HTC One for Windows gets Cortana integration with DOT VIEW case and specs confirmed

On August 19, HTC and Microsoft are holding a press event in New York City, presumably to announce the HTC One for Windows, a new high-end phone for Verizon wireless in the US. Earlier this month, an official render was found on Verizon's servers, confirming the phone's existence.

The HTC One (M8) for Windows (the 'W8' designation may be dropped) is thought to be the same phone for Android but with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 on board instead. However, questions remain about the One for Windows's specifications and if they would be the same as the Android version or altered.

Windows Phone Central has acquired exact details about the features of the HTC One for Windows phone, and in short, there are no surprises, which is great news.

HTC One (M8) for Windows

  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
  • 32 GB internal storage; micro SD (up to 128 GB)
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 5-inch Full HD, Super LCD3 display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3; 441 ppi
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • HTC UltraPixel camera; 5 MP front-facing camera
  • Nano SIM
  • HTC Boomsound
  • U-Focus
  • HTC Dot View case

Additional specifications of the Android version should also be similar, including:

  • 36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm
  • Weight 160g

In porting over the designed-for-Android hardware, the HTC One (M8) for Windows looks to keep all the major selling points as it carries over to Windows Phone. Hardware parity is important if a customer is comparing the Android and Windows Phone version as any hardware differentiation could give the edge to one OS over another. Instead, consumers for the first time – at least on Verizon – can have a choice between one phone, and two differing operating systems with no stipulations.

HTC does bring a few marketing terms over to the Windows Phone version, including their 'U-Focus' ability, which is analogous to Nokia's Re-Focus app. U-Focus works in Auto mode though and truly lets the user refocus a photo after it is taken, rather than having to select the Nokia Re-Focus app and take a photo in a unique mode first. However, U-Focus only works in Auto mode, so even in on that phone there are some conditions.

'UltraPixel' references HTC usage of larger 2-micrometers pixels on the camera sensor, whereas the Nokia Lumia 920 only has 1.4-micrometer pixels. In theory, larger pixels can improve sensitivity for low-light images, although in practice HTC's One M8 produces moderate results. The downside with 'UltraPixels' is fewer pixels on the sensor (since they are larger). This tradeoff is why the One M8 "only" has a 4 MP camera instead of the 8, 12, 16 or 20 MP cameras, which are more common these days.

'HTC Boomsound' is HTC's term for two high-powered, front-facing speakers with dedicated amplifiers. The speakers are on the front of the device – one near the top, the other at the bottom – and audio production is quite impressive.

Finally, the HTC Dot View Case lets users interact with their phone with the case closed, including unique Cortana integration:

"This case lets you see who's calling, then answer or decline the call without opening it. Just swipe to answer or simply put it to your ear. It also shows you the date, time, weather and reminders. You can also instantly access Cortana by simply swiping down."

That's pretty much in line with how the Dot View Case works on Android, as our pals at Android Central have showed.

The takeaway is that the HTC One (M8) for Windows should be a considerable phone when it comes to Verizon, possibly launching as early as August 21. HTC and even Samsung have created Android 'clone phones' in the past, but they always tend to have gimped hardware, creating a compromising situation for customers. Now that Microsoft has loosened the restrictions on hardware, HTC can easily port their top selling flagship Android device over to Windows Phone, and that is a big deal.

Windows Phone Central will be covering the HTC event live Tuesday, August 19 on location.

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HTC One for Windows gets Cortana integration with DOT VIEW case and specs confirmed



What slumber is Nokia involved in? What does HTC have that dominates the smartphone industry??? Nokia has their camera technology and their native apps crush HTCs.

Yes, but it's also by design sought of, Microsoft leaving room/space for it's partners to enter the market. Being the software maker you don't want your partners to feel that you an edge with your product and leave them out in the cold. So I am wondering if those Nokia apps will be shared with the partners or at least have access if they so choose.


