CAN have three though, so that doesn't mean they won't get the 830.

Metal is correct in February it was 250$ on new egg as I purchased one also with promo code. Then few months later 925 was off t-mobile site. T mobile needs a new flagship phone, and or phones.

While the 925 is a really nice phone, it is over a year old. My wife just picked up a 925. It's a really nice phone. She needed to because the smashed the screen on he HTC 8X. T-Mobile needs to get a mid - high end phone made in this year.

I'm gonna say what someone who works at Microsoft told me. Microsoft has given her a Lumia 920 on release day a surface rt, and a surface pro 2. I asked if she knew something about that 3d phone Nokia and Microsoft were making and she told me that there changing the CPU and its something to do with Kinect but wasn't sure but that it is coming.

For some reason T-Mobile no longer sells the 925, that being said that device is showing its age and some nicer Windows Phone 8 devices are out now.

Sorry, but it's really dumb to leave a good carrier with good service and great prices just for a specific phone. I too am frustrated by the lack of Windows Phone options on T-Mobile, but I'd leave them for AT&T just because they have a billion Windows Phones when hell freezes over.

Easier to change carriers than change platforms. It's kinda dumb not to get the phone you really want out of some blind unreciprocated loyalty to a stupid carrier.

Agree. There's a lot of hate for att for things that may have been true before, but may not be still valid today. And if you like windows phones, they have a better stable than most anyone else in the USA.

It's nice and warm here and they do have a lot of Windows Phones...

I'm betting my glossy red 920 gets Cyan and OTA 8.1 this Thursday.

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First it's more than just the phones.. Second T-Mobile coverage is not that good in the area I'm in; it's ok but you are giving them to much credit. Third AT&T coverage is far better. Fourth that comment is stupid really, sorry but it's the truth. Fifth I get a discount because I have AT&T U-VERSE, Home Phone Internet, & AT&T Home Security. Sixth I also get a far better discount from my job that I do with T-Mobile, so what have we learned here today? Don't comment unless you know the whole story. Thanks!

T-Mobile's hipster douche of a CEO is hell bent on stealing Iphone users from AT&T and Sprint, so he couldn't care less about Windows Phone. 

I agree; I have AT&T DSL and if I had more than a zero bar; I'd have AT&T at the house.  What I don't have is a smart phone with a LTE radio in it so for the moment I don't know if their LTE bands will reach me without setting up a repeater/amplifier which I'm beginning to lean on as an option.  T-Mobile is terrific IF...IF you live in an area you have their HSPA+/LTE but if you don't EDGE simply doesn't cut it anymore and where my kids live they have Verizon Wireless 4G and AT&T HSPA+ and guess what, no T-Mobile whatsoever unless you have their top secret Wi-Fi calling on your phone and you don't mind being chained to your yard for service.  Not a peep about the Lumia 1525 since July 7th either.

ATT has a larger network. SO, there are other reasons to switch. Since ATT lowered the family plan pricing, Tmobile hasn't really been appealing to me. Especially, since ATT still subsidizes phones.

Sort of true but T-Mobile has demonstrated a consisent lack of intrest in anything even moderately high end with the Windows platform and even a quick 5 minute check tells you Verizon and AT&T have network coverage and performance that is miles better... T-Mobile has great prices and thats about it... If the coverage and performance meets your needs and the lack of high end WP hardware is ok than by all means save the money but a combination of exellent network performance (I keep WiFi off because ATTs LTE network is honestly better and I am grandfathered), excellent coverage (my wife and I spend a lot of time dirt biking and otherwise adventuring in rural areas where only verizon can even come CLOSE to competing with ATT) and great hardware makes it worth paying ATTs, admittedly high, prices.

I have SUPER HIGH hopes Tmo is in line for the superior 830 of the bunch. That will replace my 925. It better be the variant with the 20 megapixel cam :|

▶ I talked to the T-Mobile manager here in Lafayette, LA about the HTC One this morning and they are getting it in about two months, but arent supposed to talk about it for another two weeks he said.
I tipped WPC earlier on this, but I suppose since its not in a press release or verifiable leak they aren't planning on announcing it formally.

