Level 22 lands on Windows Phone 8, a game about sneaking into work late

Level 22

Better late than never. Games from iOS and Android keep rolling into the Windows Phone Store. This time, it’s Level 22. Metal Gear Solid fans are going to love this game. You play as Gary, who wakes up late after partying hard the night before. This isn’t the first time Gary’s been late for work, and he could be fired if he’s spotted arriving at his desk after everyone else yet again.

Watch the official trailer below.

Gary works on the 22nd floor. Help him work his way up without being spotted. Tapping on different areas of the offices moves Gary into those positions. Some objects can be interacted with. For example, you can push vending machines, enter vents, hide inside closets, or pick up certain items. You can drag around the screen to scout the area, but you can’t pinch to zoom

Level 22 screenshot.

There are a few things Gary can do to avoid being spotted. Obviously, you want to be away from your co-workers’ line of vision. Fortunately, they move around and sometimes even fall asleep at their desks. Timing is important. Props can be used as well. Some missions let you hide inside a box and even move around with it. Of course, people will get suspicious if they see a box moving around by itself. You can also cover your face with a newspaper to avoid being identified. Security guards are smarter though and tend to get more suspicious if you get too close.

Level 22 screenshot

Sometimes, hiding and sneaking around aren’t enough. More daring actions are required. This game lets you booby-trap photocopiers, give laxatives to your co-workers, knock them out, poison them, or even expose them to harmful radiation.

Level 22 screenshot

Level 22 costs $1.99 from the Windows Phone Store. We’re having a lot of fun with it. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Elloy K.!

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Level 22 lands on Windows Phone 8, a game about sneaking into work late


Another day, another post from you whinning about Brazil. Get over it. Brazil is not top of mind for developers, the last good thing to come from there was Xuxa and that was in the 90's.

what an incredibly stupid thing to say. Brazil is a huge market and WP has way more market share there than in the US so it should be a huge priority for developers

You are missing the point of my comment.  I believe all apps should be avaible globally, it's the only way WP will reach significant market share.   My point was about having to complaint about Brazil in almost every single blog post.  It's OK, we get it, and it sucks hopefully things will change in the future.


We still don't know exactyl why the game is not available in Brazil (there is even a portuguese version). Be sure we are working on it. By the way, you can still give a try to the pc version demo right here :http://noego-games.com/demo/

The Noego team

Hi. When you are submitting a game to the store you have to select Brazil as a country of distribution to your game and after upload a certificate in the place of the Brazilian one (DJCTQ). You can upload a PEGI or ESRB certificate to do that.
I can help with the process. I already helped hundreds of developers to do that. Just contact me on Twitter, or send me an email (guilhermemanso at outlook dot com) and I will help you.

Thanks a lot! Let me know when becomes available so I can spread the news here.

Ah, if you have another games or plan to please remember to make them available here too. :)

That's it! Level 22 is now available in Brazil in Portuguese (so you can enjoy our silly plot in your mother tongue). Next time we release a game in your country you will be the first informed. :)