I agree it's not a slumber but it might be something worse. Microsoft makes the calls now and they could fall in the middle of their politics with OEM's. Why else would they remove the McClaren from last of new phones being released this fall?

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

I was literally devastated when I heard that they cancelled the McLaren. However, I think they're trying to later implement it trans-OEM to avoid a Surface-type alienation.

And I was devastated when Microsoft started colaboration with nokia because it ment end of proper Windows Phones.

If you speak of Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's devices and services division, that was to ramp up research, development, and production of devices without as much issue with secrecy and the issue of separated software and hardware development.

I guess it gives Nokia\MS more time to refine the McLaren tech/phone.

Here's hoping it comes out early next year, just in time for Threshold..

The only other real WP OEM is HTC and they are putting out a new phone after 2 years. Samsung doesnt give a damn and just throws together crap and everybody else has abandoned it. Microsoft wont be alienating OEM's by letting Nokia stay the same and put out high end phones that make Android and iOS users jealous. If they left WP up to OEM's it would still be at 0% marketshare. The only WPs that are selling are Nokia's, next to nobody is buying Samsung or HTC WPs.

I agree. This gives HTC another product to bring to the market and I really believe the market will take notice. Their Android is in some serious competition from LG and Samsung and will definitely cut into sales this wp I think will surprise them.  

Personally, I don't think they did cancel it. Rumours of it were killing sales of the 930 since people were waiting for it. So they put out suggestions that they've cancelled it.

Releasing last year's model as the "new" WP8.1 device? Please give me a break. Not that I'm saying the Nokia Lumia 930 is a bad phone but its still behind the competition. The Samsung Galaxy S5's camera is a runner up after the Nokia Lumia 1020's 41 megapixel shooter. Besides, it's waterproof. So Nokia has to up its game pretty quickly. HTC can quickly change the app problem around with a different exclusive apps or the Dot case, which is by the way, superior to Nokia Lumia 930's flip case

Well, I wouldn't say low end, but without Glance and a MicroSD slot it's not the highend model I'm looking for.

Now the HTC WP One scratches almost all my itches with the exception of being on Verizon as opposed to AT&T and lacks Glance. Nokia's Drive+ and HERE Maps are or are not available on all OEM's now?

By the end of the year I am hoping to switch from my 920 to a 5 inch or so flagship with an SD Card Slot. A Nokia/MM would be nice, but this HTC would also suffice...

@ Tirinti lol going by your funda, you have just classified iPhone also as a low end model as it does not have an SD slot :D

Not having an sd card slot  doesn't make a phone low-end. Be real.  A lot of high end phones don't have an SD card slot.


This is correct, but if the 930 had glance, it would be more attractive than a case... To me its like the 925 with a wireless charging cover... The benefits of getting the HTC for me would be the 801 and storage, the downside is all my qi chargers are useless... Great phone, going to make all of people happy... But I still lose out by getting one.

You can also add the lack of 2-stage camera button to the list. The camera is pretty poor anyway. Particularly against the Pureviews.

Totally agree, I did the wireless charging hack on my 925 (incorporated the qi charging inside the phone) and storage is the only thing left to complain about really.

bs,nokia still has quality and service which no other company can match worldwide not even apple who wants us to pay 50% of the price of an idevice to get a refurb in exchange despite warranty or the numerous non-existent service centres of most android oems

MS/Nokia may not have impressed us much to switch from the 20-series lumias to the 30-series but itll still attract new buyers

HTC has HD display (unfortunatelly not OLED) and microSD.

Cameras are not important in smartphones... OK maybe for hipsters, but thhey are buying only iPhoness.

And OEMs should produce hardware not software. Nokia didn't know about it and got busted. 

If Tirinti just say "not that important" or "not the most important", I have to agree. But "not important"? I have to disagree. Sure it won't be in some top most priority, but still quite important. That's why the camera does not need to be standout. A decent enough will do (and I mean decent as for whatever lines the phone categorized at. As for this One, should be decent for high-end lines). :)

The way society works with trends and such, cameras are quite important. You have so many people who believe they're photographers and the crazes that include instagram, Flickr and the rest. I wish they'd focus on eliminating this Verizon exclusivity.