Unfortunately I would not trust a retail employee knowing that type of thing. Maybe I am wrong, but in my experience he was probably BSing you.

▶ He's always given me solid info. Plus I told him before I left that it would make our break me being a customer in the future. But now that att is getting it, I don't really need to switch

I told you neutron heads it was❗❗
I wonder if a Windows version of the "M9" will launch the same day as the Android version of HTC's next flagship device?

I think it will depend on how the HTC One M8 for Windows sells. If it does very well, I believe there is a distinct possibility that will happen, or perhaps a few weeks later than the Android version.

One can only hope HTC is setting the stage for the rest of the flagship phones.

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Same here. It took far too long for Microsoft just to come to specs somewhat in line with Android. Microsoft don't see the need to support specs like Android but the OEM would like to build with comparable specs. HTC now can dual launch two OS products with the same design specs hardware wise which can only help their sales.

Lol I'm in there with you bro but our best bet is unlocked or whatever Microsoft announces next month. I hate it that we have to be behind in the high end selection like this. But the other things make up for it. I'm over my 3gb high speed data and the free music streaming services are not affected by it at all. Plus my unlocked 1020 runs without a hitch.

When I left T-Mobile for AT&T because I wanted the 1020, Tmo said I could always bring my 1020 to them to use on their network. I don't know how true that is.

That's what's nice about the AT&T devices, you can use them on T-Mobile's 1900 band; but you can't use a T-Mobile device on AT&T's 1900; it's EDGE all the way. That might be our only hope with the M8 for Windows.  T-Mobile's refarmed 1900 might not be LTE but it's breaking 10 to 12 megs down and that's as fast as any DSL or U-Verse line I'm aware of.

Of course it's true. You'd have to get the 1020 unlocked first, though. I've got an HTC One M7 that's an unlocked AT&T version (purchased from eBay) that works perfectly on T-Mobile. Gets great LTE speeds and everything.

No need. If it works on AT&T it will work on T-Mobile. Buy it straight out and you're done. Also let's not forget the 830 is around the corner too.

I'm waiting for official specs on the 830. Rumors of a 20MP PureView camera and same screen size as the 92x make it very interesting (and if they keep the replaceable battery and micro SD card it's even better)

I agree. The only thing that makes me want the HTC more is the IR blaster. Believe it or not, I use it all the time. Not just at home. I'm always messing with my friends and changing channels on their tvs. Lol its the little pleasures in life that make it worth living :)

Since Verizon is the time limited exclusive here, T-Mobile would probably be able to get it at the same time or at least Microsoft can sell unlocked versions in their stores (and with the new unlocking law, maybe the AT&T version could be easily unlocked too). It would be better on T-Mobile's payments plan

So far Noone has given me a better deal that T-Mobile. I have a business line with them and I'm getting unlimited everything plus NO THROTTLEING on LTE. It's fantastic. And yes... I go over 15 gb every month!

At least T-Mobile has some Windows Phones and Nokias at that. Here's to hoping that Sprint will get it. I'm assuming that it will come to Sprint because it seems that Sprint only carry non Nokia Windows Phone. 

Ditto. When I got my first WP7, I went with Sprint because they had the phone I wanted. However, as soon as my contract was up, I was glad to be rid of them. Verizon XLTE is amazing.

My Android device a few years back was on Sprint. I had no complaints at the time. Service was good, price was good (I had a 25% UPS employee discount, I never worked for UPS, rep decided on a new career path for me).

The biggest problem with Sprint is their wireless tech. If they were a GSM carrier I wouldn't care which devices they carried, I'll just buy what I want unlocked, same way I do with T-Mobile.

Maybe the new CEO will change things (Legere was going to take over a merged T-Mobile/Sprint and Hesse was going home, I guess that last part stayed in place even after Softbank decided to terminate that deal)

My Sprint service is amazing with fully unlimited 4G LTE Spark. Love my HTC 8XT and I assume Sprint will get the W8 after exclusivity ends. They love HTC.

