Join in the Xbox One discussion over in our new forum!

Xbox One

Microsoft is still running through the Xbox One presentation, which has impressed all of us here at Windows Phone Central. We're certain at least a few of you have something worth shouting about, so we've created the Xbox One forum over on our community boards.

Each article we fire up covering the event will enable you all to add your thoughts, but a forum provides a central location. If you're interested in joining the discussion with other Windows Phone Central readers, be sure to head on over to our forum and get posting. We guess the major question is: will you be getting one?


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Join in the Xbox One discussion over in our new forum!


I'm in, but I'm hoping we will see more of the integration with Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices at E3. I think there's alot more to tell.

I like what the new system brings but wondering if there will be a buyback program for the older console

I'm very happy with the TV integration and fast multitasking. Here is a list of things I want to see at E3.
1) Windows Phone/Windows 8 Smart Glass Integration  upgrade.
2) Save/resume as a standard across the ecosystem.
3) Pause video on a Windows Device and pick it up on the XBox or Phone.
4) Bookmark synchronization
5) Interactive live tv game shows.
What do you think will come with the XBox One?

I did the exact same thing.  Headset in one ear for my calls, ear bud in the other to watch the event.  It was awesome.

The second half... You mean when they showed some of the games? That doesn't ring a bell when I think about Sonys release....

I thought that the last segment on Call of Duty was awesome. It was a great way to showcase the graphic abilities of the system. I might have to buy the game even though I suck at those types of games.

Says the infinitely creative "SleepyTheDon" maybe if they called it "XboXTheOne" you would like it more? You can't seriously have thought if would be called the 720 or XboX HD... Everyone will call it simply XboX within a year or two, and won't have to differentiate between the One and the 360, so you won't have to call it that for long.

I want to know how this Xbox news is going to make WP stronger. Or, if Xbox on WP is going to benefit from anything we've seen today.

I like what I saw.  I've never owned an XBox but like the ecosystem microsoft is building around their devices now.  I plan to get this when it comes out no question!
I do however think the design is kinda meh.  I get that the TV will be the focus, and not the box itself, but I feel as though the form factor could have been improved a bit.  
Although on the flip side, the lines and industrial design does fit well into the whole windows 8/WP8 tiles UI thing Microsoft has going on.  

Well I don't have to look at it. It will be in my closet as not to obstruct my view of the 60inch TV... pew pew. Also I absoutly love the fact that the main compaint at the SOny Presser was that they didn't see the console and to play it off everyone was like well I don't care what it looks like as long as it plays awesome games... Touche' Sony Touche' 

It looks like MS is going to shove Kinect down everyone's throat just like they're shoving the Modern UI in Windows 8 whether we like it or not.

They need to delay launch date for a year and go back an make this x1 like a pc. One with highest specs, then one you can easly put better specs in later. But all should be able to download drivers for all in one printers an be able use to microsoft word or do a power point on any size tv. Free to play games, like all first xbox games and most of early 360 games. Also you should able to trade 360 games for x1 digtal copy for free, an be t able to play all on-line. Then be able to download steam, since x1 will proberly not get l4d3 or any other content for the series. MS does all of that then they will have a Winner.