The camera->screen are by far the most important parts of the phone for me.  And I don't think I am a hipster.


I had a 1020, which I loved...but the screen was too small.  Now I am on a 1520.


I wouldn't use anything with a camera lesser than the one in the 1520.  The camera is super important to me.


1520 screen + 1020 camera is what I want.

I don't know where you come from, but the most popular camera today is on your phone. People don't want to carry two devices and instead want a good one.

With all Lumia devices u can't take a real hdr shot as example, where m8 can. Beside many many things, I think u didn't see any video about the m8.

What about boom sounds

What about the design

What about the best selfie camera

What about the ultra pixels and three real 3d shots

What about the super LCD 3

What about, what about, what about.......

U have to review it, then buries the Lumia, and let Nokia rest in peace ✌

1 - HDR shots have nothing to do with hardware. It's software. If you can't take HDR shots directly from the Camera apps on a Lumia (or any WP), blame Microsoft. The W8 will not take them either unless HTC builds a dedicated camera app that does it.


2 - design is a taste mater. I prefer the Lumia design to the design of the M8. Actually, I even liked the design of the M7 better than the M8.


3 - Selfies are a plague and shouldn't be encouraged. At any rate, Microsoft Mobile will release a phone with a 5mp camera too for all the teenage girls to take horrible photos os themselves.


4 - Ultra pixels are bullcrap. All the UltraPixel cameras HTC has put out are utter sh*t. The 4UltraPixel camera of the M8 is easily beaten by the 8mp camera of the Nokia L920.

Also, call me when anyone actually takes 3D shots...


5 - the OLED screen on the L930 is better than the one on the M8. But again, it's a matter of preference. I prefered the LCD screen of the 920.


Only BoomSound is a compeling argument. And even that one depends on your needs. I have absolutely no need for BoomSound speakers.

From the things you could point about that the M8 has better (SD801, microSD card slot) you went with motives that wouldn't even cover any Nokia phone with a layer of sand.

Can't say you don't need BoomSound until you try it out. It massively improved on the audio quality. Just don't tell me you never watched a movie through your smartphone speaker....

What about boom sound?

Okay its nice, but how many of average joes watch a movie or any video that often on a 5" inch screen. (inb4, that's what she said..)

What about design?

Design choice is subjective. It should be more about build quality than a design. But since One M8 is very well constucted, this phone should be too.

What about best selfie camera?

I don't know if you are serious or just stupid. How hard it to take a selfie if there is no FFC? Just flip freaking phone and snap it. You mean to say that girls all over the world weren't able to take selfies till HTC M8 came out? And how would you take a selfie in low light condition with FFC?

What about the ultra pixels and three real 3d shot?

"Ultra Pixel" is a plain PR talk. It got nothing over Nokia's PureView. Ultra pixel means bigger pixels, which are about 2 microns each; which, by the way, Nokia got convered with N95. "Three real 3d shots" what the f*** is that?

What about the super LCD?

What about it?

Define "Real HRD shot". So guys who get HRD using Proshot are getting a fake HRD? LMAO.

Go home "stone_cold31088" you are drunk. You are making Stone Cold look bad.


Lumia 930 is thicker than the surface pro 3, Microsft should really do something about this design choice in flagships in the future... The HTC M8 is also thicker but less so and is only thicker in the middle as the sides taper down in thickness so it feels thinner in the hand. As much as love nokia's specs for the 930 I cant bring myself to get it knowing I could have something that feels better and thinner in the hand. HTC's camera leaves alot to be desired but I dont really take pictures that much and I feel I would better off with a better feeling device when I use it for anything else.