You haven't even seen it yet and I can guarantee you it probably won't even be available for another month or two after they announce it. I love Nokia too but HTC has done what's never been done in the WP community before. Announce and launch. I hope this catches on.

Most Nokia's device announcements don't include too much carrier specific info, which is why availability and actual pricing aren't usually mentioned (they give some price that's never the actual price once it gets released).

HTC's move is good, but I think the best would be to announce a week before release. When HTC released the original HTC Evo on Sprint they had lines outside Sprint stores (at least in NYC). People discussing the new device for a week or so creates anticipation that leads to more demand o day 1. 

This is pretty much what Apple does. They make the announcement on a Tuesday with pre-order up on that Friday and release to stores on the next Friday. There's no logistic reason behind that, they could do next day in stores if they wanted, it's just to create some buzz around the new phone.

I probably won't consider the phone if it is past the end of the year unless it comes with a decent discount (which I doubt).

It will have to maintain price parity with Android version. Unless, it's flying off the shelves which I don't see happening.

I bet this has nothing to do with Microsoft and everything to do with carriers. I wouldn't be surprised if carriers demand exclusivity. I wouldn't be surprised if HTC had to pay Verizon extra money to allow a contract with ATT. Carriers are running the show right now. Not consumers, not manufacturers.

Not really, the One is an international best seller. US carriers have no leverage with that. Sell it or get left out.

It's Windows Phone that is the problem (the OS), not the hardware here. The One is a bestseller with Android, it could bomb with WP.

I don't think it will though... I'm hoping the premium hardware will pique people's interests and get some new users onboard.

If great hardware that does well with Android bombs when it's sold with WP other Android OEMs who are preparing to release their WP variants of existing Android hardware might be scared off. 

This might sway Android users though, it is a good jumping off point for them versus a full-dive Lumia experience with alien hardware.

What do you mean alien hardware? It's a block of metal. The thing that defines a person's attraction to the phone is how they perceive it's usability, which is derived from the layout of the OS. The actual usability is identical between the HTC and Icon because it is basically the same hardware with the same exact OS making the hardware a superficial factor in all of this. There only way this will help someone decide is if they are already coming from an M8. If they are coming from any other Android device, it will exclusively be their perception of the OS that makes or breaks their acceptance of WP. And I bet the M8 isn't the most popular phone being it is a high end phone.

For exclusives, you have it backwards.

HTC doesn't pay Verizon, Verizon picks up the costs of advertising and in-store promotion (gives it a nice stand, front of the store), runs national ads on TV, etc. So for HTC, they save money by doing exclusives, since the carrier gets a special phone and HTC gets a "partner" to sell it.

Without an exclusives, Verizon would just stock it, but no other special treatment, especially if AT&T got it too. Now, if WIndows Phone gets big/must have, then that would change.

So far, the carrier exclusivity has only hurted the WP sales rather than help.  MS should do the ads and promotions.  They should make all Lumia phones available on all carriers.  You just can't rely on carriers to promote any WP phones.  Half of our local AT&T stores don't even bother to stock Lumia phones for demo.  I have never seen any AT&T reps to promote WPs.  I don't see any AT&T ads to promote WP either.  I just don't see anybody promoting WP phones except MS stores and occasional MS ads.  So the carrier exclusive deals can only hurt as the market share number indicates.  Lumia 930 is wonderful, but so what?  It is only available on Verizon as Icon.  Verizon has only 13.7% WP market share in US.  It is tough luck for the rest of WP users.  If MS don't drop carrier exclusivity soon, the WP phones will have even harder time ahead. 

We get it but the windows phone central editors don't get it or they are too scared to bitch about carrier exclusive and worried they will be black listed. So many silly articles why not write an article about these useless exclusives and how they suck.

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I'm not sure about the rest of your comment, but I can back up your claim about AT&T reps not promoting WP. I went with my girlfriend when she went to get her new iPhone (Yes, I was disappointed in her as well.), and while she and the rep were closing the sale, I was looking at the Lumia 925 on display (As I was considering upgrading from my 920). The rep noticed me and actually said "Oh, don't go Windows!" I just kinda looked at him funny and pulled my 920 out of my pocket. He quickly backtracked and was like "Oh, well if you already have it, it's okay. Just don't go from iPhone or Android to Windows."

