HTC TITAN versus the Samsung Galaxy Note CES 2012

A lot of our readers are split on the TITAN/TITAN II's massive 4.7" screen--some think it's just too big of a device, while others are much more partial. We're in the latter camp and don't think 4.7" is too big at all. And evidently neither does Samsung, who have put out the Galaxy Note, an Android powered device with a massive 5.3" Super AMOLED HD screen.

HTC TITAN vs Galaxy Note

No doubt this is a different category of device and surprisingly, feedback on the device so far as been positive. We quickly compared the size difference between it and the TITAN and it's an interesting juxtaposition, to say the least. It kind of makes us wonder: What would Windows Phone look like on such a device? People seemed enthusiastic last year about a Windows Phone tablet, so this might be your closest chance.

Would you buy one? Should Samsung even attempt it to counter the TITAN/TITAN II or should we let Android have all the fun? Lets us know in comments and check out how the Android fans are reacting at Android Central.


Reader comments

HTC TITAN versus the Samsung Galaxy Note CES 2012


I'm not one of those folks who complain about pixel density on Windows Phones.
But before someone decides to leapfrog the Galaxy Note and give us a Windows Pho-blet of 5.5 - 6 inches . . . I think support for higher resolutions would be a good idea.

I have a friend his sort of thing would be perfect for. He is 6'9" and well over 300 lbs (not fat) and when he and I shake hands, he can almost scratch my elbow with his right hand fingers. 5" screen = big enough for him to use & small enough to fit in his pocket.

I tend to have at least one device from each mobile OS at all times (one of the perks of being a mobile developer).  I see a huge benefit to this.  Something game changing (in my opinion) happens when a large screen (think 4.7+) and high resolution combine.
On your phone, I encourage you to go to wpcentrals desktop homepage on your phone.  Zoom all the way out.  What's the smallest text you can see? On a 720p display, you would be able to read all of it pretty clearly.  However, on a small screen, that's pretty useless, since that's terribly uncomfortable.  You can almost do the same thing on my iPod Touch, however, who wants to read text that small?  On a galaxy note you are at the point where you get that tablet browsing experience. The titan is large enough for this as well, though not quite as comfortably due to it's smaller size.  It just doesn't have the resolution.  You could probably make out all the words, but it's not terribly clear.  SO that's one advantage.
The second advantage, if you watch video on your phone on the go, the screen size is amazing on these devices.
Finally, I love that big screen keyboard.

If Samsung comes out with a 5+" Windows Phone, I'll buy it in a heartbeat, if it's on AT&T, of course.  I need the size to play Angry Birds.  ☺  Just kidding.  But I think a 5+" phone is still very manageable for even the smallest of hands.  Now if they could come out with that size phone and incorporate Swype, I would be in heaven.

Windows Phone really needs to support higher resolution displays before we see something larger than the Titan. I love my Titan, but it's definitely pushing the limits of WVGA.

100% agree.  Windows phone is excellently designed to not need a high res screen for most things, but at such a large screen size, you want to be able to see more.  That's where the added resolution would help.  WP7 is good at hiding it's low res by making things big and beutiful.  Shrinking it down on a low res screen would make it lose the beuty.

I like my phones how I like my women - petite and perfectly proportioned. So 5inches and over is pushing it (that's what she said) for me, but that's just personal pfeference.

4.3" is about as large as I'm willing to go. Anything else doesn't serve me well as a mobile phone, you know, the thing that you make calls from.

It is probably too large for me, but I bet there will be a big market for it.
I personally prefer a smaller (4 inch or maybe a little under) phone pair with a tablet.

I have the Titan, and the size is perfect, the Galaxy Note is too big, using it for calls is like use a shoe-phone

I love my Titan, but if the Note had been available last year when I bought the Titan, I would have gotten the Note.

When I first heard about the Note I loved the idea. I used to jot down little notes here and there on my WM 6.5 resistive touch screen. That's one feature I really miss on WP. That to me was the appeal of the Note and the huge screen was a negative. It is the only Android phone I ever considered, albeit briefly.

I enjoy the 4.3" screen of my Focus S, but it is just slightly bigger than perfect. Microsoft should still try to get Samsung to build a 5+ inch screened phablet. It would probably sell relatively well! Just not very practical.