Just a preference/opinion. Ideally I would love to get a next gen Lumia 925 but I doubt anything like that is coming out anytime soon as my 8x is really on it's last leg and HTC customer support has always been terrible in Canada (have had 4 different models of HTC devices and all have had numerus issues, 8x alone had factory battery issues and while I got exchanged at my carrier, I still had to deal with peeling of the outside and a sim tray issue that causes the card not to read). I also see a better liklihood of the W8 coming to Canada than anything close to a flagship from Nokia. The 8x was on EVERY major carrier while the 920 was a Rogers exclusive. Its sad but HTC is probably gonna get my money.

Do you think nokia mclaren was put on hold as part of a deal with htc to release this phone? I know that if had to pick between a nokia or an htc flagship, I would pick nokia.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

No, I doubt there was a deal like that. I expect that the 3D touch scheme was too immature and developers were unexcited about the feature.

No what we need is more news on future high end Lumia lol

But as much as I love Lumia and think it is best and I hate this recycled android phone trend, I am glad there is more choice besides Samsung at least.

Actually, I think the "Lumia" design is older than two years. They are based on the Nokia N9, which was announced in July 2011--over three years ago. Not only that, but leaks of the phone had been out since mid-2010.

That being said, there are some really nice and different Lumias, like the 925 and the 720.

I've had a mixed past with HTC, though. There have been times when I've sworn them off for good and there have been times where I truly miss the thinness, speakers, aspect ratio, and button placement of my 8X. I'm actually typing on it right now. After reading this article, I'm going to have to seriously consider getting the One for Windows. I'm definitely going to need to play with one in a store first, though.

Tl;dr - Don't judge phones based on similarity to previous iterations.

I didnt think I "lauded" anything. I prefer Lumias but not so much for the design....For pretty much everything a Lumia has had from the Exclusive apps to the Superb Cameras to the excellent support. I owned an 8x(both in Blue and Red) and the 8x in the original WP8 lineup was the best looking phone.....Yet the 920 became the best overlal 1st Gen Wp8

I do like HTC Designs...I just wish that we could have gotten an enhanced/improved or evolved 8x instead of the Android ONE with Windows phone which I am now referring to as "The Other One".

There's a difference in reusing a design from the N9 from a few years ago that few know about vs using an Android design which is Signature already with Android, thus it loses any uniquness it has. Someone looking at my 1520 isn't going to likely say "Oh is that the N9 from 5 years ago."

Someone looking at "The Other One" will likely mistake it for...Wait for it...an M8.

That's because Android simply is better known than Windows. Imagine if HTC released both versions of One at the same time. Of course the one running Android would become more famous.

It makes sense for an OEM to dedicate part of the exact same phone with the exact same chipset for running an alternate OS. It might not make sense to modify the hardware just because someone like Micah calls it "recycled".

In the end, it's a very news if the same phone is released with Windows Phone.

It would have been nice to get that extra hardware feature that Droid didn't get! Was the perfect opportunity for WP to have a step above, for when people are comparing the two.

I feel like the argument could be made for the Ativ S being the best overall 1st generation phone. Superior battery life, more consistent quality control, expandable memory, multicarrier availability (outside US)... No to mention a larger screen.

All the manufacturers have a design language, everyone. I get what he means though but I still think its great for the WP market that consumers get more choice rather than being forced to pick a Lumia and specially if you don't like the design of them.

Hey, I finally found someone who also hates this M8 idea. If this sells well, pretty soon, LG, Sony, and all the other companies are going to realize that they can just take their Android flagship and stick WP in there. Now they can make "WP fans" happy with minimal effort. I don't know what Android people have to say about this, but I don't think they can do anything about it.

Take a business class and you'll stop hating the idea. Because, we're talking revenue streams. The most money with the least effort ultimately wins and MS wants in. This is MS' way to get in without forcing manufacturers to spend time and money to reinvent the wheel. Same chassis, better wheels.

S5, M8, G3, Experia (pick your flavor) running Windows Phone 8.1. is exactly what we want.