And, this is why WP can't get any traction in market share...

And with the head of the FCC being the ex head of the lobbyist group for the carriers, I don't see any of that changing anyone soon. I will have a little more faith if they actually read the comments they solicited from the public concerning net neutrality and actually listen to them. Then, maybe, there will be hope.

The unlocking law that was just passed is a good first step. Most high end devices on Verizon include GSM for travel. That's 3/4 of the big US carriers selling GSM phones that you should be able to unlock.

That makes exclusives less valuable to carriers and can force them to find other ways to entice customers. T-Mobile is already finding other ways to do that. When that happens, exclusive devices could be a thing of the past

That's because it was HTC's show to begin with... but I agree, MS/Nokia really needs some new high-end hardware to show off.

Though perhaps Microsoft is hoping that other OEMs will produce high-end or comparable hardware so that they don't have to necessarily.

That's a bit over the top though. It can be argued they bought Nokia to pursue the Low End market. Which many sources agree that is the case. At least this year anyway.

I think they need to come out with one big hit and let the domino effect take its course, not do things on random urges.

They have the icon/930. They are comparable phones. Why does Nokia need something right this moment? Besides, there is supposed to be a new phone this fall. Calm your tits people. If every new phone that is barely better than the last one had to be usurped immediately, we would have way too much shit. It's wasteful and financially unsustainable to have a new phone coming out every 2 months.

Lol, cool your tits. What you said is true, but freaks like us are like race horses chomping at the bit for more....i miss the ducking swear words keyboard: Just thought I'd mention that.

"...a new phone coming out every two months."

Just like the Android phone wars. Might be a reason for HTC to produce a WP device to begin with; hedging some bets and padding the next quarterly margin.

Nokia couldn't care less. Nokia isn't in the phone business anymore, at least for the time being. If anyone has to "look out" it's Microsoft Mobile...

People don't care about what Nokia is or isn't, most people just go with the fact that they still have Nokia written on the phones so therefore its still Nokia.

Chinese knock-off trainers also have things like "Nike" written in them. It doesn't make them a Nike product. Just a knock-off. Same thing applies to any Microsoft phone disguised as a "Nokia". Simple.

But it's not a knock off. Microsoft bought the phone division. It's the same people making the phones. Nokia allows MS to use the name. Therefore, it is an official nokia phone. Besides, all the phones out right now were designed and started to be built prior to the Microsoft sale.

If it's not made by Nokia, it's not a Nokia.
Also, Nokia's acquiescence to the use of the name has already been largely abused. Nokia isn't envolved with the phones anymore. That shows not only in the poor calibrations made to the 930 as well as in the appaling new consumer support from Nokia's former channels.
People matter very little. It's corporate spirit that makes a company. And Microsoft Mobile's is horrible.

Nokia has nothing to do with this. So there's no point in saying that "Nokia must this or that". Nokia's concerns are with their remaining divisions and their present and future Android offerings.

Microsoft is the one that should be concerned with their own phones...and not try to hide under a fake name to avoid responsibility.

That's what they're doing huh? Hiding under a fake name to avoid responsibility? What other theories do you hold? Wait, never mind. Don't care.

Stop being so literal. People are going to keep calling them Nokia phones until the contract is up. Which I think is about a year until Nokia is no longer the "brand".

I am currently on ATT and I have one month left on my contracty paying like $98 for only 4GB data. I will probably jump on Verizon new deal at $60 for 3GB.

I will never go back to ATT. I've done ATT and Sprint. Will never go back to either. I left Verizon for ATT when I got my first smartphone, the iPhone. Then Sprint for my first WP7 phone. Then back to Verizon for the HTC 8x. I'm never going back. Was glad to get back to Verizon after 5 years of other carriers.

