MysteryGuitarMan creates awesome stop motion video with the Nokia Lumia 1020

YouTube launched back in early 2005 as a video-sharing website. A lot has happened since then. The company was acquired by Google in 2006 and since then it has only exploded in popularity with new features and redesigns. As of March 2013, over 1 billion unique visitors use YouTube monthly. Which is a shame with all the recent controversy surrounding an official app on Windows Phone.

One way or the other, it’s still a great platform for people to create fun videos and amass followers. MysteryGuitarMan, aka Joe Penna, has done that with his 2.7 million subscribers and 329 million views. He’s just released a fun stop motion video featuring the Nokia Lumia 1020.

While the focus is clearly the Facebook app, which was just updated yesterday, it’s still a solid video and it’s hard to ignore the yellow Lumia 1020. Plus it’s pretty damn creative and was filmed with a Lumia 1020. A Lumia 1020 filming another Lumia 1020, that counts as some sort of Lumiaception right? 

Source: YouTube

Thanks for the tip Huy!

Sam Sabri
  • And he probably got it for free. Good to see it being used even if they might have paid him to do it.
  • Hey peeps... MysteryGuitarMan here.
    Thanks for blogging about my video!
    I'm loving the 1020... no need for me to carry around a DSLR anymore.
  • Nice video....bravo
  • I really believe you are mystery guitar man...i do believe
  • Welcome Joe! Be sure to ask if you have any questions about the phone. We're a kick ass community. 
  • Hey MGM, been a subscriber for.... I don't even know how long, but thanks for showing Nokia some <3, btw your vids are amazing
    love (no homo),
    YouTube username: teheipod
  • Hey MysteryGuitarMan! great video and music. Very creative and original, love it. gonna promote it amongst my friends. keep up the good work.  
  • Great fun video MGM. Bravo!
  • Excellent...subscribed and put on the book!
    I´ve followed you since that "first" guitarr video! Your stop motion videos are just amazing! :D
  • That was a nice video Joe! I'm pretty sure this phone will be great for your work.
    Parabéns pelo trabalho.
  • Go you! Brazilians representing and rocking on winph8!!
  • Great work man, also a subscriber here. What band/song is that? I saw you ran out of downloads, but I need that song lol
  • I would be interested in seeing the making of that viedo. Brilliant and cool.
  • That would require a third lumia 1020. Lumiaception entered the matrix
  • Have you seen inception?
  • Yeah it sucks.
  • No it doesn't.
  • Nizzon's mind couldn't handle it lol. Great Vid, Stitching those images must have taken a looong time, daamn.
  • What an awesome video, love how they show off the 1020, damn, almost tempted to sell my 920.
  • There were no chicks, what kinda u toob video doesn't have chicks. Breasts, HELLO!?
  • you really didnt have to type it like that :P
  • +1
  • There's a girl wearing a bikini in the pool party part. Just for you.
  • Probably hates Windows phones but money talks. He has all those subscribers.
  • Wow, pretty talented guy.
  • Well, it's a sponsored video.
    But still, it was high time Nokia and Microsoft (through AT&T here) started giving devices to these YouTubers. I think there are a lot of iPhones sold because of them (4 in 5 of the top YouTubers use iPhone...the others use Android) so puting Nokias in their hands would be a nice way to make that stop. I honestly would really like them to send one to iJustine...and if you want to know why, just see the name again. I think you'll get it. And since she's a fan of Xbox anyway...
  • Actually the number one Youtuber, Pewdiepie, uses a Lumia 820. And he's grown up in my hometown, Gothenburg, Sweden! :-)
  • How would you know he uses an 820?
  • I'm not saying he does or not, but chances are he does. I mean he does live in Sweden...
  • I know Joe. He used to live in my building. Cool, talented guy. Those top YouTube guys do get stuff sent them, but he doesn't have to use anything he hates. He's got enough going in. Those guys probably LOVE having a high quality device in such a small package. They usually use DSLRs.
  • Talk is that YouTube is try to sign a deal with the NFL to stream games, something like the Directv package.
  • You can't watch this video on the official YouTube app on your 1020. Inverted inception! (inverception?)
  • There was no official app to start with, its Microsoft's app, but you can do so at MetroTube. :)
  • Watch in my browser, on my yellow 1020. Lots of yellow Nokia in my view....LOL Nice video!
  • Ha! Love it!
  • That was pretty cool!
  • Awesome. Love it.
  • Hey I don't get credit for the tip??!? I tipped u guys like a few hours ago I think..
  • Seems like somebody beat you to it.
  • Sad face lolz
  • I commented on the video, and he replied! Lol that was nice, hope he enjoys the phone!
  • Wow. Impressive indeed.
  • Shouldn't Nokia, at&t or Microsoft put this on tv already? Or do I have to do it myself?
  • Pretty impressive work. Must have taken a while.
  • Kinda a fail that you can see the three little dots in the right bottom (so he's using the Photo hub)
  • this was an awesome video
  • who cares if sponsored, that's some serious Lumia promotion right there... Put this on TV and watch the sales skyrocket!