You've completely missed the point in thinking we all want unique devices from manufacturers. We don't, we want hardware parity. The platform already stands on it's own merit.

I want to say; "Hey nice g3, I got a g3 also but mine has Cortana."

Yea, I don't know about people. My ego is not so fragile as to require a WP only designed device. If I like the design I really don't care if Android people also have a phone like it, it's really inconsequential to me.

I absolutely agree with your analysis of the business aspect of having changed WP so that it can be put on the same Android devices that the OEM's are selling.

Personally I don't like Samsung designs and don't trust them. I've had a lot of Motorola phones and would love to see a WP Motorola device. While that's not likely going to happen I do like aspects of the 925/930's design as well as the HTC One (M8). I would also love to see a Surface inspired Nokia/MM highend phone.

Understanding that it's a win win from a business perspective doesn't require taking any business classes. Apple is a genius at making profit with the least effort, but that doesn't mean I like their products. In fact, it makes me hate it even more. I actually checked t mobile's website today, and the iPhone 5s was the most expensive phone there, even more expensive than the note 3 or Galaxy S5. People still buy it because Apple just has a reputation of being the "best." Also, Microsoft really needs to step up their game if they want to convince people to switch from Android. It's the phones like the Lumia 1020 that will tempt people to switch. I'm a WP fan, but when it comes to arguments against Android, there really isn't much. Windows Phone is no better in terms of apps or features. The only thing people say is "Lagdroid," which isn't even true when it comes to high end Android phones like the One M8. That's like saying internet explorer is slow. The reputation will stick forever.

Well ... Isn't that a great thing? More choices ... The merrier. More people will consider to try WP ... Maybe :3

Like those Experia design. It's looks so stunning. To bad it's running Android. If it's running WP, I might get it instead.

Nokia is not in the Mobile Phone devices business so no need for competition. Microsoft will probably allow HTC some space before they release their own new top-end phone.

God I hope not.....Unless this is just a Summer thing and Fall is when a new Flagshop comes out. If that is the case, let the "other" one from HTC have the Summer Launch and then launch the actual true flagship for Windows phone in November.

Except, for me at least, the camera function is the most important function besides basic phone function. Every single other aspect of this phone looks great, but Nokia has raised the imaging, and for that matter audio recording, bar so high, I don't think i can go back.

This ^^^
After you've used a great camera on a phone, its very hard to go back to something less.

Apple knows this too, by the way, so that's why they are improving their camera experience.

Kinda agree with you. When it comes to photography, Lumia has got it all, from everything software to hardware aspects. Other manufacturers have to go a long way to give them some competition but hey, that's not the only thing most people look for in a high-end device. M8 indeed is a great addition to the windows phone showcase, cant wait to see it being globally available irrespective of carriers.

"It's a camera that's allegedly great for low light, but can't cope with pretty normal bright daylight. It should be marketed as a phone for vampires."


Indeed for me the camera is also the most important thing but, for everyone for which this is not the case, this is a great phone

This.  I went from an M8 to a Nokia 1520 and can tell you unequivocally that the camera on the HTC M8 is a complete piece of crap.  ESPECIALLY if your used to a windows phone camera.  I would honestly compare the M8 camera to that found in the 520.

Then you didn't know how to use the camera then.

I did just the opposite, I went from a 1520 to the M8 and can say unequivocally that this camera is better than the 1520 on 2 accounts low light shooting and macro shooting. It does a fair job at intermediate distances as well for social media.

Learn how to use the settings properly and how to set up the shot with the light and it works very well. It is not as good in bright light as the 1520 nor not nearly as good for trying long distance landscape shots, but if you had bothered to actually read what this camera was marketed for then you would have known that.

Honestly, you guys and gals with your crying over the camera, if it's not to your liking, don't buy it. If you want a great phone, get one.

Best Buy has point and shoot cameras under $100 - $150 that will run circles around any Nokia cellphone camera for picture quality and that includes the 1020 as well which is what you should be looking for anyway if you really care about taking good pictures.

