m-Indicator for Windows Phone updated with Mono, Metro timings and more


Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find a new update for m-Indicator. This is a very popular app for people living in Mumbai. Today's update brings the app up to version 9.1.

According to the m-Indicator developer website, version 9.0 "Ladybug" was released for Android in July. Now Windows Phone users can look forward to the following features:

  • New: Mono & Metro Timings
  • New: Ferry Timings & Fares
  • New: Property Rent/Sale Section
  • Improved Rail Map
  • Connected Bus Route Search
  • Area wise Taxi stand numbers: Cool Cabs
  • Updated BEST & NMMT routes


Anyone use m-Indicator often? Let us know what you think of today's update!

Thanks for the tip Sachin1987!

QR: M-Indicator


Reader comments

m-Indicator for Windows Phone updated with Mono, Metro timings and more


Edit: Ok...downloaded finally...no lags or auto close as it used to..all the recent updates...AWESOME...!!

This is THE must have application for Mumbai people. Locals' timings give you much more support if you're dependent on it.

M indicator devs if your here at WPC. Remember to give us regular updates like other operating systems. Don't ignore windows phone. I hope u may be there and listening to me. Thank you

Not at all kidding, the load speed of the app is terrific.. If only all WP apps launch like this... SEEMS *VERY* FASTER..

I'm inclined to think Transport for London may not be happy about the use of the roundel. They have quits specific rules about their branding.

I'm very pleased to inform you that the british started railways in India. This roundel is being used in India for the last 160years... :P

With last update was somewhere in early 2013, with obsolete train time schedule, buggy behaviour, and terrible UI on the top, I felt like m-Indicator devs abandoned WP and app would be crappy for a long time.

But I'll be damned, this new update is streling; stable, super fast and got nice UI to the boot.

Finally...finally... As everyone said previous one was with loads of bugs, this update also automatically closes the app for some reason for sometime, not anytime. BUT this update was much needed, hope to see regular ones like this.

I use m-Indicator very often. Previously it use to carshed while typing for search of Bus Stop or Station name, for that reason I uninstall that app and I use to carry one more java phone for that. But now latest update is awesome there no problem in the app now, from yesterday I stop carrying java phone for mIndicator