Inflexiball for Windows Phone 8, busting blocks in Steampunk style


Inflexiball is a new Windows Phone 8 game reminiscent of the old Arcanoid or Breakout video games but with heavy Steampunk influence.  Inflexiball also has a RPG feel to things with upgrades and enhancements that can be purchased with coins you collect during game play or purchased in-app. 

In just playing Inflexiball for a short bit, it makes a good first impression.  Graphics are steaming, game play challenging and if your a fan of the Arcanoid styled games, Inflexiball is worth a look.

The main menu for Inflexiball has options to jump into game play, access the game store, and access the settings. Settings cover paddle sensitivity and sound/music levels.

Inflexiball Settings

The game store is where you can buy upgrades for your paddle, ball, and boosts with the gold coins you collect during game play. If you want to get a jump on things, you can also buy gold coins (for cash) from the game store as well. It's the last tab on the store display.

Game play with Inflexiball is spread out across fourteen levels of play. There is a storyline that follows game play that depicts adventures of a scientist who tries to find answers to the mysterious disappearance of his father. The comic story boards can be skipped for those wanting to jump into the game quicker.

Inflexiball Store

The game screen is much like your typical Break-out/Arcanoid layout just with a little Steampunk infusion.  Vital stats line the top of the screen that include, from left to right, your ball count, gold count, your score and access to store upgrades.

Inflexiball's game play is fairly simple. You bounce a ball off your paddle that strikes against a series of blocks. As the ball hits the blocks, they explode. The goal, get rid of all the blocks.  You move the paddle by touch. Just slide the paddle to keep the ball in play. It's not a bad control method but at times your finger does get in the way.


As you take out the blocks, coins and boost items fall at random. You collect these items with your paddle. Coins are used for player upgrades and the performance boosts range from slowing down your ball, increasing your paddle size, launching multiple balls and more.

In all, Inflexiball is a fun game for our Windows Phone 8 devices. The graphics and animations represent the Steampunk theme well and game play is challenging enough to keep the game from getting stale. There are also secondary games that become unlocked as you progress through the game.

The downside to Inflexiball is that there is no help section. While most will be familiar with how to play the game but there really needs to be a reference section on all the boosts that fall from the blocks. I don't think it's a deal breaker but every game should have a help or reference section to give the players an understanding of things.

Inflexiball is a free game for Windows Phone 8 devices and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Inflexiball for Windows Phone 8, busting blocks in Steampunk style


Are you thinking of IonBallEX?   That's what I thought of when I read the description and saw it.  Very similar games from what I can tell.

How about changing the windows phone store region of your phone to US before posting such a comment? This trick works like a charm for me and I live in Canada. And this trick has been posted several times here.

Is not about only me. Is about a whole community of WP users in world that don't know about this. There are much more people that don't read sites like this every day... I think in this people, not only in me.

Isn't the issue that Brazil requires every game to carry a PEGI, ESRB or the Brazilian equivalent before it can be published there?

Anyone know how long it usually takes apps to pass certification in the store?
I emailed indigo about some suggestions and they told me, ironically, that all those suggestions had been added and the update was sent to Microsoft today.

Those suggestions included integration with the start button and automatically activating the microphone after being asked a question.
BOOM! I think that makes it about as good as siri now.

This comment had me completely baffled as how could just adding integration with the start button and auto mic activation make Inflexiball anything like Siri? Then I realised your comment had nothing to do with the article and you weren't referring to the game :P

Might be just me or I just noticed a bug. If you run out of energy, you can't leave the game pressing the back button. You'll stuck in a infinite loop between the game screen and the shop menu.