You guys should be thankful about HTC releasing this phone to Microsoft for WP instead of bitching about the camera. It is a great phone, but you won't just because it is not a Nokia. Good Grief.

If you can get over your hurt feelings, understand this. If it does well in sales, what makes you think the M9 won't be available?

2 flagship phones exactly the same, one running WP and one running Android how much more of a show case can you folks who want WP to succeed can you ask for. Go look at the publicity this phone has received, and then think before you complain again. The reviewers will pit one of against the other. Cortana against Google Now.. Think..

Nokia is not going to revitalize WP, I'm sorry but they're done, they had their time in the spotlight, and if you want more WP converts you have to have a phone Android users know and love.

Go ahead and diss the phone before it is even released, because you folks complaining here wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped you upside the head.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Of course it comes with 8.1, not 8.0!.. It also comes w/ update 1 preinstalled....Remember Dan's rule about actually reading the article??? Or did you not read that article either?! Sorry, but geez! Lol

Hoping the HTC One M9 gets a dual release both Android and WP at the same time so cutomers can truly have a decent choice between OS'es.

But personally I would only buy a Nokia WP after Microsoft acquisition of Nokia's phone bussiness. WP finally gets the benefetits iPhone had from day one. The software and hardware from one maker, that does make a difference. That being sad, Nokia phones will recive plenty of updates and support, becouse Microsoft will back its own software and hardwareline. If other OEMs will show the same support to there WP custermers is yet to been seen.


I'm real curious if they (wpcentral) already have their hands on one.
And already made some videos and just need to be unhide ;)

The guys here are really good at getting early looks and having content ready the moment the embargo is up. I wouldn't even doubt they have one.

I'd be shocked if they don't. Then again, this is a presentation so maybe not. Might just be a hands-on at the show.

Would strongly consider this phone. But who knows if its gonna be dropped like the last HTC phones. Biggest question for me.

That would create a even more bigger backlash as this is the android flagship being ported over to Windows Phone. I just hope it is only a timed exclusive on Verizon...

The phone is really gorgeous... But, don't get me wrong.... Android M8 is better.. It makes use of all the features.. Like duo camera

My guess is they want to see how well it does before going global with it. After all, consumers may still choose the Android version over the WP one, leaving HTC (or carriers) stuck with a lot of leftover stock.

Which has me thinking. What if they shipped the hardware to the carriers and let them flash whichever OS on the fly as they sell?

And the worst is bound to happen if the M8WP isn't marketed properly, as usual...
Just like you did for XBL on WP, I still say you should do a series of articles breaking down WP marketing, and stating how MS could improve it.. Yes, it's that big of an issue, and it seriously is WP's core issue holding the platform back from increased market share...
You'd really be doing the ENTIRE WP community justice, and someone respected as you are could really bring to light this issue... I really don't think we have a choice here -_-.

Yea, that's what I'm worried about. Verizon doesn't get behind it, HTC does what it can but it doesn't sell and they blame WP like Sprint did.

Yes!.. This is very well needed, and needs to be formally addresses by the entire WP community.... Especially WPC, because I think they have the biggest influence..

No doubt, WPC is the largest windows phone community out there, that stands out of the crowd (from similar sites) when compared the contents of quality and genuineness and the fact (indefinitely, but I believe) that WPC has some indirect linkage with Microsoft could really proven helpful if a series of articles regarding marketing strategy and suggestions are published.
Marketing. Microsoft needs it badly but they need to realize faster.