You're the first person I have seen actually say they like Verizon Wireless, seriously. All my neighbors and coworkers use them, complain and say they're the worst. I've been with AT&T since before SBC rebranded the company to AT&T. I think it was Cellular One, then Cingular and now AT&T. They've "always" taken care of me. That's why I stay. Sometimes I consider Verizon though.

Weird. Most people who have Verizon like the service (they have the best coverage after all). They certainly aren't the cheapest, though.

You people pay way too much in US. I pay around $15 for 4GB data and 600 SMS/minutes in Turkey. Granted phones are expensive here but still beats paying $100 a month.

The phone will very very very likely be launched internationally in the Fall (September/October). Unless Canada normally doesn't get HTC phones (the US doesn't get many Sony's for example), you should be fine and able to get it.

Sure by then this phone will be forgotten and you can score a great deal. Carriers will sell you the 2 year contract and laugh it off.

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Hey, just like when Palm showed off the Pre, and it was such a huge hit at the show but was a Sprint exclusive, and then a Verizon exec assured everyone soon after that yes, they too would be getting the Pre!

... And look how well that turned out. :(

Verizon's branding is always ugly and obnoxious. However, if AT&T doesn't stop crippling the wireless charging on Nokia phones I'm very likely leaving...

It's not that one is better than the other. It's that Qi is built-inn and integrated into phones, and AT&T removes the integration in favor of a PMA case. If you are going to take out Qi, put in PMA. Don't require a case!

There's also the fact that many of us already have multiple Qi chargers (which I purchased from AT&T btw) and don't want to invest in a while new standard for no reason. The whole thing is just nonsense.

Doesn't matter to me. I like 'em very much. As long as they don't corner cut what they have now on Verizon, I'll be swell. No one else offers Replaceable battery, SD Slot, IR Remote, high end Camera and specs, etc, etc on WP. They fit most of my wants, which is all that matters to me. If they had an Ativ SE vs HTC One on AT&T, there would be no contest in my decision.

The SD on the ATIV SE is an SDHC, not the standard SDXC we see on everything today. It's three or four years old, slow in reading and especially writing. The Bluetooth is gimped at 3.0 as well. They shined the parts people look for then cut corners in the fine print. They couldn't be bothered to code the notification light to work either. Be damn sure you don't put 8.1 on it until it's officially released. It's bug as hell.

First person who likes Samsung, most Samsung buyers are people who are clueless about phones and bend over back to carriers and buy anything they sell.

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"Samsung buyers are people who are clueless about phones and bend over back to carriers "

I actually haven't bought any carrier exclusive phones since 2008. I've bought them unlocked as you can see from the phone currently on my bio. Well, unless you count this 520 I currently have with ATT branding. The reason I haven't bought carrier exclusive phones was bc I was an AT&T customer and didn't want to pay those outrages fees for data usage. With Unlocked, I was kinda able to beat the system. Now that I'm on cricKet I am more interested in buying carrier branded phones because I no longer deal with those fees.

"First person who likes Samsung"

Don't know 'bout that. They are the number 1 phone manufacturer for a reason. And it's not due to me being the only one who likes them. Though I assume you are talking about WP fans. In that regard, I may as well could be, and if they keep making them, I'ma keep buying them regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. I like WP and Samsung. Would I want them to show more LOVE to the platform? You betcha! But I can't complain as for whatever reason they're showing more LOVE for WP than their own Tizen OS which will probably mever see the light of day on a phone.

I would never buy a phone emblazoned with a carrier logo. Fortunately, in the UK, that is not a problem I have to concern myself with.
I guess I just dislike the idea of paying good money for a device that then has some corporate graffiti slung on it.
It's like buying a new car, and then having the dealership etch their name on the side. Ugly.

Only on non luxury cars.  If i'm paying $50k + for a car i better not see a damn dealer badge.

My Audi has no such badge.


Tell your car dealer that every dealer logo on the car knocks $5,000.00 off the price you'll pay... After all, they should pay you if they want you driving their billboard all over.

And I'm not hating on anyone in particular... Just saying it's a phone. Not that big of a deal. Put a case on it, or don't buy it. But everyone is entitled to their opinion so sorry if I offended anyone