Lumia 900 TV advertisement shows off Windows Phone features

Nokia has an enticing television advertisement for Germany, which sports an identical theme to commercials aired in other countries. What's special about the Lumia 900 in to Germany is a 32GB version (16GB only - was a typo on O2's end), which appears to be exclusive to O2 DE thus far, is on its way.

This Windows Phone will feature the amount of storage that has been continuously requested by consumers. Still no word on when the device will be available for order, but for the meantime (should storage not be an issue) you can always pick up the 16GB version from Amazon.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Jan, for the heads up!


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Lumia 900 TV advertisement shows off Windows Phone features


I agree, MS should continue with more good advertising & marketing. I was hoping the "Rolling Thunder" campaign was going to be a long strategic plan for a war, not just one battle/fight.

Yeah! They started off good, but as usual the same commercials are airing for two long, they dont air enough at all, and they just aren't exciting enough... Is it me or does it seem like WP commercials are always of a lower resolution picture quality, and overall production quality?

At least you guys get ads. Here in Canada they don't have anything. I mean absolutely nothing. Not even in store ads. No love what's so ever by Canadian Carriers

That sux! Dude, you got to get the message through to MS! What channels have you used to convey how you feel about this lackluster WP Marketing in Canada?

And if I have to watch John Malkovich think think Siri is so clever again, I'm gonna puke.

Hahahah yeah the responses from siri in the commercial remind me of the kind of generic responses that a "psychic" might give a person to make them think that what they're saying is actually relevant.

For all nome German speakers here is the translation of the commercial:

"This is my Smartphone.
These are my friends.
And this is me.
That is a live tile. Look it's updating itself.
The map will help me to get to my friends.
A tweet of my sister. Wow I'm an uncle now.

The Nokia Lumia smartphones with live update and navigation for free."

I wouldn't exactly call it a great ad. But it sports the real OS, and it's not too long. We're on our way :)

Btw. although you don't see much of TV commercials for the Lumias in Germany there was one similiar to this one on TV during the Champions League final here on German TV.