Wow!! I couldn't have said it better myself....
And, while this is a little off topic I think its acceptable to discuss because I know that most WP fans deep down inside feel that every time a new device comes out the general public isn't really going to be bombarded by it... We don't have faith that MS is going to market it well, or that the carriers are really good to push the device like they always promise... We just don't.. And, even Daniel really deep down inside doesn't have faith that the M8WP version will do as good as the Android version... It's a sad situation to be in over, and over! Now, with WP8.1-1, and equal hardware, we should be confident that these new devices are going to sell very well, and not just for a WP device, but relative to other smartphone sales... I'm just sick of WP never getting the attention that it deserves, and I blame MS!.. At least I blame MS.. Others may think it's the carriers, or store associates, or OEM's who aren't doing as much to build hype around WP.. That's why this is such an important topic that needs to be addressed on a much larger scale than in comment sections, or in forums.. It's been 4 years and WP still isn't a household name like it should be by now.... Marketing is the weakest link left in the WP chain IMO... The app situation has improved, hardware is equal with the competition, and the OS has matured to an acceptable point..... Ask yourself what else that's left is holding WP back, and I'm sure whatever excuse you come up with will be directly related to marketing.
I want to see this new HTC WP do well, but is it going to have a big impact on the market? I don't think so, and you probably don't either... It's that attitude that should tell you guys something is wrong.. That we know this device won't sit in the foreground of the media... This device isn't going to get as much push from the carriers. You're probably never going to see someone, besides yourselves, with this new HTC device... Doesn't that frustrate you guys? Aren't you sick of the same BS year after year? Aren't you ready for something serious to change, and I mean really change? I am! ........ What are WE THE WP COMMUNITY going to do to contribute to this change?

Well said!
Also, for me personally, WP8.1.1 is the first WP I feel like I can wholeheartedly recommend. Yes - the app gap is still there and I would have to make some caveats to some. But overall, the easy accessibility to everything on the phone, the fantastic UI and overall brilliance of WP8.1.1 makes it something for MS to be truly proud of. I hope they can capitalize on it with some great ads (unlike the massively crappy ads before). Quantity was never an issue, there was a virtual bombardment of WP ads a year ago. Sales channels and quality of apps is where it's at - if nobody can find current WPs at Costco, Target, and Best Buy they will fall behind. And I have never seen a WP except the 520/521 and the 822 (at Target) in those stores in my area. The lack of WPs at Best Buy is especially galling. The 520/521 were relegated to the prepaid/dumbphone section with the likes of Kyocera...

Then what is Samsung's reason Daniel since SE is verizon, because Samsung WP's sell without any effort from them.

Right it will do very well with carrier exclusive which has ever possible android flagship and iPhone? Also, they are not doing new hardware to have this kind of stupid justification. I care less about carrier crap versions if they can sell the unlocked version on their online store like they do with android version. Stop justifying carrier exclusive with the same old reasons.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Well, I would consider it if HTC is officially announcing FULL support with reasonable time for updates (new fw update released quickly like for the Lumia series) and they'll support it for at least 36 months. Biggest issue is that it'll probably never get to Sweden. 8X/8S disappeared pretty quick after release to never be seen again in stores...

Why do we still do god damn exclusives in 2014? NO ONE does this anymore! The iPhones don't, the galaxies don't, even the HTC One Android phones don't. Why only WP is there exclusives on every phone? Why can't we have a phone for all the carriers for once? Or at least make it so the Android version of this phone can download WP on it? I mean, it's the same design and same features, can't we just install WP on the Android version?

There hasn't been any mention of this phone being an exclusive that I have seen. "Sold only by one carrier" is not the same as exclusive.
As for unlocked phones, hardly anyone sells unlocked phones in the US, but it would be nice to see it at the MS Store unlocked for sure. But that won't happen, because they want a good relationship with carriers (and it's already not the best apparently).

True, both 5" devices, the right size people crave going to Verizon. I pity on strategy. Just sell unlocked on Microsoft store.

This. They should still sell an unlocked model for everyone else. Even if Verizon is the only place that you can officially get it on contract, having an unlocked option for everyone else wouldn't be bad either (in fact, I'd prefer to buy it outright instead of having to deal with a carrier).

Windows Phone is fast becoming Verizon Phone and Americanized.
I guess the rest of the world have to put up with Google.

