Lumia Black now available on EE for the Lumia 920

Lumia 920 EE Lumia Black

It’s raining Lumia Black! Tips and reports are flying in left and right. The update is showing up in more markets and on more phones daily. Earlier today it came out for the Lumia 920 and 820 on AT&T here in the United States picked up Black, India picked it up the Lumia 520 a few days ago and for Lumia 720 today. Of course China was the first market to start receiving the update earlier this month. Now our friends in the UK are picking up Lumia Black for the Lumia 920 on EE.

The update formerly known as Bittersweet Shimmer is available for our pals in the UK. EE customers with a Lumia 920 are reporting that an update is available for their Windows Phone. We can definitely confirm that particular update is Lumia Black, which also brings Windows Phone 8 Update 3.

Be sure to head to your phone’s settings and head down to phone update to manually check for an update if your device hasn’t picked up on it yet. Let us know what you think of the update!

Thanks for the tips everyone! Hope you like Lumia Black! 


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Lumia Black now available on EE for the Lumia 920


Looking good on my EE lumia 920. New glance is cool. Not had time to use other new features. Could we get a full feature list?

I'm perplexed, I have Black on my Vodafone L925 but no data arrows. Does anyone else know if Vodafone have turned them off?

Just checked over 3g and update there. Waiting to get to WiFi as close to data plan limit. Orange UK L920.

Thanks for links eddlang

The question is, can it actually be used, or is Nokia still in the embarrassing situation where Black is available, but devices can't actually be updated... I tried my CVGB 920 for the 100th time before (literally, in three weeks) and still get the shitty download but cant be opened error, well done Nokia, you really have excelled yourselves... A parting gift to Microsoft, no doubt.

WOOHOO! I have a Lumia 920 on AT&T. It's downloading now... In case they are doing this in phases to prevent system overload, I am located in So Calif.


Whoa, I'm also a L920 user on AT&T and I just tried. Downloading updates as we speak. Go AT&T 920 users go!

The close app feature is nice too. EE announced on the 27th the the black update would be out before the weekend, for once they were right!

Well that's a lie, because CVGB devices STILL don't have it. Oh yes, we have the Black update, but its of zero use because Nokia haven't got the brain cells to include GDR3... Perhaps they want everyone to void thier warranty by downloading the dev GDR3 that they specifically advised against...

You're not alone.. L920 and no update. Oh yeah, I don't matter, because mine wasn't locked to a network it was sim-free, so Nokia don't give a shit. What's actually worse though, is the situation theyve put customers in, where they tell you the updates available 4 weeks ago, a d you still cant get it. And every time your phone restarts, it reminds you. Pull the cooking update for crying out loud, or actually fix it. Oh wait, they're no better than Google support-wise nowadays.

Not sure id go that far. TMO is the reason its not on my device right now considering the L925 on att has the update and I don't. Its ready for my phone its just the TMO additives aren't ready. TMO has to do they're part. (this is what I believe, by all means I could be wrong)

Hey Sam, Lumia Black is now available here in Brazil for the Lumia 920 (no carrier). It was released earlier today. I'm installing it atm.

They better give it to us. Remember what happened with the Lumia 710 for 7.8? Luckily I was able to update it manually but my friend is still on 7.5... I upgraded to a 925 so hopefully they don't do that to us again.

I've tweeted then over a hundred times and all I get is BS reply about they can't give out no info right now but check with our support page for more info then the link to the amber update which all there L925 came with in the first place, cause I got the day one edition and since replace it 4 times already, IMO carriers don't really like updating phones especially in WP case from now on I'm buying unlock unbranded phones I'm on WiFi 98% of the time so don't really need LTE

Wow EE and AT&T too, i read they had a bad reputation with releasing updates on time, i'll pinch myselft.....*pinch*.... nope definately not dreaming.

Just did update on my 920 and can confirm that EE has implemented the new data activity icon seen on other carriers.

I do not like this new glance. Blue color is barely visible (useless). Font size for time is reduced. Why? Instead of adding almost useless info about battery, ringer, charge Nokia should make glance screen rotating. so the phone can look like a clock at night..

I have had green showing ON my lumia update check for Black on my 520 on EE for the past few days but no download????.

I happened to reset my 920. After reset I checked for updates sure enough I am having Lumia Black. Singapore user.

It's available in Brasil too. Received it last night. Just one question, Storyteller is not available for the 920? Tried switch to US market but didn't work.

Updated to black on EE but I've noticed a bug with playing HE-AAC audio/streams. It can't decode them properly. Thanks Nokia, it worked on the developer preview but not on the Black update.

Has anyone done the update and installed storyteller?
EE have released the update and I have installed it but ni storyteller.

Just updated my lumia 520 today too. Thank god EE pushed it out. Took forever though!!
#Lumia1020 #UK

Been waiting for this update for months and I can hardly tell any difrance closing open apps, glance screen color, and screen rotation lock is all I got on the update, what a load of old b*****ks