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Live Search/Google Maps Both Get Updates


It's like these two are in a race as both companies have released updates for their popular free mapping software.

Out of the two, Live Search (a clear fave here at WME) offers the most noticeable update, which greatly speeds up the loading time of the app. That was probably our biggest gripe and often made us leave the app "open" in the background to avoid the slow reload.

The new Live Search v3.5.8198.0 cuts in half the load time and you'll surely notice the zippy load bar. Other than that, nothing new to notice.

Google Maps on the other hand, has bumped it's version number to v2.2.0.20, which is a whopping upgrade, so probably nothing major there. Indeed, there is still no "Transit" directions available here in NYC.

Oh Google, you tease so much.

Live Search can be updated via the client (natch) or go here: and you can grab Google Maps here.


Reader comments

Live Search/Google Maps Both Get Updates


I've updated Live Search on my Treo 800w twice (once from inside the app, and once from trying to get v3.5.8198.0, but mine only shows v3.0.3047.2474. What am I doing wrong? And yes, I am sure that I am launching the new shortcut vs. the old one that shipped pre-installed on the 800w.

Huh, dunno. Mine is on a 800w and worked fine and I tried it on the Mongrol too with success.
Maybe later I'll post the actual .cab file...

Live Search 3.5.8198.0 is the same version that came on the Sprint Touch Diamond...and yes it is quite zippy.:)

Nevermind. It worked fine on the third try after manually deleting some related stuff. It is very fast!

I have tried the upgrade 3 times now and the old one still shows up (3.0.3047.24749). I have even tried uninstalling the old version prior to the install of the new version.

Umm... Google Maps has transit directions in NYC. I used them earlier today, and I wasn't even running the latest version.
There are certain pockets in the city that aren't covered, but most of the city seems to be covered. I've used it in the Bronx, in TriBeCa, Chinatown, Midtown.... the only place I had trouble was when I was on 34th St. :/

I have been using Google Maps and like it. I just now tried Live Search Mobile and it seems to lack in many areas that I desire. The fact that GM has keyboard shortcut keys is a great feature. GM maps and satellite images seem to load much faster than Live Searches. And the zoom features on GM seem to have finer controls. Can someone who has used both and prefer Live Search tell me what they think the advantages are? Thanks.

I like Live Search's categories, movie listings, and gas prices. But I think the most compelling feature is the voice recognition.

I haven't used Google Maps in a long while, does it have turn by turn directions like Live Search does?

I also have transit directions in NYC and I have not upgraded to this version. You actually get to choose which trains you want and it shows you how long each trip will tak. Very nice. Between that and the better search functions, I have made the switch to Google almost exclusively.

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