Novron, what the hell do you mean...lol.
I have no problem buying from American amazon but it makes no sense buying a Verizon labelled phone

If Verizon gets this as a high end WP then AT&T would have to counter with a high end Lumia. The 1030.

So that other carrier folks can crib about that not being available. I'm sorry windows phone has no single flagship device available across the world on all carriers which is crazy stupid.

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You are joking right? The only two lumias that I know of not on att are 930/Icon and the 928. Att has every other Lumia. You att ppl need to stop complaining. Now you know how us Verizon folks felt for years when all we got was the 8x and the 820. Then later the cheap 928. Finally we got the icon, and I say we deserved it, and though I don't like HTC I do see the importance of it. Yes somewhere in there we got the ativ but I think that's on other carriers. Shall I go through the list of every single att exclusive? How about att getting the 925 after it was exclusive to tmobile. Seriously. Yes this exclusive bs needs to stop. But att customers have had almost every great WP release to date except the icon and now the HTC one. And you all are screaming and crying. GOD forbid you don't get everything you want.

I love this phone but I don't want it. I just think its dumb to exclude something like 2/3 of the American market by going with Verizon only.

Yes cheap. I was once with att had the titan. Cheap. The 920 love that phone still have it, the went to att, thought oh the 928 is a remodeled 920, nope it is with out doubt the cheapest build Nokia has ever done. The phone is not garbage but no flagship. Only Nokia I've ever had to send in with issues, now I have the icon comparing the three ( 920,928,icon) you would be crazy not to see, and feel the difference.

It wasn't very long ago that AT&T was the premier WP carrier and Verizon users were left out. Hopefully this carrier exclusive nonsense will end soon.

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And how to crap up any OS with their bloat and gimmicks? They make the worst software android experience ever possible. Dumb people but their phones when better alternatives are available with HTC, Moto, LG and Sony.

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The E8 has a higher MP camera but spend some time looking at it vs the M8 and you'll see more mp doesn't mean better quality. The E8 camera isn't anything I would want.

My wife has the HTC One M8, and despite the low megapixel count, I am very impressed with the speed and quality of the camera.  It's low light ability is on par (if not better, or at least less noisy) with my Icon, and the autofocus is insanely fast.  I know all the tech reviews seem to slam the Ultrapixel camera, but in real world usage, it's fantastic.

I am defnitely taking the HTC One for a spin when it comes out.

Yeah, no joke. HTC will not get me to switch from a 41 megapixel Pureview camera to its 4 megapixel UltraPixel BS. Not going to happen. And then switching carriers, no less? Only to pay more? Nope!

What? Only a snapdragon 801? Its outdated, why doesn't it have the 9000? Or some such bs from spec chasers....:)

How many phones have an 800, 801, or even an 805, which was just released, in the population of all phones? Not too many out there really. The 805 chip will only help 5k and finally offer the ability of a 55mp cam which provides the opportunity to finally c re rate a new 1020. That is why there has been no new iteration of the 1020...yet. Since WP is sticking with Qualcomm, the 805 is the missing puzzle piece. So, in short, you really are misinformed or misinterpreting information.

This is just wrong what you are saying and does not make any sense. You do not need the 805 for 55mp. In the 1020 they used a custom chip for the camera. So no missing puzzle piece here.

Read qualcomm's site about 805. MS is not going to make anymore special chips, that is why the wait for new 1020 is/was on.

The reference to the 9000 chip and "Or some such bs from spec chasers....:)" pretty much spells out sarcasm on a billboard.

The 800 chip can handle 4k recording badly but can, 801 should handle better as slightly faster, but agree with others in saying real world is not many phones have this!

Unfortunately, it's still HTC, which is a shell of its former self. However, this is a fantastic device. And while a lot of this is old for Android, this is pure innovation for WinPhone. The integration of Cortana with that case is fantastic. Your move, Microsoft Mobile.