I am Box, a Windows Phone game that will drive you crazy

I am Box

I am Box is one of the simplest Windows Phone games out there. But you shouldn't mistake simple with easy because I am Box can kick you to the curb.

I am Box is a fast paced game of survival calling you to catch incoming colored arrows with the side of a box that has the matching color. The longer you survive, the better.

I am Box

The colored arrows enter the screen slowly but as they move closer to the cube, they speed up. You spin the cube clockwise and counter-clockwise by tapping the left or right corner of the screen.  As you can guess, when the first arrow strikes a non-coordinating color the game ends. Your score is your the time you survive before matching the wrong colored arrow.

Graphics are simple, game play is very challenging (either that or I have the coordination of a Bull Moose) and the music intense with I am Box.  The developer recommends wearing headphones to get the full effect of the music.

I can see I am Box being a fun "pass and play" styled game when you're hanging out with friends to see who can last the longest or when you have a few seconds to waste. There is a free trial version available for I am Box with the full version running $.99.

You can find I am Box here at the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.

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Reader comments

I am Box, a Windows Phone game that will drive you crazy


Thank you for that highly descriptive paragraph about why the game isn't for you, it will defiantly change my perspective on the game as a whole and my life. WHOA! LIFE CHANGING MOMENT IN ALL CAPS!
/done now

You are right "not much to it". The purpose of a game should be to entertain the player, not to try to defeat him within 10 seconds of game play.

It's a video, George! Why use half of the time desperately trying to explain the game? Just show us!

well, it seems like it at first, but I managed to get to 4 minutes (it ends there) after a week of heavy playing :D

You can so tell that it was developed with a square screen, mainly because the visibility from top/bottom leaves very little reaction time - shame I can't time 33secs correctly :-/

Looks interesting, but why the clumsy controls?
with touch screen you could turn your box by sliding your finger along the screen?
perhaps version 2? I'd buy that.