Instagram BETA brings performance improvements and crash fixes in latest update


The official Instagram BETA app has been updated yet again. A few days ago, an update was pushed to address crashes caused by the new lock screen support. Today’s update doesn’t bring anything significant. What’s new in version 0.4.2? According to the store listing, it contains performance improvements, crash fixes, and UX refinements.

Instagram BETA for Windows Phone has been really slow to catch up with the features already available on Android and iOS. We’re still waiting for Instagram Direct and video upload. Mentioning the new Lux slider is probably asking for too much at this point.

Let us remind you that fans of Instagram don’t have to use the official app. There’s also a great third-party app called 6tag.

While we’re disappointed that major features are still missing on Instagram BETA, we’re glad to see new updates pop up. Go download it now for free at the Windows Phone Store and let us know if it seems faster.

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Instagram BETA brings performance improvements and crash fixes in latest update


If ur facing any issue with 6. Tag u can report to rudy huyn. He will definitely welcome your complains and work on the bugs i might be facing.

I just prefer official apps twitter is slowly killing the top 3rd party apps not gonna risk getting attached lol

If you're serious about Android, the Moto G is a pretty decent low-end device for the price. Hardware-wise, (excluding the camera,) I think it's on-par with the HTC 8X and Lumia 92X devices. (Though, I've only ever used the Moto X, which is almost exactly the same, but with higher specs. I don't know if there are any widespread problems people have with them, either.)


If you're looking for a cheaper but still higher-end Windows Phone, the 925 for T-Mobile is $200 at HSN right now. (The Moto G is $180, so that's not a big difference.) I don't know if you can get it unlocked from T-Mobile though, if you'd want that.

Listen to the man. The 925 is everything the 920 is and more and I love my 920! Besides Windows Phone 8.1 is right around the corner...dont switch to android just yet.

I disagree. The L925 is a weaker version of the 920. Not only has less non-expandable memory, it doesn't have built-in wireless charging.

But it has a slightly better camera and a slightly better screen. And also it's lighter and thinner. But I agree that it lacks memory. I never used wireless charging so I don't know if it's a big deal or not. I love my 920 anyway.

But it has a slightly better camera and a slightly better screen. And also it's lighter and thinner. But I agree that it lacks memory. I never used wireless charging so I don't know if it's a big deal or not. I love my 920 anyway.

The extra lens in the camera makes no difference whatsoever. I've tested the L920 next to the L925. Exact same results.
The better screen depends on taste. The L925 has an AMOLED screen. The L920 has an LCD. I, for example, much prefer the LCD to AMOLED screens. So even there the L920 is better to me.

As for wireless charging, you just notice how big a deal it is once you start using it. Try it and you'll see ;)

Sure. But if we look cooldly at both devices, it's very very hard to say that the L925 is everything the 920 is and more. It's a weaker version that suits other needs for other people (for example, it suits better the needs of those who had a problem with the 920's weight)

The 925 doesn't have less "non-expandable" memory at all, mine is exactly the same at 32GB, unless you somehow got your hands on the sucky 16GB version, not sure why you would though.

It has a processor with similar power to high-end Windows Phones pre-1520/ICON, and a 720p display. So it's on par with the 92X/8X when you exclude the camera. The big difference being that it's running Android. That doesn't inherently make it bad, everyone has a preference.


It's one heck of a device for $180 though. Especially considering that the Lumia with the closest specs is the 920/92X, and they normally cost quite a bit more. Of course it has drawbacks, (low memory, no expansion,) but then so do most Lumias... Let's not hypocritically nitpick here.

@anthony vangeli what?? Moto G is a very overhyped phone , 16gb max storage and no sd card slot,hmm ,lumias are wayy better 

The 925 is the same phone as the 920 save for 1 extra lens in the camera but lacks builtin wireless charging and has less storage. Dont see how that is "higher-end" than the 920.

It's an attractive phone on paper with its 720p screen and quad core processor its also made to a budget so build quality, storage and its camera are lacking. Hopefully we'll see more WP8.1 devices on the low end with what the Moto g has to offer.

If you want to upgrade from the L520, within WP, the Nokia L920 is still you best option. It's the ultimate WP device and hasn't yet been replaced. And the price has come down a lot to make it very very affordable. It will soon be replaced though, so you might want to hold off a few weeks to see what the 930 brings.
However, since you're mentioning the Moto G and the Lumia 525, I'm going to assume you don't have much money which means the 930 will be out of the question as it should retail for over 600€.

If you're considering jumping to Android, I'd say to give a look at the Moto X instead. Or the Nexus 5. My advice would always bee Sony's Z series, but, again, if you have a low budget, those are out. So both the Moto X and the Nexus 5 are solid options.
And if you're in the US, you might want to build your Motorola using the Moto Maker which is seriously cool ;)

Okay, I had to log in to say something about this whole stupidity I'm reading. The Lumia 520 or 525 not even comparable to the Moto G!
The quality of the screen beats it every time, the speed (because you can fool yourself but simple apps like WhatsApp just don't work, they are SO slow on the Lumia 520), the front facing camera!, FLASH, apps (Sure, you might have Instagram, but that doesn't mean the quality of that app and many others even compare to the quality on other platforms), and that doesn't only apply for Instagram, it applies for Line, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Hike, WhatsApp, Viber, etc!
Yes, it lacks a SD slot but is not like apps on Windows Phone can use the SD card.. Gorilla Glass 3, and you can actually read under sunlight, that was impossible on my Lumia 520. It has some coating stuff for the water!
And it's nice being able to close a music app like Spotify and that it keeps playing without stopping when you are on 3G.

