Katy Perry Lumia 1020

Katy Perry survives plane crash, uses her Lumia 1020 to take a selfie with a monkey

One way to spend marketing dollars is to place your product as nonchalantly as possible into television, music videos, movies and anything else you can think of. You might take a somewhat famous YouTuber (is that a word?), give them a Nokia Lumia 1020, and have them make a video. You can also pay millions of dollars and have your products appear in a summer blockbuster. But does any of that really compare to having Katy Perry use your phone in a music video? Let’s find out.

Nokia has just posted an “exclusive” behind the scenes video for Katy Perry’s next music video. The official music video for her song “Roar” is expected to come out tomorrow, but Nokia’s giving us a sneak peak. Why are we talking about Katy Perry on Windows Phone Central? Because she uses a Lumia 1020 in the video. It really should be the yellow or white variant instead of the black, but we’ll take it.

All behind the scenes footage was also shot on a Lumia 1020.

Source: YouTube

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Katy Perry survives plane crash, uses her Lumia 1020 to take a selfie with a monkey


Nah, black is the perfect color.  A white or yellow would have screamed "HELLO I AM PRODUCT PLACEMENT!", where as this just whispers... "hello i am product placement'.

I almost exclusively use the rear camera for selfies, especially with my 1020. That way I can accurately count my nose hairs.

It also allows you to frame the selfie better the first time, especially with kids and animals, some photo subjects don't exactly pose well when you want them to

Ugh. I love Nokia and all, but they collab with the most flop artists.
Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Deadmau5.

I wouldn't call those people flops. I'm not a fan, but they are all huge stars. Don't forget about Jessica Alba, J-Lo, the Rock...

Justin Bieber has a MASSIVE following. The one that changes twitter top trends in seconds! Deadmou5 is a legend, see him live once at least.

Personally could not care less about Bieber, but put a 1020 in his hands and you'll sell a boatload overnight. The kid is a product and marketing tool, not an artist and he should be used as such.
Kate Perry at least is original, creative and smart. Her voicing and vocal arrangements show she has the goods in that department. It may all sound poppy and commercial but she's way ahead of Bieber in the talent department. On top of that she also has quite the following.

And she's hot. Yeah, just had to add that in there to show that she has a big male following...myself included.

Um, original because she flat out copied songs by Tatu and Sara Barrielles? Not so much.
I used to think she was original, creative and smart -even if I'm not much of a Pop fan - now I think she's as lame as the rest. You're spot-on about Bieber, though.

I agree very much, I think they should collab with the biggest teen stars aka Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, Miley has so much influence, and Gaga too... 

They need to get only 1/5 of a quarter-filled off-beat coffee shop or roach-infested nightclub to pay attention to them in order to not be flops, I guess...

Flo Rida has 2 or 3 music videos with a Lumia. Kelly Clarkson and J-lo recently put out videos with Lumias too. Now Katy Perry has joined the Lumia in my video club.

Dude shut up because you have no clue to what you're saying! All of these artist are super big! Go to sleep dude and never comment on another post if you are going to talk reckless like that.

I don't know what your career aspirations are, but let me go ahead and suggest that you leave marketing and public relations off that list.

You have got to be lost Deadmau5 is on the top 10 list for EDM DJ and Katy Perry music is unmatched dam near anything she puts out is a hit and also nicki is like the only girl that can sing and rap and as for Justin well he went from YouTube to having a net worth of a 130million $ so self explanatory

No problem. It's made with Gorilla glass. No monkey in their right mind would mess with a Gorilla.

It wasn't funny the first time you posted it a few posts up; it isn't funny now either. Rather premature!

I accidently edited my first post with this comment, I fixed it.
Maybe you should fix yours, do you mean immature? I'm not sure how it could be premature.
I guess you're a big Katy Perry fan, I didn't mean to offend you.

I'm so confused by these comments... if we're all WP users, how are some of you oblivious to the front facing cameras?

I want Lumia 1020 badly. So did she get it as her personal or Nokia give her for advertising purpose?

Indeed she is not, the others are unoriginal, do not write their own stuff and basically are marketing tools/products.

I kinda follow celebs news (im a teenager duh) and Miley does write her own music............... google things before you comment :)

Well you see a lot of vids from MS and Nokia with celebs but none get viewed much but this one has 20k views already so I think they got it right with Katy.

I LOL'd when they used the 8X as a countdown timer to set off some explosives. Where do I get that app?

Agree... UTD is ok (I watch it weekly myself), but far far far from being on par with LOST.  Its a hit because its a summer series and there isn't anything better to watch on network TV.

Definitely sponsored by Microsoft, every device on the show has been by Microsoft. Lumias, HTCs, Surface and laptops in Windows 8.
Gotta live those weird Steven King TV series.

Has a pretty good following so a good step. I hope Microsoft is getting Nokia's ad team as well - a pretty undervalued asset, in my opinion (compared to Microsoft's, especially).
And she's hot. Which is the original reason I decided to post anyway...

I thought she was going to say her boyfriend was killed by a smoke monster, but caught the whole thing with the OIS in her trusty Lumia.

Of course she survived the plane crash, she has those built in air bags. LOL Oh yeah, nice phone. I have the 920 and the wife has the 1020.

Now Microsoft, produce a Katy Perry a reality show, and hand her a Nokia Lumia 1020 to advertise the phone. :)

This is weird 'cause the Official Lyric Video for "Roar" uses emojis on the iPhone to present all of the lyrics... Its actually a cool concept

A easiest way for a good result is a star to take a picture in front of mirror with a Nokia Lumia 1020 and post into Instagram.

waste of money nokia, nobody is going to even notice what brand the phone is, she's not even using the 41mp camera, she is taking a selfy.....