A Metro Melody created on Windows Phone is music to our ears

There's no shortage of those with creativity in the Windows Phone universe but here's one that will surely blow you away.

Musical talent Matt Oglesby stitched together this 'Metro' song using nothing but his Nokia Lumia 800 and some free music apps found on the Marketplace. The result? After two hard days he cobbled together what you see and hear above. Color us impressed.

Head to Matt's site to get the full skinny on how he mixed everything. Let's see if anyone else can match him and maybe we can get a Metro Holiday album started. For those curious, here is what he used for Windows Phone apps found in the Marketplace:

Source: mjomusic.co.uk; via 1800PocketPC


Reader comments

A Metro Melody created on Windows Phone is music to our ears


Pity this isn't a 40 second ringtone. It's good ringtone material. Great job!
OT: I hope MS relaxes the ringtone restrictions. Some of us are crazy enough to want a long ringtone. >.<

That was cool. Hope Nokia or Microsoft will use this video in their commercials to show off WP7 apps. ;-)

Microsoft to Apple: anything you can do, i can do better(free). I would love to see propellerhead drop some of their synth software on windows phone. and if microsoft opens app access to certain folder (e.g. music folder) we could see a boom in creative apps.

We need more apps for music creators, even though we already have some great ones. Surprised he did not use Grantophone in that, but good job and not a bad sound considering how shabby the apps tend to sound by themselves, yet together these faux instruments work well enough to perform music.

As a musician, I can appreciate the workmanship that went into this.  However, I think it's important to note that it took 2 days to "cobble together" this track.  the various musician apps on iPhone and iPad are MUCH more full-featured.  I mean, seriously, you can use your iPhone as a live effects processor/stompbox (albeit a CRAPPY sounding one).  But when iPhone users can essentially sequence and mix everything right on the device, Microsoft has a LONG way to go in there arena.  Heck, we can't even get an EQ added to our regular music player!
So, as much of a Windows Phone enthusiast as I am, in the music area WP7 gets a D.

You should know that the developers of some quality apps for just what you are talking about dont feel as if there's enough evidence to merit any effort to bring such quality to the platform...you or I don't matter to them. =/