So yes, Lumias have really nice cameras and all, I love the hardware style, I love the Windows Phone keyboard, and the interface (only on AMOLED screens), i love the transitions and the way apps crash (no, seriously, is really nice). But please, don't fool yourself.

Why are you asking this on WPCentral? Anyhow: I recommended the 520 to everyone until the Moto G was released, but now that the G is available there is no reason to get the 520 imho (at least concerning the European 520 pricing).

Better than Lumia 525, better on some things than Nokia 820, but the camera on Moto G is tragic. 720's camera is so much better. If you don't care about the photos you take on it and don't mind some lag here and then its a good VFM Android device. Still with new exciting Window series and 8.1 around the corner i would wait!  Instagram will get a real update with video support and other goodie's then. 

And since we're talking about Instagram, Moto G is not a good device for it! 

I believe a feature that was added includes sound off by default in videos. One annoyance I have is (due to only one volume level across WP) Instagram videos were blaring loud and usually at the worst times for me. But now, by default, audio is turned off in Instagram videos, and you tap the volume icon in the top right corner of the video to turn sound on. I don't remember that in the past. It's a nice temp solution until WP 8.1 finally allows multiple volume level controls.

However, I'm still super bummed for the lack of video creation support. I hear this is a WP constraint that makes it difficult with Instagram's APIs...but Rudy managed it by himself. Are they that lazy? I don't know. I do realize WP as a platform still has room for improvement to help developers, but it's true that companies like Instagram need to meet them halfway, as well.

Rudy uses his own servers to handle the video then push it to Instagram.

I'd think Instagram would rather not spend the money/resources, and have the device render the video instead.

The sound off feature has been there since...not a new feature. I still haven't updated the last three versions and I have the feature. Just think it's pure waste of data since no significant feature added. I love 6tag!

First: my guess is that the final "complete" version will be available only for WP8.1.

Second: how often the lock screen for Instagram is updated?? For me seams that is not updating.

Third: they still didn't fix the "feed gap". The app doesn't show all the posts. Try not open Instagram for 6h and when you open will see the most recent posts and them the posts that were published 6h ago. They need to fix that!!

I want the whatsapp update. I can no longer take it crashing on me every single time I tap a toast notification!

Seriously, this is so frustrating I almost considered getting the HTC One. I'm still waiting for the 8.1 before I make any decision, though.

We are on the same boat then. I love my 928 but tired of apologizing to ppl because I sometimes never get notification for whatsapp msg or it's delayed (usually I get notification, but sometimes never, or like today got one delayed for 7min) I was thinking to get HTC One (love its design) but I got damn speeding ticket, paid $490, hit my budget) now waiting for new update and 8.1 I hope both updated will fix it. Or I'll still get HTC one or iP5s

Tell me about it... And I know this isn't Microsoft nor Nokia's fault, but since devs don't give any love for WP, I might as well switch to Android (though the only one I'd ever buy is the HTC One) and come back next year. I really like WP, Nokia and Microsoft but the latter is holding WP back. I'm putting all my hopes in Nadella's leadership and trust that he will make WP a much better OS. As of now, I'm this close to getting an HTC One just till something better comes for WP.

I use whatsapp every single day. And I need HTC only because it (android) has better support. I know many many ppl had/have problems with WA on 928, when I have chat open with somebody and my screen gets locked, after about 40sec 99.9% I never get notification. IF I get it's delayed for ~10+ minutes. I want to stay on WP, if it doesn't get fixed my next phone is Icon>HTC>iPhone

Instagram developers are really slow and incompetent. IG is an app ONE dev can easily handle... Same for whatsup !! All these google friends are really hurting....

But although the One is the most gorgeous device ever - along with the best speakers ever - the only things holding me back are:
The camera, the battery (especially as opposed to the 1520, which is my other option) and, most importantly, the fact that HTC doesn't operate here in Brazil - a HUGE deal breaker for me - so if I break it, I'm f*cked...

Get it and don't break it. It's camera is almost like 8mp (4ultra pixels) don't know about the battery, I care less about it ) I need it for WA that's it))

I will pet it very much so I don't break it. My hands are very sloppy. Although I hate cases, I guess this time it'll be necessary.
As for the WA, I saw a video on Youtube comparing it on the iPhone and on WP. Turns out that they both received the messages instantly, as long as the screens were on; when the screens were off, they would both take several minutes before getting it. They were both on the same WiFi.

I'm actually using lumia 920 in my country eventhough no support for windows phones here which is a bummer. Only samsungs as for android and apples iphones. So if I ever break my lumia, my next device is gonna be apple, I'm not a samsung fan.

