YouTube comedian WheezyWaiter creates hilarious video starring the Lumia 1020

Yesterday we showed you guys a pretty creative video from YouTube superstar MysteryGuitarMan showing off the Lumia 1020. You know, Joe Penna who gets super creative on YouTube. Now we have another video showing off the Lumia 1020 from YouTube comedian WheezyWaiter. Let’s check it out.

Pretty funny and it does a good job at showing off what’s cool with the Lumia 1020 and Nokia Smart Cam. It just so happens that Joe is part of the Big Frame network, the same network that MysteryGuitarMan is a member of. The Big Frame network is a collection of YouTube artists. Big Frame network works for the artists by helping them build sustainable, professional careers by developing and growing their audience while connecting them to advertisers. In this case, it looks like AT&T is using Big Frame’s various YouTube channels to drum up interest for the Lumia 1020.

So be sure to look out for more videos popping up on YouTube highlighting the magic of Windows Phone and the Lumia 1020 in creative ways.

Welcome to Windows Phone WheezyWaiter.

Source: YouTube

Thanks for the tip GLaDOSSlayer95!

Sam Sabri
  • Just saw a dude at the airport with a white 1020... You can't miss that thing when it's up to someone's ear.
  • jealous!
    And I mean jealous that you see someone with it, not even having it xD. It's gonna be awhile to spot a 1020 in Canada
  • Nope,, not jealous at all.. I have a 920... I was just glad to see that phone in public,, it was my first sighting of one, but I'm sure I'll see more.
  • is the white 1020 better than the black 1020?
  • Didn't find at all funny
  • I laughed at that stupid potato joke at the end. Other than that, it was cool to see some of the phone's capabilities.
  • Same here, not very funny to me.
  • Yeah, but this video has outlined more features of a WP device than any WP ad ever... This year Microkia better have a huge Superbowl commercial planed❕❕
  • It's also 12x longer than any commercial. It helps when you're not paying for it is 30 sec increments.
  • Have you seen how many features they can talk about in a iPhone ad in 30 seconds❕
  • ONLY the camera in recent ones. I wonder why.
  • You're not alone.
  • Awesome video, lol. :)
  • Love this guy. One of my favorites.
  • I have been following Wheezy Waiter for a while. Wheezy Waiter is awesome!
  • that's a great promo video, I can't wait to get one.
  • Speaking of YouTube. When will Microsoft be fixing its YouTube app
  • The YouTube app *is* fixed. It's Google that has un-reasonable issues with it.
  • Probably never, unless they are willing to downgrade their app by making it in html5. But then, google would probably find another excuse to stop MS from publishing the app and the endless cycle will continue.
  • Html5 isn't even the issue, since IE10 is HTML5 compliant, you still get error messages from YouTube even in browser mode... Its all googles fault!
  • What error messages? Browser and third party apps like mytube and metrotube work just fine for me.
  • Actually I wasn't able to watch that video on my phone from the WPCentral app, didn't matter if I used Metrotube, Mytube or the browser. Ended up watching it on my Surface. I suspect that Scroogle are up to their usual tricks. If I was a US citizen I'd write to my representative and complain about Googles anticompetitive practices. They need their juveniles arses kicked.
  • I ws able to watch in browser, but you have to switch around mobile and desktop mode to get it to work... Annoying!
  • No you don't just remove the text between the end slash "/" and the word "watch". Refresh and video loads fine in desktop mode. Also after watching 4 videos now oddly enough utube has stopped adding that "no mobile 1" text into the url..
  • Yes third party YouTube apps are functioning normally I no this. But it would be nice if we had the official apps and for the ones we have it would be nice if they worked without any bullshit
  • Hahaha I actually found that quite funny.  And the guy looks just like one of my friends, so that made it doubly funny.
  • Again, no breasts. How can u really try to sell something if u don't show breasts...
  • Thank you. My point exactly.
  • Don't worry. He shows his breasts in other vidoes. They aren't videos promotoing the 1020, but they're breasts all the same.
  • +34D
  • I love this guy, awesome to see he's into wp!
  • Good, good. And as soon as AT&T gives the phone also to the likes of Tay Zonday, Tyler Oakley, Dave Days and Laina (aka Overly attached girlfriend), even more people will get interested in the phone. I just hope they go beyond the guys at Big Frame. None of the bigger YouTubers are with Big Frame but a bunch of them are with AT&T so...
  • Funny
  • How do you remove something from your photo?
  • You remove it...
  • Smart shot. It's actually nothing new nor exclusive to the L1020.
  • I'm not sure how either. The tutorial showed just tapping it, but I haven't got it to work yet.
  • Smart Cam... Not smart shot
    And its an amazing app :)
    AND comes with built in tutorial's
    Want work without gdr2 and Amber though...
  • WRONG. Smart Shoot DOES that. Once you take the photos with the App, touch the screen. It will show you a floppy disk and a pen. Click the pen and then select "erase objects".
  • Ha. Very funny. Must take a higher intelligence level to get the humor
  • Funny and I like it.....bravo
  • Wait a minute, can I really use the phone to make a video where a clone of me shows in the same shot? Is that one of the features in Smart Cam?
  • I honestly can't wait to get mine, omg
  • I like how he showed off the photo/video editing stuff, but I'm not sure what makes him funny in the slightest.
  • Great one diz yez
  • Good act. Or advert? Could see this guy doing his own sitcom? Maybe not.
  • And where's the fun in this video ?
    Deadly boring.
  • Weird, it's almost as if people have different opinions on what humor is! We may be onto something. :P Personally, I enjoyed it and so did the people I showed it to. YMMV.
  • That made me smile a few times.  Nice vid.
  • Gotta love WheezyWaiter. Phone looks better than I thought it would, too! Only ever seen still shots of it before.
  • I liked the commercial. Those of you waiting for the Lumia 1020 are going to be very happy with it ... it's a beautiful device :-)
  • I found it extremely funny.
  • So AT&T decided to get youtube creators to do videos with the 1020 to promote it instead of another bad ad campgian like the 'beta test is over campaign'. I guess this is better
  • Sheldon from BBT!
  • So creative!
  • About youtube. Before google blocking our apps, i cant watch youtube, only blank screen while playing. Anyone knows? #sorryenglish