John McAfee's Chadder aims to keep your messages private, lands on Windows Phone before iOS

John McAfee and his new company, Future Tense Private Systems (FTC), have released an encrypted messaging app for mobile users. The app is named 'Chadder' and it is now available on Android and Windows Phone 8.1, with an iOS version due in the coming weeks. The app is meant to address the growing concerns of mobile users who worry about government eavesdropping, especially after the Edward Snowden leaks in the news.

Chadder is a simple app, currently described as 'early beta'. That means users shouldn't expect a robust or feature complete experience, but at least the core of the service is supposedly up and running. The app encrypts messages with only odd characters coming through if someone were to intercept the communications.

When launching the app, users can either sign in or sign up. The process is simple, with only a user name, name and password required. More detailed information can optionally be added via the Settings so that other users can find you to add to their buddy list. You can see more about the service in their demo video, which explains the service. So far though, we have been unsuccessful in finding friends and using Chadder to test for this article.

It's not too clear yet just how secure Chadder is when compared to other services, though we suppose some white papers on the subject will be coming forward in the weeks ahead. The other question is just how many updates will it take before Chadder is on a level playing ground when compared to more robust services like Viber, WhatsApp and Line.

Users on Windows Phone can find the app here in their Store. No word on an ETA for the iPhone version, though Apple fans should expect it "in the coming weeks". More can be learned about the service by heading to the official Chadder site. The app is for Windows Phone 8.1 ONLY

Update: Version just went live, updated from from a few days ago. New changes include implemented icons, implemented "block user" and fixed minor issues.

Source: TNW; Thanks, Dries De S., for the tip

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John McAfee's Chadder aims to keep your messages private, lands on Windows Phone before iOS


As an admitted 'rushed beta', the app is not working too well. Still, it may be worth it to keep an eye on it for its future potential.

I have a good feeling the iOS version is going to be a stable build rather than a beta version like on Android and Windows Phone. Even though we got it first it doesn't mean it's the best.

Quit often the Windows Phone version was more stable because it appeared later. Could be the same now. Or could not be ;)

I'd have to disagree.. Look at Whatsapp, and Voxer.. Especially Voxer... Like I've said before,, it seems like some of these companies release a WP app just to either look good, or shut up WP fans.. Most likely both..

Yay! WP before iOS! But honestly, I have a feeling that all governments have a lot better things to do than find out what movie you watched over the weekend.

You're missing the point. The point is to Know your communications can't be intercepted. The content (ultimately) is irrelevant.

Not necessarily; knowing what movies you watched last weekend, together with any other pertinent information, is instrumental to "profile citizens.

I'm intrigued. Currently says "not available for your device" but its definitely something I'm going to be watching.

Yes it does. You get a better store, with better lists, and more apps. (though some of them aren't useful for Indians)
Infact, I've been using the us region since more than 3 months.

my all setting is perfect,account is all right and store is working well for other apps....there is no problem with my device or account.....

@ sudhish....shut your shitt and go away ....keep ur idea in ur pocket,they will work nice for u

WPCentral really needs to let their app see embedded videos and pictures. I had no clue what Derek was talking about until I went to the website XD

Err the title says it all :P. Also you can watch videos with your prefered youtube app via the "more" section. Plus embedded pictures do show within the app, which can be viewed by tapping on images in the "more" section....

Made me think my screen was damaged :/, in the top right of the animation there is a small spot that looked like that... So no worries if you notice it :-)

Happy to see another app landing on WP first :)

Only app I'm looking forward to right now is BBM. Since Nokia and BlackBerry announced it's coming to wp8 we haven't heard anything. No rumors. No leaks. What's up?

Probably Blackberry got cold feet :P. However they could be waiting the official launch of wp8.1 or Lumia Cyan.

Update the article regarding the WP8.1 thing.. Most people here don't read the articles! :P they jump directly to the comments.

Same here cant download. Phone software needs to be updated or not available in country or region :|
Lumia 720 India. Any idea why?
oops just read 8.1 only. :)

It's simple, really: it's very difficult to name-check your brand against hundreds of languages and not have it overlap with different meanings.

For those who are complaining that they can not download it... kindly check your WP version. Is it 8.0? if the answer is yes then you really can't download it... you know why? Because it's only for WP8.1! DON'T YOU JUST FIND IT INFURIATING THAT PEOPLE DONT READ THE ARTICLE AND PROCEED TO BASH OR COMPLAIN??? 


Rant over.

Don't you just find it infuriating when WPCentral makes a slight mistake and after fixing it, has to deal with comments that use a bunch of all-caps words about people that clearly didn't see that they fixed a mistake? Because I do.

Looks like we are indeed the guinea pigs lol as it looks like a verry rushed beta. Anyway will check it again when its out of beta.

can not get it  even have nokia  lumia black and as  settings USA and english u¿USA and   appear not compatible just weird have an Lumia 820