Same here when the beta tag will get removed I will download instagram otherwise 6tag will remain on my applist on the top

That's the operating system's native capture dialog. Instagram has specified that it doesn't support video, so the OS has greyed it out. That's all the control that Instagram has, beyond creating their own lens.

Ok i see, got it! No wonder why they still stick to 6tag as it has a lot of features (including video record) than the official app.

Yeah the official app is lacking a few features. Though not as many as some blogs would like you to think (there are some that still claim you can't take photos with Instagram).

That's ridiculous to be honest. It might be a user problem i guess. Well as long as instagram for wp keeps giving update then i guess there's no reason to hate the app and dumpt it. I know it wasn't easy for developers.

All this hype about " instagram is better on windows" kinda like the Xbox one lets push this thing out and just update it along the way! Horrible ! I got two friends to switch because of instagram and its a bust! All they tell me is how much better there instagram was on there androids and honestly I'm left speechless. I tell them use third parties like 6tag and instance but leaves them very unsure as they have never heard of either app. How could ms allow this app to perform not worst but way worst than the ios and android versions and then advertise it as if it were the best instagram out there when its not!

Instagram isn't interesting on any level anymore. It's old news that no one cares about except hipsters. The only reason people use it anymore is the same reason why they still use Facebook...its just there. That's it. People love having shit to complain about so when they do finally make the switch from lagdroid or fapple and come to WP and start using the instagram app, they find anything they can to bitch about it. Just because it has BETA on it doesn't mean shit. It means they are adding improvements more than they normally would on a normal app and still developing the app. That's all. It wouldn't matter a bit if they took the BETA label off of it because, well, you know...people would still bitch. So they keep it on to let the people that actually know how things work around here, that the app is still in development. Period.

Hey guys I'm looking for help sry for posting this here but I can't play youtube videos on apps like metrotube or others with my internet data, only the youtube webpage works but  when I'm on a Wi-Fi conection I can reproduce all the videos.

Does anybody knows what's happening? I'll appreciate your help.

Microsoft gonna loose large numbers of users if they dont take care of the apps problem..People are getting frustrated, no whatsapp update till now,Instagram is still beta,crappy Facebook app,OS limitations,many popular games are not there and many more..Common people specially the teenagers dont care beside the popular apps and games,if they dont find it here they will just shift to shitdroid no matter how shitty it is but it still has the apps

PS..I m a windows phone fan and i really wantit to grow and it is not possible without the market share



Instagram is just a shit useless app like Facebook & twitter. Just for the dimwit's. Use the phone for what it was made for call a friend to keep in touch.

Guys we're talking about the instagram app on WP come on guys, get back to where we are, not a silly comparison between the Moto G vs the 920/925!!! Yeah I'm a BB10 user and I'm proud of my Z30 which is my daily driver now, but I'm also amazed at the number of apps coming to WP and the awesome hardware of hi end Lumia's Zeiss lense, now it makes sense why Instagram preferred to develop a WP app to BB10, but I'll never stop hoping and waiting for the app to arrive to the platform.

Keep up the good work for the next updates, Instagram!

SO, IG isnt for bb10? I wanted To buy a Z30, but i didn't (because when i saw It i had My ativ s) I knew the ecosystem of B10 wasn't big, but woah.

We have iGrann which is similar to 6tag here, it works and it's good, just that the dev is a full time tertiary student so he can't really commit to delivering updates on time but I've been using this app on my z30 since the open beta and honestly, compared to the IG app it's more interesting. But just that we are so anticipating for more big names to be onboard that's all.

No direct messages. Expected that much. How am I supposed to stay personally in touch with best of my followers. Rolling back to 6tag

So did I. It got tired of waiting. I'm gonna be using 6tag for now, maybe until build, if they decide to surprise us with the full Instagram experience.

Try edit profile. text area jumping on the screen. You never know where cursor lands, then virtual keyboard covers inputs.

From instagram development  I have strong impression that one gotto be "genius" to program even such basic tasks like text input/editing.

No donut #instagramBETA !!!

This update makes the first few photos say can't load image... Very annoying.. They fixed this a while ago and now it's back

Still so useless! I mostly shoot photos using Nokia Camera then I will open my Instagram then I will upload the pictures I took using Nokia Camera and Boom! Instagram wants to crop my beautiful pictures to 1:1 Square. So what is the point?

use instaSquarer free app to squarify yuor image just the way 6tag does or with bacground patters if you like.


I love Instagram Beta photo filters and image quality over 6tag, that's why I come back to it again and again. And for a square image I'm using free instaSquarer available at the marketplace.

I've been comparing ogfficial app to 6tag enough. I just wanted to say about 2 easy features there should be made available. No video upload and direct messages. Just plain 2 improvements:

  1. video looping mode. Since instagram videos are 15sec long, playing them in endless loop like vines or something would be great.
  2. Sharing to app. Instead of copyiong and pasting link into apps like pinterest and tumblr, you should add share link to applications (including multishare or alike).

That's my 2¢