Huawei’s Ascend W2 Windows Phone shows up in Red too

Huawei Ascend W2 Red Windows Phone 8

Huawei evidently is banking on all colors for their upcoming 4.3” Ascend W2, due sometime this summer with what we imagine is a Windows Phone 8 hardware and software (GDR2) refresh.

We’ve previously seen the mid to high range device in Blue and Yellow, so why not add Red to the mix? At this point, we’re more curious about what colors they won’t do as we know Black and White is probably a given as well.  (Can we get a Green up in this hizzy?)

We’re okay with that though as we think Windows Phone benefits from brightly colored hues, no matter who’s making them.

Though not confirmed, the Ascend W2 is expected to feature a 1280x720, 4.3” IPS display, 8MP camera and 1.5GHz dual-core CPU.

Source: evleaks (Twitter)


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Huawei’s Ascend W2 Windows Phone shows up in Red too


I love that the capacitive buttons match the shells, it's a really unique innovation in the Windows Phone space.

Expect it on the new Nokia's too I guess.

Black is somewhat conservative. But a black phone with different colored capacitive buttons would look just as good :)

I think that a black version would probably have white tiles and a white glow for the capacitive buttons :)

You mean black buttons on a black background that light up black when you touch them? How absolutely hoopy, man!

"...in this hizzy"...? Daniel, only one thing worse than speaking slang terms that are as stupid as hell, and that's writing them out for others to read. Way nerdish dude.

What's with the w1 bashing over build quality. In UK is less than £100, compare it to androids and apples in that price range. You pay for what you get pay £300 plus for the lumias you get more isn't it

The 520 is solid but they had to cut several corners to get it down in that particular price range. Even then you still get what you pay for...

I like that Huawei is making an effort to get into the WP market. I think they bring a good alternative to the phones which are out there already. Some people may prefer Nokia which is fine, but others may prefer Huawei. Either way, choice is good. I hope Huawei gets a good response so that they see fit to put forth the effort to develop more new WP devices. It would be great to see them broaden their device selection so that we have at least 2 manufacturers each with its own range of devices.