Limited Edition Batman Lumia 900 coming in a few weeks


We know Nokia and director Christopher Nolan have a thing going--after all, Nokia has appeared in a previous "Batman" film and we've seen a limited run of Batman themed Lumia 800's back in December.  There were only 40 of those created.

Now they're looking to jump on the release of "the Dark Night Rises" with a more widely available (but still super limited) Batman edition of the Lumia 900, etched with a Batman logo on the back.

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Phones4U are confirmed to be getting a batch and the device will go on sales in France and Germany too.

No word on pricing or just how many will be available but it sounds like you'll need to be quick to get one. Also no confirmation of an AT&T version--we'll be surprised if the massive carrier doesn't offer something similar, so we'll keep an ear out.

Source: Pocket-lint; via TechRadar; Thanks, Joe G., for the tip


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Limited Edition Batman Lumia 900 coming in a few weeks


It looks like the 800, if you look the position of the flash led ;)
We are sure that is the 900?

Images may be of the limited-edition 800 from December.

Regardles, the story is accurate with the 900 getting the same branding ;-)

This probably won't happen because they filmed all of the scenes long before the 800 was announced.... :(

This is what they should do with all the lumias. Play off the market, and attach what's popular, like musicians, movies, and clothing.

I agree. They need the custom logo equipment Zune had and open it up to colleges. Especially if you could get your college colors and logo or mascot.

I'm sure someone said this before but Nokia should be talking to Lucas films. There is a lot material there to work with.

I actually told Nokia that...an R2D2 themed white 900, or Stormtrooper...

Glossy black Darth Vader version...

Really limitless.

I looked, and found some storm trooper outlines I could put on the back of my white lumia. Just didn't have time or patience to actually do it. Ok so an R2D2 pureview model would be super cool.

This is crazy cool. If I had not opted for the cyan when preordering back in March, but the black instead, I'd be a little pissed off reading this. Anyone with the black models beginning to suffer from logo envy? Ha

I got a cyan lumia 900 and got
A blue Dallas Mavericks skinit now I can say I got the best looking lumia the skinit blends in with the phone

Nokia had some brand plugs in the Star Trek reboot back in 2009, wonder if they will do something again next year with the sequel.  I guess time will tell.

Wouldn't it be cool if Nokia released a device call the Communicator with a Star Trek theme? Put a flip cover on it that makes the Communicator beep when flipped open? I'd buy that in a heart beat.

Hmmm...if only ATT had the guts to put the deathstar logo on a shiny black lumia, I would switch back from t-mobile

This is awesome...wish I was able to get that...but ill settle one with a sticker or batman phone case

If it's anything like the current lumia 900s (which im 99% sure it will be) it won't work on tmobile's 3G.

"Holy batphone Batman! Will they still buy this phone when you come out of the closet as the first gay superhero?", asks Robin.

"What makes you think that I'm the one that DC Comics is going to bring out of the closet Robin the Boy Wonder?" snaps Batman.

There is an R2 phone and all phone sounds are R2 sounds. I think since Lucas may have some type of contract we may not see any star wars themes outside of Verizon and droid phones.

That's cool and all but u can hardly see the logo. What's the point?? Should make the white one with the black logo on the back

I would rather see this device come to T-MO. than have a batman on it. plus having to pull it out while doing business isn't what, I want to convey, it is cool looking though on the fun side.

If all the other OEM were as engaged as Nokia, I firmly believe that windows Phone will be much more successful than it is now. Having good hardware would also help. I cannot wait to see what a windows phone 8 on a Nokia device will look like. The Lumia is the best smartphone I have ever owned in term of hardware quality.